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Not to be confused with the Filipino film company Viva Films.


Viva Pictures (also known as Viva Kids and Viva Television) is an American film and television independent distributor company based in Los Angeles.

Logo (May 3, 2012- )

Visuals: Over a black background, the logo starts with the silver word “VIVA” zooming out and resting itself on the center. As this happens, some curved lines align with the first “V”, also zooming out. Then the word “PICTURES” rotates and rests below the logo, while the “I” in “VIVA” shines.


  • On some trailers, the logo stops in between segments using super slo-mo. A gold version also exists.
  • A “kids” version exists. This time the logo animates on a sky background, and when it is formed, a yellow flag appears from the I to reveal “KIDS” in a colorful font. The flag is waving.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A quick descending bell glissando with brass throughout, followed by quiet xylophone notes ending in an orchestral flourish.

Audio Variants:

  • The kids variant uses a quiet piano tune, ending with a calm string theme that is nearly similar to Warner Home Video, but is a bit louder and slower.
  • Sometimes, it’s the opening theme of the trailer.
Availability: Seen on US prints of some films and TV shows, such as Foodfight!, Back to the Sea, Top Cat: The Movie, Fish N Chips: The Movie, Top Cat Begins, Monster Family and Monster Family 2.
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