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Bad Hat Harry Productions is the production company of Bryan Singer, formed in 1994. The name (as well as the first logo) is a homage to a scene from Singer's favorite film Jaws, in which Martin Brody (Roy Scheider) says to a swimmer "That's some bad hat, Harry." The company did not use a logo until 2004. As of 2019, the fate of the company is in limbo due to the sexual abuse allegations against him.

1st Logo (November 16, 2004-October 26, 2012)

Visuals: There are two cartoon men on a beach, sitting next to a penthouse. One of them sits on a cooler, the other on a beach chair, both in beach attire. The company name in Berthold Block W1G is at the top of the screen. The man on the left (presumably Harry) is wearing a rather silly aviator-type hat. The man on the right (most likely Martin Brody from Jaws) leans over a bit, towards Harry, and says "That's some bad hat, Harry." A shark fin can be seen in the ocean, as well as two seagulls.


  • Sometimes, the shark fin is spinning in a circle.
  • The logo would be in a 4:3 version (seen on full-screen prints) or a 16:9 version.

Technique: Flash animation by Angry Alien Productions.

Audio: The man's dialogue, which is in a high-pitched voice.

Audio Variant: On The Triangle, the sounds of the wind blowing and seagulls chirping are heard.

Availability: Appears at the end of House, The Triangle, The Science of Superman, and the reboot special of Mockingbird Lane.

2nd Logo (May 25, 2011-February 26, 2019)

Visuals: There are silhouettes of five men walking and settling in front of a height chart, as in a police lineup. After they take their place, the image becomes a glossy stencil on a cerulean wall with the background turning red, and as it zooms out, the name "BAD HAT HARRY", in the same color, fades in below. Some drops of water are seen sliding down the wall.

Trivia: This logo is a homage to a scene from Bryan Singer's breakout film The Usual Suspects.


  • On Jack the Giant Slayer, the camera starts at the feet of the silhouettes, which are revealed to be those of the giants from the film.
  • On the first seasons of Legion and The Gifted, the logo is still and shares the screen with The Donners' Company and Kinberg Genre logos. On the latter, the print logo is used.
  • A shortened version exists.

Technique: A mix of live-action footage and CGI by Prologue.

Audio: A switch-on sound, footsteps, and an ominous "plink-plonk" soundtrack composed by John Ottman. Otherwise, the opening theme of the film or silence.

Availability: Appears on X-Men: First Class, Uwantme2killhim?, Jack the Giant Slayer, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and X-Men: Apocalypse. The shortened version can be seen on H+: The Digital Series and Black Box. Also seen on Legion and The Gifted. Strangely, this logo doesn't appear on Bohemian Rhapsody, likely due to the scandals against Singer.
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