Trilogy Entertainment Group

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This is Pen Densham and John Watson's production company.

1st Logo (January 6, 1993-August 20, 1995)

Visuals: On a dark blue background with a gold triangle behind and a circle in it, there are rings of fire, which absorbs into the circle. Afterwards, "TRILOGY", spaced out and with a line below it, fades in shining, with "ENTERTAINMENT GROUP" below.

Variant: There is a variant in which there is no "ENTERTAINMENT GROUP".

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An epic-sounding fanfare, with some sparkling sounds after the logo finishes.

Availability: It's universally plastered by the next logo. Can be seen on Season 1's two-part premiere and final 3 episodes of The Outer Limits (1995 series) on Chiller and early DVDs. It was also seen on the short-lived series Space Rangers.

2nd Logo (March 31, 1995-October 3, 2008)

Visuals: On a black background, there is a triangle outline-shaped blue light shining from the top center. In the center of the triangle, more light comes out in the shape of a circle, forming the Trilogy logo from before. The light dies down into a glow as the background turns dark blue, and the company name appears below, glowing in blue.


  • Sometimes, "ENTERTAINMENT GROUP" would not appear on the bottom.
  • There is a short version in which the circle forms the Trilogy logo only.
  • At the end of Just Buried, a print version was used.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A dramatic remix of the theme from the previous logo, accompanied by a thud sound when the circle appears.

Audio Variants:

  • The short version has the first three notes in warp speed and low pitch, then it ends with the last note.
  • CBS airings of The Magnificent Seven and NBC airings of Carrie (2002) used a generic theme.

Availability: Appeared on The Outer Limits (1995 series; starting with "Valerie 31"), Fame L.A.Poltergeist: The LegacyThe Magnificent Seven (1998), Creature, the 1998 TV movie The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, the 2002 TV movie Carrie and the 2002 revival of The Twilight Zone.

3rd Logo (March 1, 2013-)

Visuals: The screen zooms out from a silver sphere as a ring flips around on a dark cerulean gradient background. Two different triangles flip up as two lines draw and "TRILOGY" flips and zooms out. "ENTERTAINMENT GROUP" then flips in as the logo is fully formed.

Technique: CGI by Filmograph.

Audio: A calm remix of the logo's theme, composed by company co-founder Pen Densham. On Phantom, the opening theme of the movie is heard.

Availability: First appeared on Phantom. The logo with the theme can be seen at Filmograph's official website.
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