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Gorilla Poet Productions is an American film and TV production company founded by Aaron Rench and ND Wilson, which produces its own outputs such as documentaries, films, and children's TV series. Gorilla Poet Productions didn't have an onscreen logo until 2014.

Logo (October 4, 2014-)

Gorilla Poet Productions (in-credit/superimposed).
Gorilla Poet Productions (in-credit/superimposed).

Visuals: This is only just a still print logo but however the logo never does not move or do any actions at all. So in this logo there we see an still print of a pictured gorilla chimp colored in white inside a black circle to represent the letter "O" in the text that reads out either the black, grey or white text "G•PO" (abbreviated as "Gorilla Poet" for short). Underneath the latter reads out and says the following text also in either black/grey/white, being "GORILLA POET PRODUCTIONS".


  • N.D. Wilson is also an author and storywriter who writes kids'/family-aged, fiction-romance, coming of age, film/TV books as well as other genres of novels from the latter.
  • Wilson himself graduated from St. John's College in Moscow, Idaho, US.
  • 4 of the company's team of baller members are "Dane", "James", Forrest Dickson and "Alec".


  • On very likely some of the company's hit movies and documentaries itself, the logo can be put onscreen before during the opening scene sequences of their credits.
  • On Hello Ninja, the logo is seen superimposed in-credit sitting on the bottom left side, along with the Atomic Cartoons logo placed next to beside it with that one. Also in this variant the letters G PO and the text Gorilla Poet Productions is now in a different font than from the normal counterpart, in proportion as usual as it is; The first O has the still, gorilla chimp print design which is now black instead of white in color while nor being the circle which is changed from black to transparency this time but even though the border frame of the circle is also black as well in color.
  • You could also see this logo's profile photo itself on it's official Facebook, IG, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo and X account pages too as well.

Technique: None but a bit quite minimal.

Audio: Always none. But in most cases, the opening theme is used and heard just for the documentary films/films from the company only.

Audio Variant: Hello Ninja has the end theme of the TV series.

Availability: Current for the onscreen variant (not on the latter company's print logo itself). Appears on the latter's documentaries and films such as The Riot and The Dance, The Hound of Heaven and The River Thief. The superimposed in-credit version is so far seen on Netflix's Hello Ninja.
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