First Motion Picture Unit

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The 18th AAF Base Unit (Motion Picture Unit), originally known as the First Motion Picture Unit, Army Air Forces, was the primary film production unit of the U.S. Army Air Forces (AAF) during World War II, and was the first military unit made up entirely of professionals from the film industry. Its notable commanders included Jack L. Warner (co-founder of Warner Bros. Pictures), Owen Crump, and Paul Mantz. Established in 1942, it took over Hal Roach Studios (which was nicknamed "Fort Roach") in 1943 for the production of training and propaganda films, which were notable for being informative as well as entertaining.

1st Logo (194?)

Visuals: Against a backdrop of moving clouds, the emblem of the US Army Air Forces fades in, with the following text superimposed:

A----P r o d u c t----o f----t h e
The emblem and text then fades out, followed by the cloud background fading out.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: Unknown

Availability: Unknown [Examples?]
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