Digital Thunderdome

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Digital Thunderdome is an American film studio founded in 2010 by American film director Scott Hansen.

Logo (October 27, 2016)

Visuals: A gate with a skull design on it is visible, with a metal fence and two stone brick pillars. Around it are three trees, and it is raining. Wind blows a dangling metal piece on the gate, and one of the doors opens a little. The graveyard behind the gate is shown, with tombstones and trees visible. A grave is shown close-up, and a skeleton rises from it, tearing its way out of the ground. However, its skull falls off, and while it tries to grab it, the skull rolls out of reach too fast and bounces along the ground, stopping after impacting a large tombstone, with some blood splattering on impact. The camera zooms out to show the words "DIGITAL THUNDERDOME" written on the tombstone in a metallic gray. A shovel is propped up against the tombstone, and lightning strikes in the background.

Technique: Likely stop-motion animation.

Audio: A dramatic orchestral theme plays throughout, stopping at the end before finishing with a suspenseful rising stinger. Metallic creaking, dirty sounds, growling and rattling from the skeleton, a squelch sound when the skull impacts the tombstone, and thunder.

Availability: Seen on The Possession Experiment.
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