Figaro Incorporated

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Logo (September 29, 1954-February 5, 1958)

Visuals: On a concrete background with warm-hued lights, a picture of a 18th century aristocrat holding a comedy and tragedy mask in each hand is next to the silver text "figaro incorporated" with the former word larger than the rest. Underneath it all is "PRESENTS".

Variant: A black and white variant exists.

Technique: A painting filmed by a cameraman.

Audio: The first section of the overture of "The Marriage of Figaro" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart performed on a piano.

Audio Variant:

  • On The Barefoot Contessa, the music is orchestrated and starts with the rising horns.
  • On The Quiet American, the music is performed on a harpsichord.
Availability: Seen on The Barefoot Contessa, I Want to Live!, and The Quiet American. TCM airings of those films as well as home media preserve this logo.
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