Prime Entertainment

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Not to be confused with Prima Entertainment.

Logo (2005-2015)

Visuals: There is a rotating white CGI mountain gets destroyed by a rainbow coming from right behind, which creates ray of lights from the destruction.The Prime Entertainment appears on a cloudy mountain night background, which consists of 3 curved lines placed on top of each other, 1st blue, 2nd red and the final green, along with the text "PRIME" in metallic white below. Gold rays of light appear, engulfing the text from E to P, turning the text gold. The golden text "ENTERTAINMENT" spaced-out slide from the bottom of the screen to below "PRIME". The rays engulf the text again, this time it's reversed, from P to E. The light vanishes as the camera slowly zooms to the logo.

Variant: A more common version shortens the logo to the final half, omits the mountain's destruction at the beginning.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A futuristic theme with wind noises, slowly evolving to a somewhat tense note, something you would hear from a horror/thriller movie.

Availability: Can be found on VCDs and DVDs in Indonesia from New Line Cinema (until Warner Bros. released the company's films starting in 2009), Miramax, The Weinstein Company, Lionsgate, Focus Features, among other B-movie studios released by the company. On Top Entertainment DVDs, it was followed by the mentioned logo.

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