Cybergenics (Warning Screen)

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Visuals: Over a black background, the logo starts with the first part of the following text:

WARNING: Licensed for private
home exibition only. All other
rights reserved.

Any public performance, copying,
or other use is strictly prohibited.

Federal law provides severe
penalties for the unauthorized
reproduction, distribution or
exibition of copyrighted Motion
Pictures, Video Tapes or Video

Then it fades out as the second part of the following text fades in:

This videotape presentation is
for information purposes only and
is not intended to replace the
manual packaged with the

Total Body Building System

Prior to any use of the system,
it is recommended that the
Precautions and Warnings section
or the manual be read and

Technique: Fading effects.

Audio: None.

Availability: This was found on a VHS of Cybergenics Total Body Building System.

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