Sunset Video (France) (Warning Screens)

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1st (known) Warning (1981-1987?)

Visuals: On the same background as the preceding Sunset Video logo is the following text scrolling up in white:

Tous droits d'exploitation et de reproductions

Projection de ce vidéogramme
en séance publique avec ou sans perception
de droit d'entrée interdite.

Utilisation strictement et uniquement
réservée au détenteur pour son propre
usage dans le cadre familial et privé.

Toute duplication interdite.

Utilisation pour radiodiffusion
télévision et
téledistribution interdite.

Les contrevenants s'exposent
à des poursuites judiciaires et pénales.

Then a copyright stamp (also in white color, which is Masouza Music) fades in and out.

Technique: Scrolling and fading effects.

Audio: A disco/classical piece that segues to the logo.

Availability: Sunset Video distributed French dubs of B-movies. Here's a (nearly) completed list of their catalog. [Examples?]

2nd Warning (1987?-1988)

Visuals: On a black background is the same warning text from before, but in orange color and in a different font. Then a copyright stamp (also in orange color, which is Masouza Communications International) fades in and out.

Technique: Scrolling and fading effects.

Audio: An excerpt of the French pop song "Une Autre Histoire (Another Story)" by Gerard Blanc, which also segues to the logo: this came out in May 1987.

Availability: Same as before. [Examples?]

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