Baby Way Productions

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This is the former vanity card of Marlon Wayans. The company's name was a shortened version of "Baby Wayans".

1st Logo (January 11, 1995-May 20, 1999)

Visuals: There is a black and white picture of Shawn and Marlon Wayans as youngsters. The former is looking downward, while the latter is looking straight at the camera, smiling. On top of Shawn are the words "Next to Last Productions" and on top of Marlon are the words "BabyWay Productions", and in between those words is "and", all in a thick white font. The words "in association with" appear at the bottom of the picture, in the same font as the company name.

Technique: A live-action image with superimposed text.

Audio: An off-screen voice (Shawn Wayans) says, "Look up, Marlon! Say cheese!" Sometimes, audio from the end of the episode can still be heard.

Audio Variant: On split-screen credits airings of the series on The WB between 1995 and 1998, the network's former mascot Michigan J. Frog (voiced by Jeff McCarthy) sings "This has been a production of...." accompanied by a dreamy piano ditty, with the last part heard on the logo. This happens on every The WB show (The Parent 'Hood, Alright Already, etc.) with Michigan singing throughout the closing logos.

Availability: Seen on The Wayans Bros on The WB.

2nd Logo (January 11, 2013-July 12, 2018)

Visuals: On a black background, there are the words "bAby wAy" in a Chalkduster font, writing by themselves. The letter "y" is mirrored at first, but it quickly gets erased and is drawn correctly. The word "PRODUCTIONS" in a white Copperplate font fades in at the bottom as it goes up.


  • Sometimes, it shares the screen with other logos.
  • A warp-speed version exists.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: The chalk pressing against the background and a kid laughing. Sometimes, it's the closing theme or silence.

Availability: Seen on the two A Haunted House films, Fifty Shades of Black and Naked. Also seen on Marlon and Marlon Wayans: Woke-ish.

Baby Way Productions
Ugly Baby Productions