Schine Productions

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Schine Productions was named after the American director G. David Schine.

Logo (May 2, 1977)

Visuals: On a black background, there is a shape that looks like what a fully-open umbrella would look like when it's laid on its side; it has lined segments along its outside perimeter, and a solid-color core (both parts are apparently dark-brown to orange). Then, the area fills in with a brighter yellow from the core to the edges, sort of like a sunrise; as it does so, the title:

Schine Productions

fades in below; that title also becomes that brighter yellow. The logo then hard-cuts off-screen.

Technique: Likely cel animation.

Audio: Simply the scratchiness of the film as the logo presents itself.

Availability: Unknown; captured from a 1977 documentary titled That's Action.