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Gosteleradiofond (The State Television and Radio Fund, Russian: Гостелерадиофонд) is a Russian fund which specialises in archiving of film and video materials, sound recordings and photographic materials produced before 1999. In 2014, the fund became a subsidiary of VGTRK.

Logo (2002?-)


  • 2002-2017: On a rotating navy/black cloudy-like background, the stacked text:
И З - С О Б Р А Н И Я

fades in a blur effect. Several rainbow stripes, along with two circular ones (with one of them being larger, and in transparent white), fly out and form the logo which consists of an abstract drawing of "ГТРФ": a wide letter "Ф" connected to a horizontal bar above it, representing a letter "Т", with the right half of "Ф" being stylized as "Р". The text fades out and the logo turns 3D and silver.
  • 2017-: Same as before, but in a blue nebula-like background with a vignette, and recreated with its current symbol; it's basically a recreation of an older one: the letters are thicker, much less wider and have a different shade of silver. The appearance of the stacked text is also slightly different.

Technique: A mix of 2D computer animation and CGI.

Audio: A descending electric piano/vibraphone tune followed by 2 sweeping synth chords.

Availablity: Seen on some 90s-2000s VHS and TV prints of various selected Soviet movies that were archived by Gosteleradiofond.

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