Universal Music Indonesia

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Universal Music Indonesia (UMI, originally known as Suara Sentral Sejati and later PolyGram Indonesia) is a record label based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and the Indonesian branch of Universal Music Group. Founded in 1987, UMI have launched the careers of several famous Indonesian singers, most notably finalists of the reality talent show Indonesian Idol such as Lyodra, Tiara Andini and Ziva Magnolya.

Logo (2019- )

Visuals: Over a black background is the print 1997 Universal logo with "UNIVERSAL MUSIC INDONESIA" in white below it.

Variant: On the video "KIRI ATAU KANAN?? RANDOM QUESTIONS BARENG JEREMY ZUCKER!", the logo is black on a white background. It then slides to the right (referencing the title of the video, which means "LEFT OR RIGHT??")

Technique: None. For the variant, computer animation.

Audio: The opening or closing theme.

Availability: Seen on the videos "New Hope Club - Pronounce Challenge!" and "KIRI ATAU KANAN?? RANDOM QUESTIONS BARENG JEREMY ZUCKER!"

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