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Favorite Logos

In this page, you get to talk about your favorite logos! You can have multiple favorites too! Just make sure you put everything in your own Level 2 heading, and you'll be good to go.

DaBigLogoCollector's Favorite Logos/Memories

20th Century Fox

I remember the searchlights doing the "A" touch (where the second light in the back touches the first one) -- I've seen it on The Man From Snowy River (CBS-FOX Video), Romancing The Stone (CBS-FOX Video; VHS cover shows Fox Video), and Return of The Jedi (TCFHE, '95 P&S/THX release). Then there's the one where the searchlights make an "X" crossover (the first light in the back leans to the right over the second one leaning vertically upward), which I've seen on Predator (CBS-FOX Video); I also have a THX Widescreen series VHS tape of the said film (it appears cropped for widescreen and the colors are sort of different). The fanfare variants I noticed was a weird brass-like one on The Chase (1994) and the Alien 3 one. A re-orchestrated version via JRAF Jingles and, the '94 & '97 fanfares and the '79 fanfare were some of my favorites. In Summer '09 I started enjoying the '94 fanfare a lot.


The first time I ever saw Broadway short (VHS version) -- THX itself, really -- was on the 55th Anniversary VHS of Bambi my aunt gave to us. I sat down watching in the living room with my family and... *WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHOHHHHHHHHH...* -- "Digitally mastered for optimal video and audio performance" appears and I didn't even know what it meant -- *OHHHHEEEHEEEEEHHHHEHHH...* --- and there it is: THX Digitally Mastered *EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....* *shine!* I was all weirded out by the Deep Note which was two semitones higher than the original. Some years later, I destroyed the tape because of my THXphobia, but I replaced the tape with a new/sealed copy from eBay that I got for a birthday present in August 2013. Disney Channel's older print of Monsters Inc. plastered Moo Can with Broadway short '95. (aside from nude ads) had a great collection of THX & Dolby logos. Now I wish every movie (particularly with Skywalker Sound) were THX-Certified. Also, the TAP stuff looked cool. April 2010 brought some interesting parodies of THX to mind: A Very Loud THX logo, the THX Accident (with an imitation Deep Note), THX is loud (I reuploaded it), and FamilyGuyFanatic800's how-to on drawing the THX logo. October 2010 brought XIV as an interesting parody, and September '10 the Santiko's theater policy (reuploaded that too).


CBS-FOX Video was an interesting logo too, the '84 one specifically. I always expected to hear the '79 fanfare on The Man from Snowy River and Romancing the Stone, where the searchlights cross in what looks like "/\".

Warner Home Video Cheesy Shield

A classic from Free Willy and other tapes. The best quality in THX certification of the logo could be seen on Twister's VHS and LD. I really wish they'd use this for the Home Video ident. As of Summer 2014 I heard a version that someone on YT recorded with a camcorder and I could only hear the deep synth sounds and drums.

20th Television '08

I wrote in my journal my first sighting of it on Garfield Gets Real when it came on CN. I was hyped. I remember seeing/recording the extended version on Family Guy's syndie print of the Season 11 finale on WPCH without the byline, Nov 26, 2013, and with the byline and 1995 TCFTV fanfare on King of the Hill on Jan 1st, 2009 via [as]. Likewise, on 6/27/09 I saw the 20th Television Fox logo with the "C" on The Greatest Game Ever Played on WATC 18 and snapshot a picture of this rarity.

Vestron Video

The later variant was a memory from a relative's VHS of Platoon, while the Cheesy V was a memory from the relative's VHS of National Geographic Video: Iceland River Challenge, which I received in February 2005. The Cheesy V on a blue background I discovered on Fort Apache: The Bronx when I bought it from my local Movie Gallery in Jan '05.

Fox Video

I used to love the golden logo that appeared on a relative's VHS of Class Action, and I was used to the 1994 one (in 2011 I discovered its real jingle, a cool synth drone, on Star Wars VI '95 Hong Kong LD). In September '04 I discovered the 1995 one on Star Wars V '97 VHS I bought from my local Movie Gallery when it was at Walmart; nice design -- so nice in fact that I remember ripping a picture of that logo off of a WS Series Die Hard VHS on display outside of that Movie Gallery. The design with the dark blue clouds on the SW trilogy '95 is a great alternative I wish TCFHE would use again.


Another obsession when E.T. obsessed. My earliest memory in my life is a dream where on the TV is the close-up of the moon with lightning and rain, Elliott and E.T. fly by and E.T. sticks his tongue out without looking at me, going "blehhhhh....". Then it faded out and the static Amblin logo appeared with ominous drum/tuba music and I was sucked back into my crib where I slept. I also thought that Elliott was a chicken because of his cape's position (Cavis Appythart saying "I don't care if it looks like a chicken on a bicycle" now has a new illustration, huh). The new logo on Jurassic World, however, makes his cape appear less like the wings of a hen. The moon in the logo itself is a common image used everywhere, but I call it the E.T. moon.


Another favorite logo I saw from a relative's VHS of The Emerald Forest ('87 packaging; label has Nelson logo). I ironed on an image of my then favorite cartoon characters like Tom & Jerry, Calvin and Hobbes, and Peanuts around the Embassy logo (JRAF Jingles and scans of the Emerald VHS cover) onto a Hanes T-Shirt, which I cut out in 2011 when the shirt got too small. I taped the Embassy Communications logo with Coke byline on 227 via TVOne in April '06.


The logo at the end of Star Wars I VHS tape. The ident of the color company on MGM cartoons. I wish they'd use this logo nowadays, though the following logo using the then current logo was also interesting.

Premiere Video

The logo at the end of Prancer VHS tape. Another interesting synth logo.


A favorite in 2008. The city skyline with a nice little synth jingle and flute "woooo" sound.


The extended one often reminds me of a dream or nightmare where, near the end, after the cameraman goes by, some silhouette guy falls from the sky toward you screaming until he envelops the screen.

King/Phoenix Logos

Late Spring of 2009 introduced my interest in King/Phoenix logos, along with later Anchor Bay and Continental Video.


Late 2010 brought some great logo memories of VID: Alex7777TV's NES & MS-DOS versions, the dramatic TheMCzorro version, TWGLEAD's defeat of the logo, the HWG parody with the maniacal laugh, and RikvUnderground's Super Scary Logo (psh! Yeah, right.) . More came in March 2015 with The Ultimate BND glitch, the Irkle one, Nyan BND, Simpsons and VID, and a very scary VID intro (more of a YTP).

Quality Video/Chronicle Videocassettes

July 2011 introduced my interest in the Quality Video and Chronicle Videocassettes logos from VHS tapes of my relatives.

October 2013 brought some great logo memories when I looked back at the AVID:

Super Video Productions

A great October '13 memory, made by a groovy jingle.

Screen Time Entertainment

Cool, dark blue backgrounds and synth sounds. This is a great design for a TCFHE company.

Pony Canyon

Weird, yet entertaining. Seems more like a CGI test than a logo.

Master Arts Video

Somewhat creepy, at least if you're in the dark at night, yet really cool synth drones, plus the "hit" when the fire appears.

Skywalker Sound

As of being a Skywalker Sound fan, the logo of its company, particularly the winged figure and the filmstrip "S S" are of interest too.


February 2015, in +1 pitch shift, the new StudioCanal logo (preceding Rosebud Releasing, via Logo Archive).

AlbertoTheMonkey's Top 10 Favorite Logos Of All Time

1. Walt Disney Pictures (2006-) 2. Paramount Pictures (2011-) 3. Paramount Classics (2000-2006) 4. Disney/ABC Domestic Television (2007-) 5. Paramount Pictures (1986-2003 (1999 Revision)) 6. Amblin Entertainment (1985-) 7. Universal Cartoon Studios (1991-2006) 8. Pixar Animation Studios (1995-) 9. Nickelodeon Network (2006-2009, 2011) 10. Warner Home Video (1986-1999)

nin10do's Favorite Logos

Nickelodeon Haypile/Scribble Klasky-Csupo Graffiti Crystal Dynamics (1997) Nintendo (all logos) United Plankton Pictures, Inc. WorldVision (Home Video & Television versions) Nickelodeon Movies (1998) Nickelodeon Productions '90s logos (except the Salute Your Shorts version which I recently described) THQ older logos from 1995-2007 Others coming soon!

TomTornados3 Top 11 Logos of all time

1. Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection (1994-1999) 2. Walt Disney Home Video (1985-2003?) 3. Walt Disney Pictures (1985-1990, 2006?-present) 4. 20th Century Fox (1995?-present) 5. Warner Bros. Pictures (19??-present) 6. NET/PBS logos (1952-1970, 1970-present) 7. PBS Kids (1993-1999) 8. Gracie Films (1987-present) 9. Walt Disney Classics (1988-1994) 10. Sony Pictures Television (2002-present) 11. United Plankton Pictures, Inc. (1999-present)

TheFreakyFreak's Favorite Logos

1. Orion Pictures (1979) 2. Orion Pictures (Warner Bros. Byline, 1981) 3. 20th Century Fox (75th Anniversary, 2010) 4. Warner Bros. Television (50th Anniversary, 2005) 5. Warner Bros. Television (The Big \\', 1971) 6. Warner Home Video (1985) 7. THX ("Wings", 1983) THANKS!!!!

BenderRoblox's favorite logos

*1987 Paramount Television

*1987 Program Exchange

*Hanna Barbera Swirling Star 1

*Hanna Barbera Character in a Box

*1993 Klasky Csupo

*Orion Pictures

*New World Pictures

*1967 Universal Pictures

*1958 Filmways Productions (Beverly Hillbillies Seasons 4 to 9 variant)

*Gracie Films

*Children's Circle

*PBS Kids P-Pals

*1985 Warner Home Video

*1982 Palace Video

*1986 Touchstone Pictures

*1st Annenberg/CPB Project

*2nd WGBH

*Namco Films

*1986 Simitar (The music is so epic)

*Key Video

*Palace Video (UK)

*1993 UK Living Idents

*My Sesame Street Home Video

LogoWriter's favorite logos

*Paramount Feature Presentation and Coming Attractions - I know this is weird, but for some reason, I like the voiceover, and I just like it. And plus, this didn't really scare me after all. I just really think so about it, and plus, I love Paramount. * 2003 Klasky Csupo logo - MUCH, MUCH tamer and better than the 1998 bad animated Klasky Csupo "Robot" or "SSF" logo. * All ADV Films logo - I love ADV Films, and plus, they are cool. I even have ADV Films DVDs in my DVD shelf.

ThElOgOfAcToRy1 12 Fav. Logos

Walt Disney Classics (1984-1989) The THX "Tex 1 and 2" Trailers Columbia 1975-1981, with music Paramount logo variation for "The Core" HBO (1982-2002, 1989-2002) Walt Disney HE and HV (1978-1986, 1981-1986) UA 1982 Vestron Video (1982-1983) USA Home Video AbsoluteDigital Pictures Calloway Arts & Entertainment TCFTV 1956

MechaKingghidoraFan's favorite logos

And this little wonder...

Logophile's Favorite Logos

Tristar Pictures (1984-1993) Columbia Pictures (1975-1981 with music, 1981-1993, 1993-2006, 2006-) Warner Home Video (1985-1997) 20th Century Fox (80s Version) Vestron Video (1987-1993 with original music) MGM (Jackie and all versions of Leo) Key Video IVE (1984-1987) Paramount Pictures (2002-) Castle Rock Entertainment (1989 and 1994) Columbia Tristar Home Video (1991 and 1993) Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment RCA/Columbia International Video spinning Cube 20th Century Fox Television (the tower of doom) MGM/UA Home Video (1982 and 1993) MCA/Universal Home Video Columbia Pictures Television (1976, 1982, 1987, 1991 and 1992) Carolco (1984 and 1988, especially with the Tristar logo!!!) Miramax Films (1987 and 1999) Warner Bros. 70s logo Universal (1990) Gramercy Pictures Cinergi Morgan Creek (1991) Caravan Pictures CBS/FOX Video (1984) United Artists (1987, 2001) Columbia Tristar Television

OZ_Paramount87's favorite logos

All United Artists logos (except for the 1994 logo) Orion Pictures Warner Bros (1974 logo) The Ladd Company Geffen Pictures All of the Bandai Emotion logos Universal 75th Anniversary All logos from Village Roadshow And of course Paramount (especially the 1987-2002 logo)

InuYashafan's Favorite Logos

Connecticut Public Television (1993-2004) Key Video (1983-1990) Simitar (1986-1990) Genesis Entertainment(1994-1995) Weiss Global Enterprises (1978-1984)

Hoa's favorite logos

WHV 1985 and 1997 Carolco 1988 Cannon 1985 w/voiceover Sony Pictures Television 2002 Columbia TriStar Domestic Television 2001 Orion 1981 All WB logos Disney Films 1985 Touchstone Television New Line Cinema 1987 and 1994 Cartoon Network Skull Cinar 1994 Nelson Ent. 1987 Genesis 1983, 1988 and 1994

kidinbed's Favorite logos

Most anime logos esp. Bandai's EMOTION logos (all 3), Starchild, and ADV Films (all 5) Warner Home Video (Cheesy Shield) RCA/Columbia International Video (International Spinning Cube) All the Orion logos including Home Video (except for the red and blue boxes one) Walt Disney Classics/Masterpiece Collection (Not the moog synth one) Bad Robot THX (Grew up with it, and I especially love the version in the game Soul Calibur III) DiC Kid In Bed Viacom V of Doom 20th Century Fox and CBS/FOX Video (as well as Playhouse Video) HBO-Cannon Video Paramount Television "Closet Killer" and the one with "TELEVISION" silding out Elektra Entertainment #1 (with the testing screen that breaks into pieces) Carolco (all logos except for the still one) Cinergi C2 Pictures Miramax (1980s-1990s) Hellas Kosmos "HK of Doom" De Laurentiis Entertainment Group "2D Lion" Pack-In Video All Columbia, Tristar, Destination, and Triumph logos All PolyGram logos (except for the 1994-1997 PolyGram Video logo) All Gramercy Pictures logos All Summit Entertainment logos

PBS 1993 Logo


Mainly 80's Home Video Logos such as: Academy Entertainment Key Video The 80's Media Home Entertainment logos Both Interglobal logos Simitar "S from Hell" VidAmerica Any CBS FOX logo Any Roadshow Home Video logo Charter Entertainment The first IVE logo Wizard Video Imperial Entertainment and Prism Entertainment to name a few

ParamountCartoonsFan's favorites

Paramount cartoon logos - Fleischer, Famous Studios and Puppetoon versions (standards, "Jasper and the Haunted House", "Old Macdonald Had A Farm", "Alpine For You", Original Jack-In-The-Box and more!!!) UAV 1989 and 1991 Warner Home Video 1985-1996 Paramount Pictures feature logos (The 70's standard, and the old B&W's that have"A Paramount Picture" on them, plus 1987-2002 and 2002-present) a.a.p. Cartoons (Both Looney Tunes and sometimes Popeye) Amblin Entertainment

Universal Cartoon Studios "Jetty The Weak Jet Plane" Buena Vista 1950's-1970's RKO (Print logos used in "Citizen Kane" and Disney movies) Walt Disney Home Video 1986-200? Universal 90's PBS Kids 1993 Random House Home Video 20th Century Fox (Cinemascope and 1994-present) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Fox Video 1991 CBS-Fox Home Video PBS 1971 CTW Sparks BBC 1990's (Wallace and Gromit NTSC version) BBC Video 1990's just to name a few

logomaneuver's favorite logos

Paramount Majestic Mountain Klasky Csupo Rooster CTW Play It Smart Screen Gems S From Heaven PBS P-Heads Nickelodeon Haypile Nelvana Nebular Polar Bear Family Home Entertainment Paintbrush DIC Kid In Bed The Incredible World of DIC! IWoD Globe CN! Skull Treehouse Logo Columbia Pictures Torch Lady II Touchstone Pictures The Snake Imagine Entertainment Shining Star WB! Kids Red Shield

wisp2007 says...

And this little wonder...


Constantin Film 60s, Walt Disney Neon Mickey, Media '87, Janus Films, Miramax.

Juniorfan88 Favorites

WB 3-D CGI Shield Tri-Star Pictures Orion Pictures (1981)

BreilLogo's favorites of logos

  • Hondo 1953 WB logo
  • Fox Video 1993, 1994 and 1996
  • Vestron Video 1982
  • Vestron Pictures
  • Vestron Home Video
  • Warner Home Video 1985

sega3dmm's Favorite Logos

20th Century Fox 1994 Universal Pictures 1997 And the E. T. version Plus the oldie, but goodie 75th anniversary logo (even when it doesn't have that logo)

Heart1994's Favorite Logos

Roadshow logo

AsdfTheRevival's Favorite Logos


Fries Distribution TSW 1981 Live 1998


Walt Disney Pictures (2006) RKO Pictures (2007)


Sony Pictures Television/Sony Pictures Television International (2002-) Columbia TriStar (Domestic) Television (1996-2002) Columbia TriStar International Television (1995-1999) Embassy Communications (Embassy Television) 1982-1988 Buena Vista Television (2005-2007) MCA TV (1974-1990; 1990-1994; 1994-February 1997) Revue Studios (1958-1963) Universal Television (1963-1964; 1997-2004) TriStar Television (1987; 199>2-1999) Merv Griffin Enterprises (1984-1992;1992-1995) Merv Griffin Entertainment (1999-2006; 2006-) CBS Paramount Domestic Television (Memorial Day-November 2006) Universal Pictures (1990) (75th Anniversary) Claster Television Incorporated (80s Sounder) "Distributed by" FremantleMedia (North America; Australia; International Distribution) (2002-) DiC Enterprises (1984-1985) DiC Entertainment (2001-) LBS Communications (1989-1992) Columbia TriStar Home Video (1995-1997; 1998-2000) Warner Home Video (1985-1996) Universal Television 1982-1991 (1982 High tone; 1987 high and low tones including warped and abridged versions) TriStar Pictures (1984-1993; 1993-) American International Pictures (1960-1966) Paramount Television (1978, 1979, 1982) Paramount Network Television (2002 and 2003 short versions) CBS Television Distribution (August 20, 2007-) King World (1998-2007 and 2006-2007) Viacom (1990-1999) (All versions!) Carson Productions

Silversword55's Favorites

Distributed by Victory Television - It'll make you feel like you won a Super Bowl! CBS Television Distribution (2007-Present) CBS-Paramount Network Television (2006-Present) Film Roman (1989-1998) Chuck Lorre Productions (1997-Present) The Program Exchange (1993-2008) Nelvana (any logo) King World (any logo from 1989-2007) Rankin-Bass Animated Entertainment Klasky-Csupo (1991-1998) Amblin Entertainment Amblin Television LBS (Any Logo) Fox Television Studios (1998-Present) ABC Studios (Sept. 2007-Present) Universal Media Studios (Nov. 2007-Present) Mark VII Limited (any logo) Disney-ABC Domestic Television (2007-Present) NBC Productions (1986-1996) Merv Griffin Enterprises (1992-1995) Warner Home Video (1985-1996) DiC (Kid In Bed 1990 Version) Pretty much anything from the major film studios (WB, TCF, MGM, Paramount, Disney)

dealydugan1995's Favorite Logos

20th Televivion (1982-1992) w/1965 jingle Universal Television w/ 1982, 1984, 1987, and 1989 jingle. Strand Home Video (1993) a. k. a. Cartoon PBS "P-Pals" (1993) Universal Television (1964) DiC (1990)


Viacom Wigga Wigga (1995)

jasonallenmatthews' favorites

Seconteen's favourites

(either beautiful or they scare me =P) (Not all of them are at the ends of shows; if that's the case, they're on station IDs)

  • V of Doom (no pic needed because all of you know it!)
  • Nickelodeon Silver Ball 80s logo (Ok, it's more known as a station ID, so sue me. I still think it's prettier than the current one!)
  • PBS ('71-'84)
  • Wigga Wigga Viacom logo (scariest in my opinion)
  • SFM logo, one at the end of Care Bears (scared me cus of the beeps)
  • Disney-MGM tower thing. (I think my cousin called it "Mickey's house" once lol; nightmare city)
  • The viacom logo that sounds like a pinball machine
  • Hanna-Barbera "Swirling Star" (somewhat scary but not enough for nightmares; it's actually beautiful)

Torchlady's Favourites

  • WGBH flash of doom 1978
  • WGBH full version "Filling Pipes station id" (2007)
  • CTW 1983
  • PITS 1978
  • Nick atom 1995
  • Universal Television (1975-1990)
  • MTE 1987
  • Klasky csupo 1998

logozextreame102's favourites

  • 2006 Walt Disney Pictures Logo
  • DreamWorks Animation Logo
  • Any Nickelodeon Movies Logo
  • 1994-2000 Nick Jr. Logo
  • 1994 20th Century Fox Logo
  • Nickelodeon "Haypile" Logo

thepurplebottle454 Fav. Logos

J-Son's favorite logos

Columbia Pictures 1976 Columbia Pictures Television 1988-1993 Screen Gems 1965 Viacom "Pinball" 1971-1976 Viacom "V Of Steel" 1986-1990 Paramount "Blue Mountain (both movies and television) Paramount Home Video "Cheesy Mountain" 1979-1981 Media Home Entertainment "Space" 1981-1987 FHE "Writing Pad" Vestron Video More soon...

mr3urious' Favorite Logos

I have several favorites. Here are some of them, in no particular order:


Hanna-Barbera "All-Stars" logo (2 versions that I've seen before) Group W 1993 logo Cinema City & Films Co. 1990 logo Village Roadshow Pictures 1998 logo (2 music versions) Roadshow Entertainment logo (2 music versions) Roadshow Home Video Late 1980s logo Paramount 2002 logo (think I've seen this!) Paramount Home Video 1987 logo (seen this, too!) Paramount 1987 logo (Yet another one that I've seen it!) Nickelodeon 2006 logo (seen this a long time ago!) Nickelodeon 2008 logo (the first time I've seen it on TV!) Nelvana 1985 logo (seen it) Nelvana 1995 logo (Corus byline, from The Berenstain Bears on PBS Kids, but I seen it!) Nelvana 2004 logo Nickelodeon Haypile logo (from Rugrats, I seen it.) Nickelodeon 1997 logo (from Danny Phantom, but a Nicktoons one.) Nickelodeon Productions 1996 logo (from Ned's School Declassified) Nickelodeon 2000 logo (from SpongeBob SquarePants) Nick Jr. Productions 1994 logo Nick Jr. Productions 1997 logo (from Blue's Clues) Nick Jr. Productions 2005 logo (from Go Diego Go!) Nick Jr. Productions 1996 logo (from Blue's Clues) 20th Century Fox 1994 logo (seen it.)

Spidey016's favorite logos

20th century fox logo (all) Walt Disney logo (2006) Paramount logo (all, except for early variants and twisted mountain) Warner Bros. logo (1998-) Nick logo

Darrentelevision's favorite logos

20th Century Fox Television (1961-1992) Warner Bros (1923) BBC 2 (1991-1997) Central (1996) 20th Century Pictures (1932) Paramount Pictures (1914-1953) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (1995-2000) CBS Broadcast International (2006-) Westward (1978) Home Box Office (1978-late 80s) Channel 4 (1982-1996) Columbia (1930s) Universal (1915-1923) Fox Video (1994) BND Tv (2005) Metro Goldwyn Pictures (1923) Guild Home Video (1980-1992) Tyne Tees Television (1999)

Lazlow's favourite logos

Nathan B.'s favorite logos

Theeds32's Favorite Logos

CBS Paramount Television (2006) ABC Studios (Fall 2007) CBS Television Studios (Fall 2009)

Adventure_Time's Favorites

0_o MGM TV! :D move on! InfoGrames? Continue! All of these! Remove Productions and add Fail to read EPIC FAIL! Da B Manz Favs Hanna Barbera 1994 Cartoon Network Studios 2001 (All Of Them) The Powerpuff Girls


All Tristar logos 1971-1982 Columbia Pictures "Sunburst" logo (movie and TV version) Final NET logo 1991-1997 Universal logo (movie and TV version) Simitar S of Doom Weiss Global Distribution logo The "Cheesy" Warner Home Video logo Sonic SEGA logo from Sonic 2 Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection logo Current New Line Cinema logo Fox Video logo (the realistic one that looks like the previous 20th Century Fox logo) That's all I can think of.

shnick1985's favorite logos

1. Playstation 2. Klasky Csupo Graffiti 3. Nickelodeon Haypile 4. Walt Disney Pictures (Pixar Version) 5. Capcom (Late 90s version) 6. DNA Productions Paul the three eyed Monkey 7. 20th Century Fox (current version) 8. Warner Bros. Pictures WB Shield (current version) 9. Square Enix 10. Walt Disney Home Entertainment Sorcerer Mickey

Yeow95's Favorite logos

Both TriStar Pictures logos. Current New Line Cinema logo. Weiss Global Enterprises Worldvision Home Video Simitar (S of Doom) 1976 Columbia Pictures 1991-1997 Universal Pictures 1991-1997 Universal Television Previous Warner Home Video

johndakingofawesome's favorite logos

Warner Home Video 1985 Screen Gems S from Hell Renaissance Pictures Klasky Csupo SSF Nick Pinchface. I find it funny. Underdog Productions. Rockstar Games

PerryLuv2001's Favorite Logos

Any LWT logo (OH GOODNESS...I JUST CAN'T DECIDE WHICH ONE IS BEST...EACH IS SO AWESOME (except for the ITV Generic 2 look (the one with the hearts))) Paramount 2002 (ZOMG...Killer CGI right here...) LEGO Interactive (I just like LEGO's.) DNA Paul (It's Klasky-Csupo Graffiti (MUCH MUCH MUCH more mellow than the SSF.) PlayStation 1st (the tune is just majestic) N64 Disc Drive (TEH 64 CAME FROM DA HEAVENS!) Any Nickelodeon logo 1985-2009 (I love the splat logo, and I want it back more than anything.)


This charming little fellow: and this amusing little variant:

nevadabell's fave logos

Screen Gems S from Heck: All of ya know what that is. Cannonball Run Variant from 20th Century Fox: Incredible quality, and it's just plain funny! More coming soon! Catch ya later! ;D

Syn3h's most favorite logos

1. Alpha Video UK 2. Hellas Cosmos Video 3. Worldvision Home Video 2nd logo 4. Miramax 3rd logo 5. King Features 1982 logo 6. Rede Globo 1976-1980 logo 7. HTV (both 1960s and 1970 logo) 8. WGBH Boston "flash of doom" logo 9. OECA (Ontario Educational Communications Authority) 10. Arman Julian Productions logo 11. Charter Entertainment logo

gohan56782's faves

1. Paramount CGI Mountain (the 1986 version) 2. Universal 90s globe 3. Touchstone Pictures snake 4. Amblin Entertainment logo 5. Rank Organisation logo 6. Nelvana neon polar bear 7. Funimation logo (2005) 8. Hanna-Barbera Swirling Star (both versions) 9. PS2 logo (Startup) 10. Starry Night productions (without laugh) TBA

HolyHalibut35's 10 Favorite Logos!

10. United Plankton (1999-Present) 9. Regency Enterprises (1994-Present) 8. Fremantle Media (2001-Present) 7. Cartoon Network Productions (1999-Present) 6. Worldvision Enterprises (1988-1999) 5. Curiosity Company (1999-Present) 4. VIVA Films (1991-2003) 3. Embassy Television (1982-1988) 2. Buena Vista Television (1997-2005) 1. Williams Street (1995-Present)

naxo-olé's favourite logos

10. SIE Films (1936-1939) 9. Eurindia Films (1934) 8. MGM (all logos) 7. PBS "We are PBS" 6. Universal Pictures (2012-) 5. Nickelodeon "Pinchface" 4. THX (All Tex logos) 3. Filmex (1941-1944) 2. THX "Amazing Life" 1. Fincine (1945-1951) PLATINUM MENTIONS: Universal Pictures (1923-1926); PBS ("Circle P-Heads")

The Best of logos from Sagan Blob

1. HBO Feature Presentation (1999-2011) 2. CBS Broadcast International (1995-2007, both long and short versions) 3. 20th Century Fox (1997, 2009, and the 75th Anniversary variant) 4. Buena Vista Television (1997 and 2005, both extended only) 5. NBCUniversal Television (2004, both extended and normal) 6. Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment (2001, both musics) 7. Mario Kassar's logos (Carolco, Cinergi, and C2) 8. Magnetic Video Corporation 9. The Ladd Company 10. 20th Century Fox Television (mainly the sped-up 1965 and 1981 ones, and the 1997 one)

Honorable Mentions: -1997 SCTV ID (all versions) -1987 United Artists logo -1997 David E. Kelley Productions logo (all versions)

Gilblitz112's Favorite Logos

1. The Ladd Company (Peaceful.) 2. Hanna-Barbera "Swirling Star" (non-CGI version, the CGI Star version is okay, it's that I prefer the other version better) 3. Commonwealth United ('70s logo, I don't care how cheesy it is, I still love it!) 4. BBC Two 1999-2001 idents (Smart move.) 5. Carolco ('80s logo, a classic so good, it came back after many years) 6. StudioCanal (2011 logo. Glass-ic.)

NightmareEnterprises's favorite logos

1. 20th Century Fox (1982) 2. Roadshow Home Video (Late 80s, Australian V Of Doom) 3. Saban Entertainment (1984) 4. Alliance Atlantis (2004) 5. CBS Paramount Television (2007) 6. HAL Laboratory Inc. 7. FUNimation Entertainment 8. Paramount (2002) 9. MGM (2012) 10. United Artists (2002)

seanloveslogos234's favorite logos

NET ('68-'70) Viacom wigga wigga Desilu every LBS logo :) RCA PBS P-Heads and last, but definitely not least Guild Home Video it kinda reminds me of a hospital though

BenIsRandom's Favorite Logos

1.) Klasky Csupo (1998) I remember seeing Splaat for the first time, when I was 5. I wasn't scared, and I still am not, because I think he looks cool and I didn't understand what was going on when I first saw it.

2.) Gracie Films (2009) I am a huge Simpsons fan, so I see this logo a lot. It used to scare me a bit, but I'm used to it now. My favorite variant is the THOH one where Regis Philbin screams "My eyes, my beautiful eyes!"

3.) Nickelodeon (2006) I remember growing up in this era of Nick. I miss the splat. It's way better than the crappy Nick logo we have today.

4.) PBS Kids (1999) Oh my god, this was my childhood, right here. I remember watching PBS Kids and seeing Dot and Dash do things. It was a precious memory I'll always treasure.

5.) HiT Entertainment (2001) I remember watching a lot of HiT's shows, and I remember seeing this logo. It was yet another childhood memory.

6.) Playhouse Disney Original (2003) This is (you guessed it) another childhood memory. Like HiT, I watched so many of Playhouse Disney's shows. Why did it have to become Disney Junior?

7.) HBO (1982) This is one of those logos that looks a bit boring, but you actually love it. This is a PERFECT description for this logo. The cool animation, that zooming through the city, and, of course, the EPIC MUSIC!!! EPICNESS OVERLOAD!!!!! By the way, I also like the April Fool's Day variant too. The kazoos are actually pretty good.

And last (but not least)...

8.) Disney Channel Original (2002) I am ending this off with my 7th childhood memory (7 of these, excluding the HBO one, and yes, my dad introduced me to The Simpsonswhen I was 6). This was such a good logo. Too bad Disney Channel sucks now.

Davebrayfb1000's favourite logos

1.Nickelodeon Productions "Atom" (1994-1997) 2.DiC Entertainment "Vortex" (1983-1988) 3.Nickelodeon Movies "Planets" (2004-2009) 4.Nickelodeon "CGI Lightbulb" (2008-2009) 5.Paramount Pictures "Mountain" (2011-present) 6.Nickelodeon Animation Studios "Haypile" (1990-2009) 7.Nickelodeon Productions "CGI Bubble" (2007-2009) 8.DiC Entertainment "Kid in Bed" (1987-2005) 9.Viacom "V of Doom" (1976-1986) 10.DNA Productions "Hi, I'm Paul" (2002-2006)


Paramount Pictures 1986-2003 Paramount Pictures 2002-2011 Dreamworks Pictures THX (all of them!!!) Regency Enterprises Klasky-Csupo Rooster 20th Century Fox Blu-Ray Disc/Home Entertainment (2009-2010) Warner Bros 1998-present Paramount Pictures 2011/2012-present Universal 1997 and 2012 BBC One "Circles" Nickelodeon Movies (any logo as long as it's not the new one) Paramount Feature Presentation Paramount DVD/ High Definition United Artists 1975-1976"Blue Light" / "The Secret Transamerica T"


I've got a bunch. -PolyGram Video (1990-93): Why, PolyGram, did you have to replace this logo with something so BORING?! -American Cinema (1977-81): Ohh yeah. I love the 70s animation and music! -DTS (1993-04): The sound effects are very cool. If I saw this a theater, I would be one of those guys in Apple's 1984 commercial. -Orion (1996-98): I freaking love this update to the old logo. It keeps everything classic about it, and makes it futuristic with a very powerful fanfare as well! -Columbia TriStar DVD (1999-02): The animation is breathtaking! -Nickelodeon Productions (1996-07): I don't know why I like this logo so much. -Connecticut Public Television (1993-04): I don't understand why people find this scary. -Alliance Atlantis (1999-04): The CGI is outdated, but this logo still feels like I found something amazing in the mountains. I think it's better than that one in the dusty yellow room. (I do like dusty yellow rooms though.) -New Line Cinema (1994-10): This logo has amazing CGI for the 90s and that FANFARE is one of the most beautiful logo fanfares in history. The earlier version has such epic animation and the opening to The Mask is the icing on the cake. I know it was used for 16 years, but WHY DID THEY STOP USING THIS LOGO???


  • 20th Century Fox any type
  • Columbia Pictures all of em
  • S From Hell
  • Klasky Csupo Graffiti and Robot
  • VID-TV Mask of Doom any Variant

and last off my all time favorite

VIACOM V OF DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ResoluteKeldeo's Favorite Logos

These are in no particular order but I have 4 1. RKO Television (WOR-TV) I know it's a bit cheesy, but I guess I'm a sucker for rainbows. Also I like the different 9 for WOR in this one 2. Polygram Filmed Entertainment (1997-200) Silent logos aren't my thing normally but THE ANIMATION ON THIS IS PRETTY! 3. Sega Dreamcast (PAL Devkit) The tune in this one is very upbeat, as is the general mood of the logo as a whole 4. Hellas Kosmos Video I'll admit the first time I saw this I was caught off, but this might just be my favorite tune in a logo! I mean I love the Synth>Techno Beat in this! Fits the atmosphere well


-The Nick Jr. Animal logos from 1996-1998. I like silhouettes, especially when they're done as well as these. -When Pigs Fly Incorporated. This one's just adorable. -Baer Bones. Nice animation, the X-Ray glow is nicely done, the bear is nice and posable. -Palace Flophouse. What a sweet dedication! -Pee Wee pictures. This one just mesmerizes me. -Rough House. It's a humorous one, all right! And very well designed! -The Nickelodeon shape logos from the 90's-especially the bone, haystack, banner, scribble, cup, shark, and turkey. Same as Nick Jr. -Saban Productions 1st logo. Say what you want about it, that theme is awesome! -Stoop!d Monkey. Among the first logos I ever saw on this site. -Radical Sheep 2nd logo. What an adorable sheep! -MTM Enterprises. Like Stoopid Monkey, she's one of the first I ever met. Mimsie is so cute! -Sick Duck. Interesting animation. -Angry Dragon. I LOVE dragons! -Totally Commercial Films. Cute kitty!

RysherTPEMan's favorites

Viacom "V of Doom" - This logo doesn't scare me. It has a nice theme, but we shall never know who made this odd logo. Britt Allcroft Company - Dun dun dun dunna dun, daaaaaaaaaaaaaah........

Wellmart3's Favorite Logos

  1. Tohokushinsha Home Video
  2. Almi Pictures
  3. HiT Entertainment 1989
  4. Simitar Entertainment (it doesn't scare me unlike the 1985 one)
  5. VidAmerica
  6. Columbia Pictures

KaratePianoLogoNerd's Favorite Logos

Imagemovers Second Logo Dolby Aurora Cinar in Space - Used to see it on Zoboomafoo. Lloyd-Levitan - I like the Lloyd-Levitan logo because of the awesome record. I also have an awesome collection of 45, and 33 1/3 records, a record player, piano sheet music, and a few cassettes.


  • Hendring Limited (UK): For the length, it is worth watching because a lot of effort has been put into it.
  • Childrens Television Workshop (1978 Christmas version): The music is simply amazing.


  • United Artists (11th logo, 13th logo and 14th logo)


  • Brent Walker Film Distributors Limited (2nd Logo)


In two links so you don't have to read a long-ass list.

Mario9000seven's Favorite Logos

1. 20th Century Fox Logo (1994-2009) The Reason: The CGI on They're First CGI Logo is just Amazing. The CGI Had A Realistic Sky, City, Textures, Everything. The Music is Just Amazing. I actually don't care if the fanfare changes the instruments, they still keep the Same Song! That's Something that other Major Movie Studios Didn't Do for all they're logo.

2. Klasky Csupo Splaat Logo The Reason : WOW, The Logo has A Lot of Things Going on and That's Cool! Splaat's Design is Actually, Simple. but, it's pretty cute! Now, Don't Get me Wrong, I Can Tell that People are Very Scared of the Logo. Like For an Example, The Lips are WAY too Realistic For A Cartoon Character, and sometimes the eyes, but then again, Since The Logo has Some Major Popularity, That's a First! Anyways, It's Pretty Good.

==iheartparamount's favourite logos== (well some of them anyway...) well, who doesn't admire a mountain like this? and this mountain successor is cool too! and this mountain before the previous too, the one started them all...and it's got cool scenery too! as i am a big Disney fan, who wouldn't love this logo? the castle is so cool the animation! the music! i love this logo! (although some people are scared of it, yes) ah, the roadshow v, one of the best logos of all time

edunk5's Top 10 All-Time Favourite Logos

10. Nelvana (1995-2004) 9. Hallmark Entertainment (1996-2006) 8. Barron Entertainment (1995-1997) 7. New World Entertainment (1988-1995) 6. DiC Entertainment (1987-2001, 2003); second version 5. Satin City (2000-2006) 4. Lynch Entertainment (1991-2001); first version 3. Beyond (1997-1998); both the film and television versions 2. Saban Entertainment (1996-2002) 1. Southern Star Entertainment (1994-2005)

Runners Up: Star Video (1983-1984), HiT Entertainment (1996-2001), Crawford Productions (1989-), Roadhouse Productions (1991-2001), Alliance Entertainment (1991-1998), Tribune Entertainment (1984-1987), The Program Exchange (1987-2008); second version, Morgan Creek Productions (1991-2001), DreamWorks Pictures (1997-), DreamWorks Television (1996-), Dualstar Entertainment (1993-2004) and New Line Cinema (1994-2010).

Atlas International (2nd logo) One of my favorite logos just because of its CGI and theme (though dated, it's very impressive for the Late 80s).

YuukiT1996 (Kanako Seltzman)'s favorite logos

Sony (current one) - I like this one, music and graphics are cool. PBS Kids 1993-2000: I was born in 1990 so I remember this one well. I used to sing along all the time. It cracked me up when the kid's hat just levitated off his head and he looked so surprised too. I used to see it after Arthur. Nickelodeon: The one I most remember is the 3 suited people singing the song and the rhinos and dinos in the box with Nick shirts. I saw this before Rocket Power, Rocko and Ren & Stimpy Show and it reminds me of when I was 6-11. Hanna-Barbera swirling star: This was after Dexter and the POWERPUFF GIRLS (that narrator was always so excited.) I used to imitate the sound with my mouth. Stretch Films mouth: This one never scared me, hey, the entire show didn't. I found it cute. 20th century fox: This usually meant I was watching my VHS of Star Wars. CBS/Fox Video: Same as above. SEGA: Ever since I was 3 or 4 this logo has been ingrained into my head because I was a huge fan of Sonic and always played it on my Genesis. I used to sing along. DiC: I know this most from the Sonic shows, Sailor Moon, and Rainbow Brite. Heheheheh it said dick. Williams Street: I first started watching Space Ghost when I was 4 and I overslept and I woke up I was watching the Cartoon Network previously so Space Ghost was on and this was my first time seeing cartoons and humans interact with each other. My mom would watch with me. This one was so calm and I believe started my love of logos. ZUNsoft: My dad had a strange computer, I later found out it was a NEC PC-9821. Whenever he'd go to Japan for business or we saw family, he'd buy games for me to play on the computer. Policenauts, Spelunky, and the like. But the one game I remember most was a series. It was a shoot 'em up that looked like Sailor Moon, Rainbow Brite, and the Powerpuff Girls that was all in Japanese yet I always played (albeit on the easiest setting.) This was at the beginning of them. I later found out that these games were part of the Touhou Project and I'm a total fan now Media Blasters: This was at the beginning of a bunch of DVDs and tapes. Maison Ikkoku? Magic Knight Rayearth, Invader Zim, etc. I felt like I was falling through a portal of DVDs and VHS and that would take me to the show or movie I was gonna watch. Dreamcast: 11 year old me on Sonic Adventure 2. That game was an experience. David Humphrey nailed it and I've been a fan of his stuff ever since (1776, Forever Plaid, Jack Keane, Press Start Adventures) and I actually know him personally now because he is a swimming coach in my city. Everytime I see this startup, I reflect to preteen me and how I once spent an all-nighter playing the Dark mode. Disney: My first movie was the Little Mermaid and so everytime I see this logo whether it be on TV, DVD, VHS, or online, I just remember how excited I was, Ariel's still my favorite Disney

yctheguardie's 3 Favorite Logos!

1. My favorite logos of all time are the View-Master Video/Warner Bros. Records logos, aka the Kidsongs opening! How could you not like it? It gets me pumped for anything still to this day and I love the announcer's voice 2. My second favorite logos of all time are the 4th Children's Television Workshop logo and the Sesame Songs Home Video logo! Whenever I saw this, it meant one of my favorite VHS's, Sesame Songs Dance Along was about to begin! I have very fond memories of watching this, especially during the Batty Bat scene, dancing around with my great-grandma with towels on our heads. I can still sing the Grover alphabet disco from memory! 3. My third favorite logos are these Disney logos/bumpers! Disney was a giant part of my childhood and I miss the old Disney, Playhouse Disney, and Toon Disney so much!! :(

adanfimario's fav logos

Vestron Video 2016 - they were really good at designing this! Viacom 1976 - it's a classic. good o'l VoD. Abc Video (1979) - Good Music and animation. CBS-Fox Video 1984 - great music and animation! Skyline Video 1980s - mostly the music, but the logo is cool too. Carolco Pictures 3rd logo (forgot the date) - AWESOME logo. need i say more? Hikon films 1980s - People find it scary, but i find it relaxing! and that is it.

SomerHimpson's favorite logos!

-Vestron Video (2016) [An amazing callback] -Seven Arts Pictures (1991) [Nice music!] -Marvel Studios (2016) [Great representation of the MCU] -DiC (1990) [This version is the best] -Gracie Films (1987) [The good ol' classic shush] -CBS/Fox Video (1984) [Nice animation and epic music] -Gainax (1987) [Even though it's still, that's a fun logo design; the current logo is kinda bland] -PBS Kids (1999) and (2008) [1999 bumpers are the true classics, but the 2008 ones are good too] -Hikon (1980s) [I think creepy designs are cool, just my opinion] -Helltimate Studio (1999) [The technical flaws make it funny]

LogoAshbyroad's Favorite Logos

- Paramount (1986, 2002 and 2011) - 20th Century Fox (1994 and 2009) - Universal (1990 and 1997) - DreamWorks - Regency Enterprises - Walt Disney Pictures/Home Video (Pixar variant; Sorcerer Mickey, Disney Videos, Boring Text and Starry Sky) - CBS Television Distribution - 20th Century Fox Television - Warner Bros. Pictures - Alliance Entertainment (1991-1998) - Cartoon Network (Ripple and Skull) - Curiosity Company - Gracie Films - Hanna Barbera "Swirling Star" - New Line Cinema (1994-2010) - Nickelodeon - Schneider's Bakery - Williams Street

Darkiplier's top 10 favourite logos

10: Abso lutely productions 9: ВND 8: Harmonious Claptrap (2nd logo) 7: Matthew Carnahan Circus Products 6: Valve (all of them) 5: Nintendo (sanity's requiem variant) 4: Wwe (7th logo) 3: Blumhouse Productions 2: Williams Street 1: Asymmetrical Productions (I know it's an odd choice)

FireLaser244's Favorite logos!

-Fincine -Southern Television (4th logo) -BBC Video (The first 4 logos)

TrickyMario7654’s Favorite Logos (in no particular order)

Network Ten (1991) Nine Network (1992) Nine’s Wide World of Sports (1992)


See this page to see what logos I like.

KamafaDelgato021469's favourite logos

Any MTM Enterprises logo. That's pretty much it.

oatme4l/submarin3's favourite logos

Thorn EMI Video (UK)

  • 2nd logo (1982 - 1985/6 (USA/international))

Columbia Pictures

  • 4th logo (1976 - 1982)

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment:

  • (As Columbia Pictures Home Entertainment) 1st logo (1979 - 1982)
  • (As Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment) 9th logo (2001 - 2005)

Canal+ (France):

  • 2nd logo (1984 - 1995)
  • 3rd logo (1995 - 2003)

Pony Canyon (Japan)

  • 1st logo (1988 - 2001)

Scj323347's Favourite Logos

Walt Disney Pictures logo (Pixar variant)

This was my favourite Disney logo of all time, with a nice theme by Randy Newman. It's a shame that everything after Ratatouille has the current Disney logo. Some of my fan films have this logo, albeit updated to resemble the current one.

20th Century Studios (2020-)

I actually like this logo over hating it. I have seen a video called 20th Century Studios Effects on YouTube in preparation for starting a TCS DVD collection. My first TCS DVD was Ron's Gone Wrong on that format, and I bought it on February 20, 2022.

Pixar (1995-)

Really good logo. It is memorable for me, because I am enjoying the movies that this company makes.


The variant on The Secret Life of Pets (final version, not prototype version) is very good. It should become the main Illumination logo on upcoming titles.

DHX Cookie Jar Fanatic's Favorites

DHX Media + Cookie Jar Entertainment: I'm combining these two because of reasons. Anyways its self explanatory why. In my username Klasky Csupo (Splaat, Graffiti, Splaat II) Besides the "Credits cut on most the shows", the logos are charming. Heck, I have ever been scared of Splaat in my whole life. Even when I first saw Splaat (funny enough was on a effects video featuring Spin Master and MTM logos) i wasn't scared of him. United Plankton Pictures: Ahh..this takes me back. Takes me back to when i first saw SpongeBob on Nickelodeon.

Nova's Favorites

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (2006-2010)

Does anyone else prefer this over the tried and true 1995 logo? This logo is underrated, and in my opinion, it should've been used on DVD the same time as Blu-ray.

Marvel Studios (2016-)

This logo just screams "Marvel Cinematic Universe", it's also a nice touch having the logo updated with a new clip from an MCU film.

Platinum Disc Corporation (Early 2000's-2005)

This worked for a pretty simple logo, there wasn't much you could do for a public domain DVD company.

Nikkatsu Corporation (1992)

It's honestly a shame that this logo wasn't used more often. I really love the execution of this logo, it's just beautiful.

Warner Bros. Pictures (1973-1989)

I honestly love the Saul Bass Warner Bros. logo, and I wish it would be revisited outside of WMG.

There is no such thing as oversimplification.

Columbia Pictures (1976-1982)

I love the design of the Sunburst, and the theme is amazing, quite possibly my favorite logo of all time.

WCNY Productions (198?-1986?)

WGBH is overrated. This is where it's at.

Geffen Pictures (1982-1998)

I really love the theme. It's just so beautiful.

Deluxe Digital Studios (2006-2016)

A childhood favorite of mine. One of the best logos of the 2000's, and it still holds up, even today.

Walt Disney Home Video (1986-2001)

The animation feels more like it's from the 1990s than 1980s, that's how good it is.

TriStar Pictures (1984-1993)

"Oh, Wilbur, here I go, ha ha ha! I'm running pretty good now, and I'm going to take a jump, and oh, I got wings and I'm flying, oh Wilbur! Tri-Star Pictures, where anything can happen!"

THX "Grand"

This trailer is beautifully crafted, and it has one od my favorite versions of the Deep Note.

DTS (2011-)

I love everything about this logo. The visual effects were very well crafted, as well as the music.

Dolby Digital "Aurora"

Wait, NASA also helped design this snipe? The more you know, I guess...

Miramax Films (1987-1999)

I love the animation and the music. Good stuff.

United Artists (1982-1987)

Everyone here knows why this is seen as one of the best logos of the 1980s.

THX "Eclipse"

It's safe to say that this is one of the best THX trailers ever made, with stunning visual effects and the redone Deep Note.

Walt Disney Pictures (2022-)

I have no words. Legitimately beautiful.

My favorite logo is:

  • Columbia Pictures (1993–present)
  • Paramount Global
    • Paramount Pictures (2011–present)
      • Paramount+
        • Paramount Animation
  • Warner Bros. (2019–2023, 2023–present)
    • Warner Bros. Discovery
  • Atomic Monster Productions
  • Imagine Entertainment (2020–present)
  • Peacock
  • Nickelodeon Movies (2020–present)
  • Nickelodeon (2023–present)

Cattotld's favorite logos

k, fine. might as well group them by country bc why nut

Argentina: Burbujas, Canal 13 Rio Cuarto, Esedea Film

Australia: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (10th ID), Eureka Video, Festival Video (1st logo), Hoyts-PolyGram Video, Nine's Wide World of Sports (2nd logo), Southern Cross Television, Starscreen, TEN-10 (1st ID)

Bangladesh: S.S. Productions (3rd logo)

Belarus: Belarusian Television (3rd ID)

Brazil: Brazil Home Video, Editora Luz e Vida, RecordTV (12th ID), Rede Globo (7th ID, the different arrangement of walls variant), Rede Manchete (startup, 2nd ID), TV Imperial (2nd ID), TV Juara, Vanguarda, Verbo Filmes, Vic Video Producoes

Canada: Allegro Films Distribution, Ambassador Film Distributors, CI Video, CINAR (1st logo), Global (6th ID), MétéoMédia

Chile: UCTV Señal 3

China: August First Film Studio (2nd logo), Bona Film Group (2nd logo)

Croatia: Hrvatska Kinoteka

Denmark: Salut Video

Finland: Kolmoskanava (1st ID)

France: Citel Vidéo (2nd logo), Créativité & Développement, Delta Vidéo, Video Follies

Germany: Arcade Video, ARD, Constantin Film (1st and 4th logos), New Vision Video, Relax Video, Rialto Film, Screen Entertainment, Videorama (1st logo), ZDF

Greece: Medusa Video, Plus Video Home Entertainment

Hong Kong: Hong Hwa International Films Ltd., In-Gear Film Production (1st logo), Media Asia Group (1st logo)

India: Central Home Entertainment, JRK Films

Indonesia: Pustekkom Production

Italy: Mondadori Video

Japan: Fairy Dust Corporation, JOQI-TV (Kumamoto Kenmin TV), MW Films, Neo Geo Pocket, Nikkatsu Video, VAP, Inc. (3rd logo)

Luxembourg: RTL Television (2nd ID)

Malaysia: Movie Magic Sdn. Bhd.

Netherlands: CNR Video (1st logo), Concorde Video, Ikon, NCRV (7th ID), Nederland Filmfonds, Teleac (7th ID)

Nepal: Cinema Art

New Zealand: TV 3

North Korea: Mokran Video (2nd logo)

Pakistan: R.K. Productions

Poland: Bajdex, Studio Filmowe Dom, V-Studio S.C., Zebra Film Productions

Portugal: Diger Video, RTP (3rd ID), RTP1 (9th ID)

Russia: 21st Century Studio, CTB/STW, Format AV, Gosteleradiofond, Jupiter Film & Video, KinoAtis, Lenfilm (the organ fanfare variant), Public Russian Television (3rd ID), Profit (1st logo), Russian Happiness Entertainment, StM Home Video, Viking Video

Senegal: Radiodiffusion Télévision Sénégalaise

Singapore: BMP Laser Enterprises Pte. Ltd., Sparky Animation

South Korea: Golden Bear Home Video

Spain: Filmax (3rd logo), Grupo Ivex (2nd logo), Star Play, Suevia Films Cesáreo González (9th logo), Tripictures (1st logo), TV3 (1st ID), Video Mundi, Video Peques, Video Tape, Video Ter

Sweden: Mariann Video, Modern Entertainment (2nd logo), Sandrew Metronome (1st logo), Sonet Film

Switzerland: Highlight Film

UK: Abacus Video, BBC Video (1st logo), British Satellite Broadcasting, Central Independent Television (2nd ID), Central Video, Channel 4 Video, DVS (2nd logo), Entertainment Film Distributors (1st logo), Films International (2nd logo), GTO, Guild Home Video (3rd and 4th logos), Legend Video, Meridian Television, Odyssey Video, Parkfield Publishing, Pearl & Dean (3rd logo), Ovation Entertainment Limited, Picturmedia Collection, S4C (2nd ID), Screen Entertainment, Skyline Video, Speciality Video, STV2 (Christmas variant), Stylus Video, Thorn EMI Video (2nd logo), TVS Television, Video Unlimited

USA: A-Pix Entertainment (1st logo), ABC Motion Pictures, Alan Enterprises, Associated Film Distribution, Celebrity Home Entertainment, Charter Entertainment, Children's Video Library, Children's Video of America, Inc., Columbia Showcase Theatre, Create TV, Family Home Entertainment (2nd logo), Femme Productions, FilmNation Entertainment (1st logo), Family Films, Fireworks Home Video, Fox Hills Video (2nd logo), Hi-Tops Video, Hill/Fields Entertainment KBDI, KFDF-LP (2nd ID), King Features Presentation (3rd logo), KNTV (3rd ID), KTVU, KUED (2nd ID), Leonard Hill Films, Magic Window, Mark V International, Maryland Film Office, Morris Video, Muppet Video (4th logo), NBC Saturday Night at the Movies, Nomad Films International, North of Philly, ON TV, Overseas Filmgroup, Palm Beach Entertainment, Paramount Home Entertainment (2nd and 3rd logos), Perennial Pictures Film Corporation, Playhouse Video, QUBE, Random House Home Video (1st logo), RCA SelectaVision (1st logo), RKO Pictures, Sanctuary Woods Entertainment (2nd logo), Sigma III Corporation, Silver Plume Productions, Simon & Schuster Video, Smokewood Entertainment, Spectacor Films (2nd logo), Starmaker Entertainment, Storrs Media (2nd logo), Studio L, SVE Videoplus, Synch-Point, The Congress Video Group (2nd logo), The Taunton Press, The Titan Organization, The Weather Channel, Time-Life Television, Turner Program Services (2nd logo), UNC-TV (5th ID), Video Knowledge, Video Warehouse, Inc., Vidmark Entertainment (2nd logo), WDVM, WSBK, WVIA, WXXA

Venezuela: Niños Cantores Televisión, Venevisión (Simplemente lo Mejor and Lo Mejor está Aqui IDs)

PBSKidsSchoolOfficial's Favorites

I really love the 2006 Wehrenberg Theatres logo, the cell phone policy trailers (Regal Cinemas, AMC Theatres and Cinemark Theatres) and the old Regal Rollercoasters for the Cinema trailers. The 2017/2019 DreamWorks Animation logo is my favorite, while the 2021 Warner Bros. Pictures (the 1998-2022 logo brings back memories), Vyond (beings back memories when making a GoAnimate4Schools video) and Vin Di Bona Productions logos are the best. Do not get me started with the Weston Woods, 2022 Orion, Sega Films (Sonic 2 variant) and those cell phone poilicy trailers because the music is great.

Sickminecraft45's Favourite Logos of All Time!

I like all of the TriStar Pictures logos especially the 1993 and current ones!

I like the 1976 Sunburst logo the most since it has really nice and smooth animation for a logo from the mid-70s but I like all of their logos!

I like all of the TCF/TCS logos!

Warner Home Video 1985 and 1996

I like the Cheesy Shield since it's a classic with a nice bombastic synthesized version of the classic Max Steiner fanfare! I also like the 1996 logo because it's familiar and nostalgic to me and I like the nice piano tune that goes with it!

LogoBoost's Favourite Logos

When I went to kindergarten they played DVDs sometimes. One of them were compilation DVDs of Pink Panther shorts. At the end the MGM logo appeared and it scared me so much that it gave me nightmares in which Leo (Or as I called him, Quan) came out of the TV and ate me. Over time I grew fond of him, and once, I tried to make a joke with the logo and I found out about the history of MGM and that there were other lions before Leo. And that introduced me to the logo community. So if it wasn't for this logo, I wouldn't be writing this.

Who said that a simple logo couldn't be ART? The shots where the characteristics of the Columbia and Tristar logos stand out, that Matrix roll effect with characters and pixels that looks incredible, those graphics that still look good after 22 years, and to crown it, the triumphant fanfare that is simply beautiful

Eliternal's Top 10 Favourite Logos

Honourable Mentions:

Chiagozie Elobuike's Favorite Logos

Samsung Entertainment. Reminds me alot of SLN!'s Google logos.

20thcenturyfox1981's favorite logos

Sonicfan19198282's favourites

Serval_The_Sugoi's Favorites

Now, growing up as the "weird kid," I for whatever reason loved logos, especially when I was 8. I always used to wander around this website, and at one point, my mom temporarily banned me from the computer because I was reading the forums for way too long. Years later, I still check the forums and this website occasionally. And here are my favorites.

  • Celebrity Home Entertainment - I have absolutely no clue why, but I have an insanely soft spot for logos from the 70s-80s. I'm obsessed with literally everything in this. The fact that there's neon colors on a black color makes it one of my favorites for whatever reason! And the fact that the synth in the background is there makes me love it even more!
  • Radio-Quebec - For whatever reason, the dark tune is one of my favorites. It gives me this strange vibe that reminds me of when I used to scare myself watching these logo comps when I was 8. God, everything was still so strange, even when you were eight. The sad-sounding beeps in the beginning and the dark synth chord at the end really seal the deal for me for whatever reason.
  • Hanna-Barbera (Swirling Star) - Again, this gives me a nostalgic feeling. But this time, this logo actually scared me when I was 8! But the strange synth tune and the neon colors on a black background make me feel oddly at home. It has this, I don't know.... Rugged feeling to it.
  • KLRN (Second Logo) - Seriously, what is with me and liking Scanimate logos? I will always be obsessed with these types of logos! Whether it's the dated music, the neon effects, or the obviously dated effects, I will still love it. It gives me a "big city at night" vibe. Or a "road trip just to see the stars" vibe.


Some logos that AUnnamedDragon likes

Please note that not every single one of my favorite logos will be listed. My UserWiki will have a longer list.