Baby Einstein (Warning Screen)

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Screen (1997-2002)

Visuals: The Baby Einstein head is seen on a white background. The word "WARNING" and the standard FBI warning text fade in below.

Language Variants: The only foreign countries that have it are:

  • Spain (to 2007)
  • Japan (to 2002)
  • Israel (to 2002)
  • South Korea (1999)
  • Britain (to 2003)
  • Québec (Canada) (to 2002)

Variant: On Baby Santa's Music Box, Mistletoe appears around the text.

Technique: A digital graphic.

Audio: A dreamy tune, sometimes accompanied with Julie Aigner-Clark's voice saying: "Hi, I'm Julie Clark, founder of the Baby Einstein Company. For more information about our developmental programs, visit my website, at Enjoy the show." Sometimes it's seen silent.

Availability: Seen in the first 10 Baby Einstein videos. In Spain, they extended to Baby's First Moves. The "Baby Santa" variant is only seen on Artisan Entertainment prints.

Final Note

In 2003, Baby Neptune was the first Baby Einstein video to lack a Baby Einstein-style warning screen. Kids II bought Baby Einstein outright in 2013.