Trio Video Tara

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Trio Video Tara, registered as P.T. Indovi Indah Mas (and originally used the brand name Indovi Indah), was one of the first Betamax distributors in Indonesia founded in 1979 by Tjandra Herawati Wijaya, who previously founded the Indonesian record label Atlantic Records. Trio Video Tara distributed foreign features, including Hong Kong martial arts films which became very popular. They have also distributed Indonesian local films.

With Wirawan Hartawan, Tjandra would also establish Disc Tarra in 1986. The Tarra Group (later known as INOVA Digimedia) was established as a parent company to Trio Video Tara and Disc Tarra.

Logo (1981-1989?)

Visuals: On a yellow background, an abstract V design (actually from the Intervision (UK) logo) appears zooming, leaving rainbow trails of "V" which merge into one. It then fades out and the yellow background opens like a door (leaving lots of rainbow residue trails) into a black background. The Intervision logo (with both "Inter" and "ision" replaced by "Trio" and "Tara") was there, though the dot above the V wasn't there. Later, the dot appears sliding slowly from the left (again, leaving many rainbow residue trails) to the top of the V. The final product pretty much looks like a modified version of the Intervision logo.

Technique: Analog computer animation.

Audio: A majestic royal-sounding theme, ending with a three-note bombastic sounder.

Availability: The company issued martial arts films from TVB/ATV, animation (both Western and Japanese), Indonesian films such as Kemasukan Setan, etc.

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