Ellman Film Enterprises

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Ellman Film Enterprises is a film distribution company.

1st Logo (1972-1974)

Visuals: On a moving cloudy background, there is a stylized E letter with a filmstrip. Below the object is "AN ELLMAN FILM ENTERPRISES RELEASE".

Technique: Camera-controlled animation.

Audio: None.

Availability: Unknown.

2nd Logo (February 20, 1974-1980s?)

Visuals: On a mountain landscape with stars on top, there is a red MGM-like ribbon circle reading "ELLMAN FILM ENTERPRISES" with a hand carrying a torch, a monument with two searchlights, a radio tower in a globe, and a yellow ring (likely the Kuiper Belt) between it. Inside it is a man wearing glasses. He roars in the circle two times, then he smiles.

Technique: Live-action.

Audio: Only the sound of a lion roaring.

Availability: Seen on various movies at the time. [Examples?]

Legacy: It's mostly known as a parody of famous movie logos such as 20th Century Fox, MGM, Columbia, and even RKO Radio Pictures.
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