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Virtual Studios was an American film financier and production studio founded by Benjamin Waisbren in 2005. Virtual would launch a financing deal with Warner Bros in 2006. They also operated a distribution unit; Virtual Films, which only released one film. The company went dormant in 2008 after their last film flopped.

Logo (November 11, 2005-September 5, 2008)

Visuals: The logo starts with first askew lines of light. The screen then zooms out and the light keeps growing, also revealing that the light comes, behind a door in a big serif "V" letter, ready to burst out. The door then flies open, the light erupts behind the door revealing the words "VIRTUAL STUDIOS" in the Bank Gothic font. The light shows shadows of some letters before the door slowly closes but leaves halfway open. There's still light coming behind the door when the logo is completely formed.

Technique: CGI.


  • Metallic noises synchronized to the lines of light appearing, followed by some wind and industrial sounds, ending with a quiet whoosh with an eerie wind sound. On the film Poseidon, the sounds are accompanied by a short string fanfare.
  • In later films, an eerie synth theme plays against whooshes and sparkling noises.
  • On some films, it's silent.
Availability: Seen on several films like Nancy Drew, First Born, Poseidon and 300. Also seen at the end of V for Vendetta.
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