Disney Channel (Promo Bumpers)

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1st Bumper (2002-2006)

Visuals: The Disney Channel Mickey head logo appears and jumps back to the bottom left corner of the screen. The show's name is seen on the upper right corner. Sometimes, a scene from the show can be seen within the Mickey head. The color scheme varies depending on the show, but often times it uses one of the following schemes:

  • Purple background with "star" shapes, a city at night with fireworks within the Mickey head
  • Green locker background, within the Mickey head the screen zooms in to a blue locker as various objects get thrown out of it. The door closes, revealing the Disney Channel text over it.
  • Yellow board game pawns floating over a yellow background, an assortment of board game pieces over a board with the Disney Channel text on it within the Mickey head.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Usually a background piece from the show or an instrumental version of the show's theme.

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