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Originally known as Shapiro Entertainment until late 1987 or early-to-mid 1988, this film label was started by producer Leonard Shapiro and director James Glickenhaus to distribute low-budget action and horror films. Producer Alan M. Solomon served as Executive Vice President until 1996 when he and Elliot Solomon founded Amsell Entertainment, which bought this company out. As of 2011, the rights to SGE titles were in the hands of a company called North American Pictures, LLC (which is not to be confused with Lloyd Simandl's outfit of the same name), which is speculated to have been formed after the death of Allan M. Solomon in 2010. However, as of April 2021, the entire Shapiro Glickenhaus (and North American) titles are now with Troma Entertainment.

Logo (August 31, 1988-December 27, 1995)

Visuals: The sequence starts on a grey background, then the screen zooms out to reveal a building with filmstrip sprockets on the sides on a blue background. In front of the building is a silhouette of a palm tree. When we stop zooming out, a big sun fades behind the two objects, and at the right of the building, the letters "SGE" (in the same segmented font from before) fade in. Underneath the logo, the text "SHAPIRO GLICKENHAUS ENTERTAINMENT" in a very narrow font, fades in.


  • On some later releases on tapes from MCA/Universal, an "also from" variant appears.
  • A still variant appears on trailers for films from this company.
  • At the end of Tough and Deadly, there is an in-credit variant.

Technique: Motion-controlled animation.

Audio: Usually none, though the logo does have music on Tough and Deadly, consisting of synthesized whooshes, followed by a repeating harp tune with twinkles. On Ring of Steel, background noise from the film can be heard playing over the logo.


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