Macmillan Films, Inc.

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Logo (1969?-1977?)

Visuals: On a black background, an "A" zooms out from the center top while "MACMILLAN" and "FILMS INC." slide from the middle left and right, then they stop in the center and "A" in top of "MACMILLAN FILMS INC.", just then, "RELEASE" in purple pans up below the text letter by letter. After the logo stays on-screen for 4 seconds, it cuts to black.


  • A still closing variant exists.
  • On The Police Film, the white words are tinted dark gold and the purple word is tinted red.

Technique: Motion-controlled animation.

Audio: A somewhat high-pitched excerpt of "Escape to Danger" composed by Sam Fonteyn. None for the closing variant.

Availability: Can be seen on basic 16mm educational films such as A Storm of Strangers: Jewish Americans, The Right to Die, Rendezvous with Freedom, A Storm of Strangers: Jung Sai, Chinese-American, The Sydney Opera House, and A Storm of Strangers: The Irish.
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