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Following Mister Rogers' Neighborhood creator Fred Rogers' death in 2003, his production company Family Communications was properly reorganized as a non-profit organization, and in 2010 renamed The Fred Rogers Company, named so in honor of his legacy in children's television. It was later renamed to Fred Rogers Productions to reflect its status as a multi-program production studio. The company is based in WQED's headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and serves a variety of animated shows co-produced with PBS and WQED.

The Fred Rogers Company

Logo (September 3, 2012-July 10, 2018)

Visuals: Superimposed on the end credits is a grey brush stroke portrait of Fred Rogers, next to the words "FredRogers" in a large font, and "the" and "company" above and below the words, respectively. Below all that is "The legacy lives on".

Technique: A still, digital graphic.

Audio: The closing theme of the show.


  • Seen on seasons 1-3 of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, seasons 1-2 of Odd Squad, and the entirety of Peg + Cat.
  • CBC Kids airings of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Treehouse airings of Peg + Cat don't use this logo, although CBBC/TVO Kids' airings of Odd Squad keep it intact.

Fred Rogers Productions

Logo (April 3, 2018-)

Visuals: Same setting as before, but the animated face of Daniel Tiger himself giggling, this time in place of Rogers', is seen above the top right side of the company name. The company name pops in with a big periwinkle blue circle, and is changed to "Fred Rogers PRODUCTIONS", with both "Fred" and "Rogers" in a different font and "PRODUCTIONS" all capitalized. The slogan below "The legacy lives on." is also absent.

Technique: 2D Flash animation.

Variant: On Through the Woods and Odd Squad, the logo is still. Through the Woods has the copyright info below.

Audio: Daniel Tiger giggling, usually mixed with the end theme of the show. The voice of Daniel Tiger laughing in this logo is Keegan Hedley.

Audio Variant: On Odd Squad: Mobile Unit, only the show's end theme is used.

Availability: First appeared on the 4th season of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on PBS. It was later found on the final episodes of Odd Squad starting with "Who is Agent Otis?/Odds & Ends", Donkey Hodie, Alma's Way and the short-form series Through the Woods. This also plasters the previous logo on current PBS prints of seasons 1-3 of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, pre-2018 episodes of Odd Squad and all current reruns of Peg + Cat.

Family Communications
Fred Rogers Productions
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