Sino Cine Co., Ltd.

From the Audiovisual Identity Database, the motion graphics museum

Logo (January 8, 1973)

Visuals: On a yellow background, a blue line wipes in from the center, forming a stylized spiral "S". The Chinese company name in green wipes in from the right to the left of the "S", while the English company name in orange wipes in from the left to the right of the "S".

Technique: Appears to be stop-motion, and the "S" as well as the names appear to be live-action models.

Audio: A fast triumphant horn fanfare.

Availability: It appeared on Hong Kong Connection, which current prints of it has the logo omitted. The logo has been resurfaced on a 35mm trailer of said film, and is left intact when the trailer is included in Kung Fu Trailers of Fury, released in 2016.

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