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Red Om Films (formerly Shoelace Productions) is Julia Roberts' production company. In addition to the Om being a sacred Hindu symbol, Red Om spelled backwards is "Mo der", referring to Roberts' husband Daniel Moder.

1st Logo (December 13, 2002-December 19, 2003)

Visuals: On a maroon background with two gradients on the top and bottom is "red OM films" in white and with a drop shadow. To the right of the text, a small Om inside a circle fades in, then out, and in again.

Variant: On Mona Lisa Smile, the background is not only brighter, but the Om symbol fades in and remains for the duration of the logo.

Technique: Fading effects.

Audio: None. On Mona Lisa Smile, it's the opening theme of the movie.

Availability: It only appeared on two movies: Maid in Manhattan and Mona Lisa Smile.

2nd Logo (January 10, 2003-November 28, 2006)

Visuals: On the same background as the Revolution Television logo, the logo from before with the Om symbol now in red is seen underneath a thin white line as well as the Revolution Television logo.

Technique: A digital graphic.

Audio: The ending theme of the show or movie.

Availability: This logo can be seen on Queens Supreme and the first three American Girl movies: Samantha: An American Girl Holiday, Felicity: An American Girl Adventure, and Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front.

3rd Logo (April 20, 2012-)

Visuals: On a black background, several red streaks of paint form the Om symbol as it slowly zooms out. Via a burst effect, it fades to the company's logo, this time with "OM" in red. The Om symbol appears in its usual place as a small light beams out of the logo.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: The opening/closing theme of the movie.

Availability: Seen on Jesus Henry Christ and Leave the World Behind.

4th Logo (April 24, 2022-)

Visuals: This is an in-credit logo where the logo from before is in a white box and besides the Slate Group logo.

Technique: A digital graphic.

Audio: None.

Availability: It debuted on Gaslit.
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