Format AV

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Logo (2000's?)

Visuals: There is various shots of people working in a television broadcasting studio with a neon rainbow effect. A bright star appears in the middle of the screen, which releases "ФОРМАТ АВ" in a 3D format. Following this, a cube consisting of snippets of various TV shows and programs, rotating clockwise while at it, emerges from the right portion of the screen, and sits behind "ФОРМАТ АВ". The company's address and number " г. Москва, Лужнецкая наб., 2/4 тел. 789-3457" scrolls by the screen from right-to-left 3 times underneath while the box is still rotating. After that, the "ФОРМАТ АВ" soon fades away, as the box starts to dissipate to reveal the Format AV logo in gold, which is a stylized "AB" in a script manner rotating. the "AV" then shines as it stops rotating.

Technique: Live-action for the footage, early CGI for the animation superimposed in front of the footage.

Audio: A loud, classical synth orchestral theme.

Availability: Unknown.

Legacy: Widely considered as one of the weirdest logos in Russia, due to the rainbow effect, loud music, and the rather strange animation. [possible misuse]

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