Mondadori Video

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Logo (1990s)

Visuals: On a dark grey background, a light grey 3D version of the Mondadori logo can be seen (resembling a combination of the "M" and "A" letters from the Mondadori wordmark), stuck mostly inside of the wall while sitting at an angle and the following text in yellow types in over it:

E' severamente vietata la
riproduzione totale o parziale
delle immagini registrate
su questa videocassetta,
la proiezione in pubblico
sia a pagamento che gratuita
nonche la diffusione tramite
emittenti televisive.

I trasgressori saranno puniti
secondo le vigenti leggi
civili e penali.

After a few seconds of the text idling, it fades out and the logo emerges from the wall, turning as it does. While it turns to the side as the camera moves from the grey wall to a blue/white gradient background, the logo changes to gold as "MONDADORI VIDEO" (the latter word is rather large compared to "MONDADORI" in a fat face font fly out from the middle of the screen, flipping around a few times before settling with a black drop shadow. The logo then rotates around and settles into a side-facing position, starting off on the left before streaking across to the right side of the screen while leaving a golden angular trail behind the text. The background then fades back to dark grey as "p r e s e n t a" fades in below.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: It starts off with a soft chime tune over the warning screen, which immediately transitions into synth bells playing over the logo emerging. A MIDI orchestral fanfare plays throughout the rest of the logo, with a hard swoosh for when the logo streaks behind the text.

Availability: Appears on Italian VHS tapes of Night of the Living Dead, The Leopard, Camille, La haine, The Swindle, and Shoeshine, among other titles.

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