Freckle Films

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Freckle Films is a film and television production company launched by actress Jessica Chastain in February 2016. In May the following year, Kelly Carmichael, who was a former production executive at Miramax Films and The Weinstein Company, became a president of production and development.

Logo (June 17, 2021-)

Visuals: On a black background, several lights resembling that of an aurora appears in orange. It fades away, as an outlined filmstrip then appears moving as the screen zooms in. Several more multicolored lights appear throughout, as the screen zooms back to reveal the full filmstrip as the company name writes in. The lights die down and the filmstrips disappear, as the text then glows.


  • The print version of this logo has the company name inside the filmstrip, sometimes stacked.
  • On George and Tammy, the logo is next to the 101 Studios logo.

Technique: Practical CGI effects.

Audio: A dreamy synth piano theme with strings or the closing theme.

Availability: First debuted on the company's Facebook page as a print version, and later made its on-screen debut with The 355. It also appears on George and Tammy.
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