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Film Ventures International (FVI) was an independent movie production and distribution company situated in Atlanta, Georgia during the 1970s founded by Edward L. Montoro. They mainly specialized in producing and distributing (mainly horror) B-movies. Montoro eventually moved FVI's headquarters to Hollywood in the late 70s after the success of Grizzly. In 1980, FVI acquired the rights to the Italian film Great White that was a blatant rip-off of Jaws. Universal Pictures filed a lawsuit against FVI and won and the film was pulled from the theaters after one week of release, which led to the company's collapse in the early 80s. Montoro took one million dollars from FVI and vanished never to be seen again. FVI officially closed its doors in 1985, filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy and later being purchased by the INI Corporation, who proceeded to package its own and acquired films to television under the Film Ventures name, complete with new, low-budget opening and closing credit sequences, many of which were featured and mocked on Mystery Science Theater 3000. To this day, Montoro's whereabouts remain unknown, though it is believed he fled to Mexico; It also remains unknown if he is even still alive. Today, many of FVI's films are distributed by companies such as Code Red and Scorpion Releasing. The titles, with some exceptions, are currently held in the catalog of Multicom Entertainment.

1st Logo (1970s-1980s)

Visuals: On a blue or black background, there is a line of Georgia Peaches scrolling down. The yellow/red gradient letters "F, V and I" scroll up to the right of the peaches which stop moving as the rest of the company name fades in next to the letters. Most of the peaches save for one next to "VENTURES" fade out. After a few seconds a directors chair appears with the peach on the chair. "Presents" in a cursive font appears beneath the company name.

Technique: Motion-controlled animation.

Audio: None.

Availability: Seen on films of the time, such as Grizzly and Day of the Animals.

2nd Logo (March 28, 1980-November 1982)

Visuals: Over a space background, the logo starts with the golden yellow letters "FVI" zooming in with a streak trail, the letters flash and then the words "FILM VENTURES INTERNATIONAL" reveal in below.

Technique: Motion-controlled cel animation.

Audio: A fanfare in the key of A Minor. Sometimes, it's a triumphant fanfare.

Availability: Found on Incubus, Don't Go Into the House, and They Call Me Bruce.
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