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I am Logoarto. I formerly went under the names "CokeFan12" back in 2015, "Logohub" when I rejoined the community in 2018 and briefly "VortexArto". I am a digital artist, music enthusiast, retrophile, and of course a logo and bumper enthusiast.

What do I do on this wiki?

I populate this wiki with mostly Asian logos (East Asian and Southeast Asian), be it finds I found myself or logo captures on YouTube. I also am a bureaucrat and administrator on this wiki.

Pages I created


January 2021

  • Sino Cine Co., Ltd.

May 2021

  • CNN IDs

October 2021

  • Ratna Indah Kartika Film


March 2022

  • Sri Haripriya Cine Creations
  • Merdeka Film

October 2022

  • SCA Distributors
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