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This is Rita Wilson's production company.

Logo (December 30, 2022-)

Visuals: Inks of various colors flow across a surface, displaying images of various landscapes. The transparent letters "A", "R", and "T" zoom out onto the screen, followed by the rest of the letters. The final landscape displayed is of a seaside landscape with the sun shining on it, which eventually dots the first "I" in "ARTISTIC".


  • The landscapes seen are from California and Greece, which reflect Wilson's Greek-American heritage.
  • The combination of flowing inks and landscape images represents the concept of creativity and inspiration, of visions appearing into existence.

Technique: Footage of running ink and photographs of paintings, with 2D computer animation for the text. This was done by Devastudios. Some behind-the-scenes photos of the ink being worked with can be found here.

Audio: An ambient, twinkly theme with piano and bells (as in the middle school band instrument similar to a small xylophone). Ambient low-pitched wind sounds can also be heard. Composed by Thomas Newman.

Availability: It debuted on A Man Called Otto.
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