Mack Sennett Pictures

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This was Mack Sennett's production company, active from 1929 to 1932.

Logo (April 7, 1929-1932)

Visuals: On a gray wall background, an English bulldog is in a rectangle-semi-circle hole with ornate curls on the sides and a horizontal slab on the bottom. Arced over it is "A MACK SENNETT TALKING PICTURE" with a shadow effect and underneath the entrance is "SYNCHRONIZED BY RCA PHOTOPHONE" and Educational Pictures' notice. The canine is seen looking around before barking twice at the audience.

Closing Visuals: Same as the opening logo except the bulldog leaps out of the hole at the end.

Variant: The extended variant adds the dog being still before barking three times sporadically.

Technique: Live-action.

Audio: The bulldog barking two times.

Audio Variant: Sometimes, the opening theme plays over.

Availability: A lot of their films have been updated with newer titles or remove this logo entirely. This is evident on several releases such as Bulls And Bears and The Girl in the Tonneau where the closing logo is plastered by an ending card, but retains the logo's audio track. Old film prints of their other films such as Movie Town, Ghost Parade, and The Bees' Buzz have both the opening and closing logo. The extended variant was seen on Uppercut O'Brien.