Video Tape

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Logo (1983)

Visuals: On a blue background, a stylized "Video" in white can be seen blinking/zooming to the top right corner of the screen. It then cuts to a pink background where we see the same "Video" but in black also blinking/zooming in from the center towards the viewer. It then cuts to an orange background where we see an orange striped "TA" with a white outline staying on-screen for a short period of time, disappearing shortly after, along with "PE" in the same style performing the same action. Both eventually appear together afterwards, forming the word "TAPE", with its shadows flashing the colors white, black, and back to white. It cuts to a white background where we see said text in a diagonal position and orange appearing letter-by-letter, as we suddenly cut to a black background where we once again see the same text but in blue "zooming" towards the bottom portion of the screen. The text then slides up as the aforementioned "Video" in blue slides in from the top portion of the screen and "zooms" thrice to the top portion of the screen. Afterwards, the background turns orange and the text turns into white, along with "TAPE" appearing for the last time at the bottom part of the screen. The 2 texts eventually make contact with each other in the middle, as 6 teal ribbons with a star at the end appear on both ends of the text in a symmetrical manner. It remains static for the last few seconds.

Technique: Advanced computer animation.

Audio: A synthesized tune synced with the animation, which is actually "Superpower" by Dick Walter, also used by RTP1's news intro from 1985.

Availability: It was known to appear on an 80's VHS of Black Fist.

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