Two Grown Men

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This is the production company of Sean Anders and John Morris.

Logo (November 11, 2022-)

Visuals: On a white gradient background, a clenched fist raises to the left. Then, the hand does a V-sign, revealing two drawn faces wearing blue caps on the fingers, which are meant to represent Anders and Morris. The text "TWO GROWN MEN*" in Futura Extra Bold cuts in a stacked manner beside the hand. The text breaks down and the hand disappears into view, revealing the text "*FASTEST LOGO EVER" in Brandon Grotesque, which flies swiftly to the right.

Trivia: This was designed by Filmograph. The logo being a mere 2 seconds long and the "fastest logo ever" is satire on how long most modern film studio logos are.

Variant: On Spirited, the logo is darker.

Technique: Live-action and CGI.

Audio: An eight-note chiptune soundtrack, then a breaking sound once the letters fall. Lastly, we hear a deep metallic whoosh when the text flies to the right.

Audio Variant: On Filmograph's website, a four-note piano tune is heard.

Availability: First seen on Spirited. Also seen on Filmograph's website.
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