AVID:What's the scariest logo you've ever seen?

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Welcome! This is where you can post about what logo scares you and why, it could also be logos which no longer scare you as well.


VCI: This one creeped me out when I was younger, probably due to the dark background and the music. I am fine with it now, since I'm used to it..

Oz Film Company: Creepy and unsettling as hell, did not help that on one version, she gave a dark stare at the beginning and that I could see the outlines of her body, which did not help..

MGM: I think Tanner scared me a few times when I watched Tom and Jerry as a kid. It does not now though....

PS2: When the "red screen of death" first occurred, it creeped me out due to the reddish darkness and music.

VID: It's very nightmarish to me, since the animation is loud and unsettling, and I do not like the appearance of that mask

Bryanston Pictures: I don't like this, extremely dark and the creepy sounds make it like a retro horror game

Fabrica: Damn, I hate this one. Really creepy and unsettling to see, and it feels like the eyes are staring into your soul.....


Horror Factory: The skinless man and the jumpscare are so scary...

Slaughterhouse Entertainment: The woman screaming and the drawing of the skeleton are too creepy for me.


Caution Video (Japan): I am no longer scared of this anymore, but when I first saw this I thought the man howling was weird, but then the text just jarringly appeared, and the loud clang just made it be like there's this weird dude, and then BAM! That startled me. I'm much used to it now.

Dominicmgm presents my scariest logos.

  • Master Arts Video (Canada): The dragon, music and fireball could really scare anyone, even the bravest!
  • United Artists (License to Kill variant): The V of Doom style zoom in, the black background and the sound really does freak me out.

On a side note, I am not scared of the infamous V of Doom and S from Hell.

Brochamp Media

(anex407 on the CLG Wiki)

  • Ragdoll Productions (1985) - This logo proves that dolls with creepy button eyes shouldn't be presented against a dark background. They make them look like they're dead.
  • WildBrian (1997) - I'll never be able to un-see that ugly face with that very pencil through the ears. His look is just disturbing.
  • Stretch Films (1998) - Somebody forgot to floss...
  • Oz Film Company (1914) - Acceptable for the 1910's, but not acceptable for little children. Thanks a lot, Vivian Reed.
  • More coming soon.

FireLaser244's Scariest logos

THX: The Deep Note was the embodiment of my childhood nightmares

Zombastic Productions: Why does it have eyes? Why would they inject the skull in said eyes? It's all very disturbing to me

TCN Productions: The way it comes closer slowly along with that fanfare that comes off as a wall of noise is something I don't want to think about at night

Ramsay Films (2nd logo): Those screams. They make me feel insecure

VID (6th logo): It's like it's counting down to your death

Valve Corporation: That music still creeps me out, especially with the image

Horror Factory Entertainment (3rd logo): If you thought the first logo was bad, you've never seen this.......

Prathima Films: That Hindu god freaks me out

SnowflakesOmega's (Revised) Scariest / Formerly Scary Logos

I was formerly scared of a few logos in the past, though these rarely affect me now:

  • DIC Entertainment, the Kid in Bed logo. Especially with the 1990 music, I thought the logo was too dark and stalker-ish.
  • Constantin Film's sunburst logos, mainly due to the loud fanfare. I don't know why, but I hated fanfares like this once I was young.
  • Telefe, the rainy weather IDs. I was highly astraphobic at the time, and these logos with the dark ambience and bombastic music didn't help either.
  • The Pauline's Quirkes variant of the Thames skyline where she comes in and eats the logo whole. I found it to be highly weird and disturbing.
  • Hanna-Barbera's swirling star, mostly the CGI one. Thought the music was loud and the star flipping while moving was a little unsettling.
  • Image Entertainment's laser logo, because of its dramatic and loud music.
  • Lian Xing Film Company. Hated the fiery closeup, and the 2001 Space Odyssey theme played on it.
  • Derann, hated the Cinerama theme before but this logo was worse due to the zoom-ins and darkness.
  • The Nick sleeping boy ID. Probably the most uncomfortable an ID made me feel.
  • De Laurentiis Ricordi Video. The music was too over-the-top and the text coming in to break the logo felt too aggressive.
  • The NBC Peter Max kaleidoscope ID.
  • World Video. Hated the apocalyptic vibe and the fanfare.
  • Connecticut Public Access. It sure is nothing but otherwise felt too eerie.
  • Kkachibang, mostly due to the Moon with a face. Shame I didn't knew this all was taken from a 7-Up commercial during that time.
  • Gente de Cine C.A.. Probably the worst musical choice I've heard on a film logo to date, and the logo was too flashy.


Delirium Films: What were they thinking

Gopal Karmacharya: Did not expect the Explosion noise. The little guy at the top is pretty cute though.

TV3 Horror: Its something to say the least.

Horror Factory Entertainment: Its a jumpscare, enough said.

MTM Enterprises (St. Elsewhere Finale Variant): Probably the saddest logo, made worse considering Mimsie died in 1988, when the episode aired

Rangeela Productions: Pakistan has a library of nightmare logos, but war footage is the worst.

Team Happy Rainbow Panda Bears: It being pixel art makes it less bad, but its really messed up.

Bravo (Rabbit Farm): A grenade is dropped on a field of rabbits. Bravo’s idents from 1997 were f***ed up.

Video Game Videos Inc.: The cat is worse to look at than any jumpscare logo, and it can cause seizures. Also the eye blinking in the beginning makes me feel uneasy. Apparently Hotdiggetydemon (who owns VGV) made shirts with the cat on it.

Now the scariest logo I have seen:

MTV Asia (Food for Thought): They kill an animal in the most realistic art style. This one is also hard to find.


Nick Jr. Frogs (2003-2007): I saw it everytime when I was 1 years old, then I been scared of it somewhere in 2013, Due to The Blue Frog Crocking, But Now, I Been Not Scared of it on Like August 2018 when I was 8, and I’m now 10

eloc08 (CLG Wiki user aang1337)

Disney Channel Originals (2002): I hate this one because the logo wobbling and the liquid looks too scary for me.


off-topic: I am not scared of the Viacom: (1976-1986) of Doom.

DIC Entertainment (1983-1987): The scene of someone sleeping is a bit creepy.

Oz Film Company (1914)- The music and Vivian Reed's face staring into your soul.

Logomax Productions' SCARIEST LOGOS!=

  • Gorgon Video: This is the most scariest thing I have ever seen! I mean, the flames, music, Medusa staring into my soul like hell, and Medusa sticking her tongue out! Though it was likely intentional since because it's a horror company.
  • Team Happy Rainbow Panda Bears: Whoever made this logo must been loving animal abuse, which PETA (I still hate them, though) might get mad at them for this! It's too disturbing to see a dead panda on screen.
  • Timpson Films (2015 logo): "I think i'm gonna be sick." *barfing* Come on, this "logo" is nothing but a stupid excuse! I mean, it's THRPB 2.0, because it has a dead naked man shown on this logo. (very inappropriate for a logo)

I'll find more scary logos later.

- Logomax Productions


Logos That Scare Me

  • 1998-2008; 2012- Klasky-Csupo "Splaat" I absolutely hate Splaat and it makes it worse that he stares right at you with this weird look on his face with his big blue eyes makes me want to crawl into a deep hole and never come out. I can tolerate his voice to a degree, but I can't hear it at night though.
  • 1998-2007 O Entertainment logo- Seeing a big creepy "O" drop down on a black background with a deep voice does not make a good combo for me.


NOTE: I am used to these logos mentioned today.

20th Century Fox (1994):I was scared by the drumroll. I got used to it by watching the logos on YouTube.

Neversoft (Tony Hawk's Underground):I was scared by the sewer monster eating a person. I got used to it by how much I played Underground.

nihirichan's Scary Logos!

(Please note that I'm not going to link some of my picks because it means I'm truly scared of them. Also, I'm not scared of the V of Doom, S from Hell, Mask of Doom, Fabrica, nor Horror Factory.)

KWSU (1st logo): While I don't consider this scary by animation, the sounds make this logo unhelpful. I recommend you watching this at daytime.

Oz Film Company: The face of Vivian Reed will forever haunt my daydreams.

Dwarakish Chitra (1st logo) : When I first set foot on this logo, I was perplexed by the way Dwarakish smiles. Later, I suddenly got scared of his smile, which is much scarier than Vivian's. It also made me not to look at Indian logos that don't have a CLG page ever again.

Rainbow Releasing (1st logo)/International Rainbow Pictures: May I ask why Orson's face is in these logos?? It's really unnecessary for his face to be there as the logo is about a rainbow! Not an angry face!

Boje Buck Filmproduktion (Knallhart variant) : While I'm usually a bit jumpy when I see the other variants, the Knallhart one makes it super unsettling with the zoom-out of the rabbit's face.

Gaumont (6th logo; original variant) : See KWSU.

Coliseum Film (both variants) : That elephant is very unnerving.

Shivalik Films: See KWSU.

Topitoomay's Scariest Logos!

The Curiousity Company: Leave My Eyes Alone! I'm very scared with my eyes by "tick-tock" sound and waves washing ashore sound

Klasky Csupo (2nd Logo): Oh No! My Dream is getting ruined with eyes, I was scared i have sleep see my laptop and TV by a black ink stain on a blue background with a liquid effect appears by splattering all over the screen and also the music and sound effects is getting nightmare

TrickyMario7654's "Formerly" Scary Logos:

Yes that's right, I'm one of the few on here who isn't scared the heck out of by any logos. But growing up, there were plenty of logos I hated seeing, such as these...

ABC TV (Australia) - When I was younger, I hated EVERY ABC logo used (with the exception of the ABC Kids logo). The design of the Lissajous Figure and the jingle freaked me out, and I had plenty of nightmares over the years. Thankfully, I no longer find it scary and the last nightmare I can recall of this logo was in 2009 (despite no longer finding the logo scary at that point).

(NOTE: There's another variation of this logo that was used between the two above, but I've yet to encounter it on a tape I have)

Zoot Review - Believe it or not, these logos were used at the start of a series of "product recommendation" adverts aired in countries such as Australia. Shown at the start of each commercial, we see a red blanket-like background with a black overshadow. In the center of this is a red oval with "review" written under it in white. The word "Zoot" is drawn out in a metallic cursive-like font. After the word has formed, "with *insert reviewer's name here*" appears below "review". For the audio, we have this inhuman guy saying "Zoot Review" while crashing-like noises play in the background. I hated seeing this logo because of the unfriendly logo design and the loud audio. Even worse, it often catches you off-guard as it's the first thing seen in the ad. I had so many nightmares about this logo because of these factors. Even the later redesigned version still looks creepy. While I'm not as scared as this logo as I used to be, it's still startles me whenever I'm transferring commercials from tapes due to the fact I'm watching these blind. Thank goodness these commercials died off in Australia something during 2010.

TheEye12's Scariest Logos

I'm not scared by many logos, but these are the ones on here that used to scare me.

Tell-Tale Productions: I remember seeing this when I was little. It scared me mostly because of the abstract-drawn face at the right, but I don't find it scary today.

Right Entertainment: This was one of the scariest logos I came across. I remember me having my DVD player set to a loud volume, and the sounds were so loud that it scared me to death.

Audi: This is a commercial logo, but even then, I found it so scary, due to the black background, the theme, and the animation. I had nightmares for weeks about this logo and it doesn't help today

that it feels a bit creepy today.

BBC Two BBC Two (Zapper): I was scared by the zapper breaking, but nothing more.

THX: Oh my gosh... this logo used to scare the heck out of me when I was a kid. The black background, the large, metallic logo, and the one, the only, Deep Note. I had nightmares from whenever

I would see it. Definitely NOT recommended for people with THX-phobia.

Kennithball97's Scariest Logos

1. Klasky Csupo: 2nd Logo A.K.A. "Splaat"

While I'm not scared of this logo nowadays, Splaat was my worst nightmare when I was young. It mostly came from how realistic his eyes and mouth were, however his robotic voice and the "Music" could be factors as well. Despite this, I still have a special place in my heart for this logo, especially seeing that the company treat him like a character, instead of a logo.

2. A.K.A. Cartoon (Canada) A.K.A. Cartoon Incorporated: Boo-Haw-Haw Variant of the 2nd Logo A.K.A. "Bloody Guy From Hell"

Say what you want about "Team Happy Rainbow Panda Bears", or "Timpson Films", at least those were shown with unsuitable content, THIS was shown on a KID'S SHOW!I don't think kids would enjoy seeing blood, let alone a dead guy in it.

3. Zombastic Productions Incorporated: Either Variant for their Logo A.K.A. "The Cheapest Scary Logo Ever"

To Begin with, can I just say that prefer it if the nickname "The Low-Budget Nightmare" applied to this logo than Vadimon? Anyway, just about everything is disturbing about this logo. The music, the skull's design, the blood curdling scream, the blood coming out of the logo, the injection of some painful fluid, and other things. I get that this was made to be scary, and they did that very, very well.

That just about it, I'm not scared by a lot of logos.


VID: Most of you guys aren't scared of this logo. I hate this, that evil mask staring into your soul and that scary and terrible fanfare. The animation is unnecessary and unsettling. I don't wanna see this logo again! 2013 logo was little less worse, though I still find it creepy.

Klasky-Csupo (Robot): When I saw this for the first time, it didn't scared me, at all, though I think the face creepy, and still is. Who approve this? This has scared many kids during their childhood! If I see this logo again, I would close my eyes and mute the TV. That was nasty!

Viacom "V of Doom"

A.K.A. Cartoon Inc.: WAY OFF THE CHARTS! This is inappopriate for a children's show, it's worse than THRPB and Timpson Films. It's really nothing special, just a dead guy being impaled by a pencil. This is disgusting!

Stretch Films: You thought that KC logo was bad? Wrong! This is even worse! I hate this logo! The mouth is creepy, the laugh freaks me out, not to mention that this is placed in a black background, as well as appearing on a children's show!

PBS (1971-84): Why this logo has ever come to exist? It's a kind of logo that you should not view it in the dark.

WGBH "Flash of Doom": Who thought that was a good idea? The music is eerie and terrible, the animation sucks, not to mention that is also in a black BG! No comments.

Renaissance Pictures

Gracie Films "Treehouse of Horror" Variants: I hate that scream! Wilheim variant is less worse, I think it's funny.


Oz Film


3G Home Video

Screen Gems "S From Hell"

Paramount Television "Closet Killer" (1969): There's no closet killer on the logo. I don't know why they called this nickname.

ThatRandomOshawott's Scariest Logos

Vadimon Video- This logo would be relaxing andaesthetic if it weren't for the eyes at the beginning. Goodness! Did they have to make them so unsettling?

Fabrica- The first part of the Fabrica logo (where the eyes open) is reminiscent of horror movie jumpscares.

The white text-only NET logo variant- Sometimes, no sound can be scarier than screams. Did they have to drag out the logo for so long? I wouldn't be very comfortable in a dark room with this on the TV.

Ear Booker Productions- Fun fact: Did you know the music in the logo was from a track that was meant to be a jumpscare for those unfortunate fellows who forgot to take out the CD? Also, it appears that the people who made the logo have never heard of epilepsy in their entire life.

DARKIPLIER'S scariest logos:

Klasky Csupo "Splaat": this one scared me as a kid, i will admit. The sudden appearance of Splaat plus the look of him and the fast paced logo overall made for a horrifying moment for me, not to mention it was at the end of a Rugrats movie.

Horror Factory 1st Logo: This one also got me when when i knew it was coming...


Team Happy Rainbow Panda Bears: ... I don't even want to talk about this one.

Any Neversoft Logo with the spear through the eye: I just don't like eye stuff.

HiT Entertainment (5th Logo) This scared me as a kid for some reason, i think it was the music


boje buck: the rabbit looks scary as it stares at me. it's also eating a snake. that's very unsettling imo

ear booker productions: it's so loud as heck like it's trying to junpscare you. not to mention the flashing screen

fabrica: the eyes. nuff said

Stretchgirl's Scariest Logos

Stretch F9ilms: That sudden laughter, oh my god it's too much.. X( In fact, It's the reason I'm called Stretchgirl. I'm named after it!

Windchill Films: I'm not scared of it now, but i was before, the snowman becoming evil is just horrifying.

Nick Is Kids bumper: The splat pulsating is that bad, i feel the splat is going to go into my face, and the music sounds like something out of a horror film... when it isn't. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (NOTE: I'm not scared of this logo now. Phew!)

NBC (Undead Peackock variant): That Vincent Price esc voice doesn't even help. the peacock just looking like a zombie is just horrific!

PerformLPS Logos

Still scared of, no longer scared of, never scared of Still scared of: Horror Factory: Mainly cause of the jumpscare. NSFW scary logos: Because they’re inappropriate. No longer scared of: Klasky-Csupo (1998): The face was the reason. Nickelodeon “Box” (1994?): Again, because of the face. Columbia Pictures (1993): I don’t know why. I first saw the high pitched version of it at the front of Hotel Transylvania in 2012, but I had a nightmare in which the fanfare was super loud, which made me scared of it for a while. Sony Pictures Television (2002): I don’t know, cause of the sudden loud fanfare. Windows XP (2001): Not a logo, I know, but the shutdown music was creepy. Movie theater logos: Because they were too loud. THX “Tex” (1996): Probably because of Tex coming up to the camera at one point in his first logo. Paramount Television (1987 and 2002): The loud fanfare caught me off guard for a while. Never scared of: Viacom V of Doom: Come on, it’s just a zooming V! Screen Gems S from You Know Where: Not scary at all. VID: Nope. A VID mask ain’t scary. Oz Film Company: That girl seems friendly… And a whole bunch of other scary logos.

The scariest logos (According to Serval The Sugoi)

MGM: Oh my Glaceon. The mask on the bottom used to scare me so bad. When I first saw the MGM logo in other media besides Tom and Jerry, I just ran to my room and cried. Warner Bro's: The heavily dramatic music scared me so bad. I kept crying when I first saw it. Tristar: The Pegasus is cute, but 3-6 year old me was so scared of the way the Pegasus's head looked front facing.

HibiscusCrown20's recount of a scary logo (guest-starring a bumper!)

I was surprisingly a pretty hard kid to scare for my age, so I wasn't bothered by most logos I've seen that are deemed "scary", though that's not to say that there were exceptions to that. I remember finding the famous Deep Note of THX a bit too much for kid me to handle, and I would have to look away from the TV screen and cover my ears with something like pillows until it was done playing, though I've loooooong grown out of it. However, while a bumper and not a logo, nothing compared to the traumatizing horror (to little me) that was the sprinkler bumper of PBS's "It's All How You Look At It" interstitial series. Every time I saw that it was on, I would make a mad dash to my mom's room while screaming and crying, probably because of the helicopter whining noise that played before the sprinkler took to the skies. I've also loooooooong outgrown that fear of it, and it's definitely nowhere near as scary as little me made it out to be.


The THX logo scares me because of the sound. First time I saw it was when my stepfather did a speaker test. And my two sisters were pretend-playing as cats. Then, the THX logo appeared on screen, and I started running!

And you know, Sony Wonder’s music sounds beautiful. But it gave me a heart attack for no reason XD

AlmightyKingPrawn's Scary Logos

As a kid, I was terrified of THX (except Moo Can of course) and MGM. I like them now. I also hated the logo for Disney Sound, which is still one of my least favorites.

In my early days of logo fandom, I was scared of a good majority of nightmare logos. I was scared of the Viacom V of Doom, Klasky-Csupo Splaat, Oz Film Company and pretty much all of the Indian logos that were deemed scary. MTV Asia's Food For Thought and its dorper sheep killing was the worst for me back then, and I'd still call it the worst if its authenticity as a real bumper hasn't been put into question.

Now, I am scared of very few logos. Mostly they are ones that are scary for more typical reasons than most logos people are scared of: jumpscares (Horror Factory, Ear Booker, Teletoon Night Planet Baby, I don't know if Video Game Videos is a real company or a fake logo for the end of some Hotdiggetydemon videos but if it is real it goes here) or horror themes and/or gore (TV3 "Horror", some MTV bumpers, some Adult Swim bumpers but especially "Long Pork", Bravo Bravo UK, and my personal scariest logo that I don't even want to link here, Timpson Films. Team Happy Rainbow Panda Bears does nothing for me cause it seems like try-hard edgelord Newgrounds stuff).

There are, however, three traditionally (as in unintentionally) scary logos that still freak me out every single time I watch them, even with me being not very scared by any other "typical" logos.

  • Nickelodeon "Nick Is Kids" ID: yeesh. Did David Lynch direct this? Probably not, cause he made Asymmetrical Productions and that's child's play compared to this. That heartbeat sound, the slow motion black and white footage of children, the creepy announcer whispering "Nick is"... it feels like I'm being brainwashed.
  • Bryanston Pictures: Those sounds. Those effing sounds. They make my skin crawl. Apparently the studio was funded by literal actual crime? That just makes it even worse...
  • Rainbow Releasing Productions and International Rainbow Pictures: I thought I was over these guys until I edited their pages. Orson Welles, please stop staring into my soul like that.

And here's one that my relationship with is... interesting! It's our good old friend from Serbia, Delirium Films. When I first saw this logo, I was terrified of it in a way I haven't been scared of a logo since my "nightmare logo" phase. But now I... like it? While still finding it horrific? But it's kind of cool? And I'm not usually a horror fan but I'd watch a horror movie like this? It reminds me of the animations of Cyriak Harris for some reason? I really don't know what to say about my weird relationship with this logo. I've always had a similar relationship with MTV's Bug Man Fly ID, though that one I don't really find scary so much as gross.

Chris L./Boodle2003

Boje Buck: Bugs ends up becoming a carnivore. No questions needed.

Zombastic Productions: One reason why I never take Pepto-Bismol.

UAV Corporation/3-G Home Video: This is why they stopped bringing jets to football games.

Horror Factory: Be prepared to wet your pants with this one.


A.K.A. Cartoon: BLOOD AND BALLS IN KID SHOWS! Why would they even allow this?!

Behaviour Communications: This logo puts Godzilla to shame.

VID: Friday the 13th leaked footage

THX: The Audience is now Deaf

DNA Productions/Pony Canyon: WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!

MGM DVD: The Lion King, except Simba has no indoor voice.

Viacom V of Doom: Change the channel before the V pulls you into the screen.

Arman Julian: The poor CGI does not make up for the loud music.

Guntzelman-Sullivan-Marshall: Live footage of Humpty Dumpty falling off his wall.

The Bedford Falls Company: It's a Wonderful Life EXTREME.

Big Ape: We don't need Kong for this logo.

Carlton Video: Letters out of Hell.

Klasky-Csupo: That face haunts my childhood.

Working for Monsters: JESUS, IT'S GOT TEETH?!

Twisted Pictures: Teases the gore Saw is going to bring.

Valve: Must be pretty expensive to install that thing.

Starbreeze: Babies don't spawn viruses.

Strand Releasing: Nuclear warfare looks like this logo.

Vmoney25 gets real

THX: I have an unsettling vision of this logo when I was younger. If you want to learn more, go to my profile page. I'm not scared of it anymore but this logo had me scared s**tless.

Team Happy Rainbow Panda Bears: That is truly one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen.

Timpson Films: OK, that is just freaking repulsive. Even more so than THRPB.

Fox Television Studios: That lightning scared the crap out of me when I was little.

Delirium Films: This just looks like the guy who made this snorted 5 ounces of cocaine and drew whatever he felt like.

Valve Corporation: Not scared of it, but a certain YouTube video definitely did.

That's all.

WVF2010's scariest logos...for real

I remember these scary logos in the late 2000s or the early 2010s, yeah...I am 23 nowadays. Still scared of, not scared of. Whether you chose, whether you not.

  • Almost every Indian/Pakistani logo: Creepy! I hate them! Even they scare me when I saw them for the first time.
  • BND (1990): That mask is extremely super scary, as it is the Klasky-Csupo of Russia. The L-Club April Fools variant did not help as it's showing its tongue.
  • Oz Film Company (1914): I am not gonna link this one, but her face is so sinister. There is a closeup variant where she faces the screen closely, that didn't help at all!
  • MGM (almost every logo): I remember the Tanner version of that logo, where there is a lion in the ribbon circle which roars very loudly. I was a bit unsettled by that lion.
  • V. V. Creations (1984): Same thing as the Oz Film Company logo.
  • BND of Doom (2010, dare you not to click it): Not really a logo, but I remember it some time ago: It was the 1976 Viacom logo that appeared, until the BND logo appeared and hit the camera. That scared me so much!
  • Boje Buck (1992): What a creative way to put a hungry bunny in that logo!
  • Timpson Films (2015): I don't feel so good. *vomits*
  • and the moment YOU are WAITING FOR...every Nepali logo: Self explanatory.

Chea’s Scary Logos

A.K.A. Cartoon As like I said in my username. I really hate this logo! Why would Danny Antonucci come up with this gorey cr*p!?

CN Skull I may hate it. But I like those who uses the logo as a living logo character.

Stoop!d Monkey I may hate this logo. But I like the web series and the characters!

Magical Elves Not gonna lie. But… THIS LOGO GIVES ME THE FR*CKING CHILLS!!!



Ginormous Madman This logo was seen on a FR*CKING NICK SHOW THAT NY BROTHER WATCHES!

Debaser The sound gives me NIGHTMARES.

Working For Monsters The 1st logo gives me nightmares.

Chuck Lorre Logo w/ the woman and the crows I seen this at my school before.

Rob Thomas Plz tell me that the mice aren’t evil! 😰

I’ll think of some more soon!

Gideon Grey's Scariest Logos



  • BND of Doom (2010, dare you not to click it): Not really a logo, but I remember seeing it in freshman year: It was the 1976 Viacom logo that appeared, until the photoshopped VID Mask appeared and hit the camera. That Caught Me Off Guard! DO! NOT! WATCH!

LMgamer36's Scariest Logos

  • Shera Films "Lion of Doom": Easily the scariest one from the company's library. Who even convinced this?
  • Regal Entertainment, Inc. "King R I": Used to be afraid of this one, but not now. Well I'm used to logos zooming to the viewer (like the V of Doom).
  • Walt Disney Home Video "Neon Mickey": I know it's a reused Mickey conductor animatronic but he looks sinister in this logo. Early variant still startles me to this day because of not always expecting the Handel Gothic logo.
  • Zombastic Productions: Who created this monstrosity? I know it's a B-movie producer but what the?!
  • Coliseum Film (Thailand): Everything in this logo, especially if you aren't expecting to see it. Also the cut to the movie.

Tabit's Scariest Logos

Honestly, I don't really get affected by scary logos, but here's a list of logos that actually made me uneasy.

Horror Factory Entertainment (2015-, France): When I first saw this, I flinched so hard, and backed away from the screen, probably because of that creature.

Sushil Enterprises (1981, India): I wouldn't recommend watching this if you have the volume turned all the way up.

Any THX Trailer: The deep note just puts me on edge. That's all.

Delirium Films (2005-, Serbia): Considering the subject matter, their movies are completely different compared to this acid trip. This logo is just not my cup of tea.

FEARnet (Bigstar ID) (2006-2010): Too much going on in the logo, with a bunch of sounds superceeding it and a ton of disturbing imagery. Although, it's rather intentional.

Zespół Filmowy X (1972-1980s, Poland): The fact that the swallows are approaching towards the viewer and the sounds get louder and louder, which soon tames down when the X is formed. Suddenly... BOOM! GUNSHOT! Swallows suddenly black out the screen. I wouldn't recommend watching this if you're faint-hearted.

National Films (1957, Deteriorated variant, India): What even happened to cause this

Télé-Université (1970s, Canada): I know the chick is fine but the overall weirdness of the logo and the theme is just... ugh.

Bomb Bird 64's Scary logos

MGM: the lion creeps me, but i'm not scared of the lion.

THX: DEEP Note, now that's bad, and spooky

Bad Robot: That robot used to scare me

Blumhouse Productions: A scary logo with a scary background nothing said

Indian logos: they are all Bad- AND SCARY

Timpson Films: that's DISCUSTANG, and gross

Oz Film: bruh a scary thing, what could i do.

BND(VID): The Mask, But in B&W

NBC (undead Peacock) That is In livid Color and Creepy.

Neelyryan95 Scariest Logos

Columbia Pictures (1993) The Torch Lady's face used to freak me out a little not anymore though!

Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment (2001) Same reason for the 1993 Columbia Pictures logo!

Walt Disney Home Entertainment (1978) The dramatic music freaked me out a little but now I actually like it!

Buena Vista Film Distribution (pre-1984) A lot of the old Disney movies from the time period had some dramatic fanfares that freaked me out a little not anymore though!

HBO Feature Presentation (1999) The fast paced zooming of the buildings freaked me out a bit when I was little though I like it now! Still, it dulls in comparison to the 1982 ID!

Bravo UK Idents (1997) A lot of those idents were down right disturbing! I watched it on YouTube a few years back!

There isn't a whole lot of logos that I can think of that scare me too much!

Charlie Fiddlesticks' Scariest Logos

Little Airplane Productions: Girl Walking fast, voice thats fast. Its fine when its on YouTube but not fine on TV.

Team Happy Rainbow Panda Bears: me: oh look at this, this is gonna be awful. Seriously, what were they thinking.

Klasky-Csupo (Splaat & Graffiti): I only hated this because of the "credits cut" to the logo. This is especially for graffiti.

Nick Jr Productions. (Puddle): That's some depressing music you got there

Nickelodeon Productions (2008 Lightbulb): I wasn't able to see the "Abstract" logo as a lad, but that laugh was creepy to me

Andrew Daly Productions: This is a scarier version of Paramount's (Closet Killer). The head is creepy, the music is way worse, and the zoom is more detailed.

MTM Enterprises (St Elsewhere Finale): It's pretty clear what happens here. Mimsie died about a month after the finale first aired and WHAT do you see that is the last of Mimsie? HER LITERAL DEATH ON TV. Of course, she is being portrayed by another cat, but just think the last of an iconic part of MTM is shown dying on TV. And not to mention the credits that have the loud beeps during the logo, but the heartbreaking fire alarm-like flatline. This could have a whole family crying, top that off with the sad music in the background ending with the most heartbreaking final note "ding" ever. And yes, I know this gets plastered with either 20th Television or Surgeon Mimsie on reruns, but just imagine the utter fright on 80s faces seeing the original airing. Horrible!

TVB's Top 10 Spiciest of Peppers

Really, I'm not affected by logos whatsoever. But let me just make a Top 10 of the Most Disturbing in my personal subjective opinion.

10: Snapnek Productions (1st Logo, 2016, USA)


  • Audio is disturbing
  • What am I kidding, the whole logo is disturbing!

Setback: I actually like this logo, and I think it's well done. It's just too epic to be scary for me, but compared to many other logos, this one isn't something to joke around if you easily get disturbed.

9: Shera Films (4th Logo, 1997/1998-Late 1990s/Early 2000s, Pakistan)


  • What lion changes eye color?
  • V of Doom reference, followed by the audio as loud as Amaco Productions

Setback: The logo has the issue of poor quality, and that makes the logo more goofy than scary.

8: Adult Swim (YPFIGTH: Gary gets a Virus ID, 2018-, USA)


  • The animation is frightening.
  • Disturbing audio
  • Moderate flashing images

Setback: Similar to Snapnek, I think the animation here is so epic, it distracts me from everything else scary about it.

7: Glass Eye Pix (4th Logo, 2010, USA)


  • Literal organs are shown.
  • Sounds are wild

Setback: I'm actually used to most gore, so this one isn't too bad by scariness.

6: Royal Nepal Film Corporation (1964, Nepal)


  • The infamous audio consisting or terror.

Setback: Distortion. All I have to say.

5: Screamtime Films (All logos(mainly the 2econd), 2004-/2009-)


  • Thought Glass Eye Pix was bad? Get a load of this. Legit contains next level gore.
  • Usually has no audio, but when it does, it's an automatic jumpscare.

Setback: This one might actually be the scariest logo on the list. It genuinely disturbs me with the deformed body/head. But the logo looks so fake and poor, it looks kind of ridiculous.

4: MTV (Atama ID, 1995-1996, USA)


  • Animation is disturbing, including one part where the head explodes.

Setback: Meh. By that description, it isn't the weirdest. I'm just prone to the disturbing content this has.

3: Rangeela Productions (2nd Logo, 1972-1973, USA)


  • Just imagine seeing this long after you were a part of a war and have PTSD from said war. That description alone is truly creepy.

Setback: More distortion. Hooray!

2: Adult Swim (Skinner Frank ID, 2018, USA)


  • The concept alone is terrifying.
  • The atmosphere is creepy and doesn't benefit Pete's sake.

Setback: Nice animation you got there.

1: Adult Swim (Skinner Yeti ID, 2018, USA)


  • Same thing as the last logo but now there's a creepy abominable yeti!!11!!1

Setback: Same as last again what the freak.

That's all

Serval the Sugoi's scariest logos from back when she was like six... Again!

  • Warner Bros. Distrubution: I have no clue why I was scared of this. Ok, so whenever my dad watched a sitcom (I remember it being like Seinfeld or something) and always after the credits, the logo came. Now, 5-8 year old me was always extremely scared of it. I remember it's because of the EXTREMELY dramatic music!
  • Columbia TriStar: Now, I never really liked both of those logos. I hated Columbia due to the dramatic music and I hated TriStar because of the way the Pegasus looked front facing. But I didn't like it when both of them were there!
  • MGM: While most people were scared of the lion, I was scared of... The mask. Now, when I first saw an older version, I hadn't seen any MGM logo outside of Tom & Jerry. Why was the mask so creepy?
  • Nelvana Limited (Canada): Now, growing up, one of my favorite shows was Max and Ruby. But for some reason, I always hid behind the couch when I saw it!

Scj323347's Scary Logos

Here is what scares me!

  • Treehouse logos (2004-13 and 2013-present): Annoying jingle called "You're watching Treehouse!". That is why I am in another room during the channel's promos and IDs.
  • Sesame Workshop (2008): All because of Elmo the red monster! I hate that guy, so I watch a series by Marcello Animations called "Elmo Gets Grounded", made with Plotagon.

Nova's Frightful Picks

Note: These are not logos I find scary, rather logos that would frighten a young child.

  • Ear Booker Productions: I get that it's Weird Al's production company, but maybe flashing and nonsensical noise isn't the best choice for a logo found a children's show, imagine giving an epileptic child a seizure, that's messed up, even for him.
  • A.K.A. Cartoon (Ed, Edd n Eddy's Boo-Haw Haw Variation): Everyday, I laugh at how the Cartoon Network censors allowed this to be shown.
  • THX: The Deep Note would definitely frighten a child... Unless they knew that if they heard it, a good movie was gonna play.
  • MGM DVD (1998): The louder roar could scare a child, especially if they didn't see it coming.

Cassie Grandstaff's scariest logos


  • ADV Films (2002) - The logo was scary when it was shown on the now lost film Logo Evolution: The Extravaganza, and was scary since then. The fact that we hear wobble sounds when we are at the ring's center and the moving makes it so scary. The even worse part is the 10th Anniversary variant due to the ring being closer and the text being far away, with the ring saying "10TH ANNIVERSARY" in gold.
  • Columbia (2010, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs variant) - That variation was bad because at the end, you won't expect the Banana fall down with a loud "Cha-meow" sound. The sequel used the same variant, but the ending have the Banana turn to a Bananastrich with Berry coming to the screen.
  • Universal (2011, Hop variant) - Another scary variation, but this time I never got to see since New Year's Eve 2016 (a few days prior was when I discovered the variation). The earth was egg shaped. Not only did the text looks kinda smoother and the globe was unusual, but it has NOTHING to do with the movie. Some movie about an Easter Bunny coming to Hollywood has nothing to do with an egg earth.
  • Disney (2021, Chinese variant) - My scariest logos are usually one-off variations, but this one was shown in THREE movies. There's a twist, it only appeared in China to celebrate Shanghai Disneyland's 5th Anniversary. The logo was mostly normal, except it has the elements of the Mulan variant (castle and text), with the flag being replaced by a huge 5 with a castle inside (the 5th anniversary logo) and text (I still don't know if it faded/cutted in and out or faded/cutted in for the rest of the duration, and what the texture was, 2D or 3D) in Chinese, colored orange, appeared (it said "while the arc is drawing"). There were also a few minor changes. To this day since the discovery in January 2022, I never got to see the variant at all, and I will never. Oh, not to mention that Jungle Cruise had a custom variant of the Chinese variant, while Luca (with the opening theme) and Encanto (with the 2006 theme) had the normal logo.
  • Universal (2016, Secret Life of Pets TV spot variant) - This is another Universal logo where the earth is an egg, but this time it's entirely replaced by an egg (I saw a quarter of the still image at the bottom, and it looked magenta). Unlike Hop, as mentioned before, I only saw the bottom quarter of the still image of the variant (only the space background, Comcast byline and magenta egg). IT EVEN APPEARED FOR ANOTHER ILLUMINATION FILM!
  • Columbia (2002, Eight Crazy Nights variant) - It's mostly the one-off variations that are too weird, and this one is even weirder than all the previous ones (as opposed to the egg-shaped earth or a giant banana falling down a statue). The logo was faster and has a tinier character (making the pedestal too long). After the SPE byline faded in, the logo melted to the normal logo. I first saw this in 2016 (making this the only time I watched it in full), and never saw it again until one time in 2022 in an Errorless Pictures video.


  • A.K.A. Cartoon (1999-2009) - Even though some people are scared due to the graphic image of the guy getting stabbed by a giant pencil or the Boo-Haw-Haw variant where LITERAL BLOOD appeared, I was only scared (like Shrek's onions) because of the fact that it was a still image on a black background with a trumpet scream (I for some reason remembered it as the tail-end of the SPA logo). It got worse due to the colors changing depending on season and the scream ruining it. I got over it and liked the logo in 2021, but I also had a fake logo history in 2020.
  • MGM (2019, Addams Family variant) - The first one-off variant in the former section. When I saw this in the movie theaters, I was expecting a custom variant where the lion screamed instead of roaring (just like a fake Nick Jr. logo I made), but instead it was one where the lion turns animated and plays with a toy ball before falling down to reveal the lobby. I used to thought it was the lion jumping out so he can eat the audience, eventually revealing a background similar to that of the dirty windows from an earlier episode of Mickey Mouse Mixed Up Adventures. I got over it and saw it in 2021. I even made a concept for the then-coming sequel using the newer MGM logo combined with that variant, but the sequel itself used the normal 2021 logo.

Robloxfan999's scariest logos

  • Nelvana Limited (Canada)(Grossology version) - The slime coming down on the logo scared me. Even when I see a picture of the logo, I get chills.
  • Spiffy Pictures - idk why this logo scares me, maybe the accordion tune, idk.
  • Boje Buck Filmprodukton - OH, MY, GOD. This logo scares the s**t out of me. Hell, it's so scary that I can't even link the avid wiki page.

Updoot: i am no longer scared of the slime variant of the 2004 Nelvana logo.

Ashley Taylor

  • Columbia Pictures 6th Logo (June 13, 1993-) (formerly): I'm literally dying for sunburst back when i'm was 5 years old, now i'm fine with it.

logos that scare vinnie

guess who's back‼️

(Side note: I’m not scared of THX, Screen Gems, Klasky Csupo, Timpson Films, or Viacom.)

BND of doom - Not a real logo, but I still get pretty startled by it.

jrStudios' Logo Nightmares from when he was 3 till 13...

(I am no longer scared, just get what I call logo goosebumps. I am used to them :))

Alright, so when I was little, I had numerous nightmares of the lilac blue Disney Feature Presentation bumper. I felt like the voice, the font, and the sharp music was SO creepy. My nightmares were about the logo "tricking me" into going through my TV into a 1984-like world, where I get tortured with the sharp note of it. It loops over and over.... Some of the tricks include:

  • Saying I had mail when I didn't. Even if I say no, the event occurs.
  • Fake "Coming Up Next" bumpers which say after 9 previews, the FP bumper comes. It comes in 3 instead.
  • Me having a dream and abruptly, I "wake up". The TV comes on and it occurs.
  • FORCING me in.
  • Cameos (What happens nowadays

The last one of these ended with me using a PS3 interface to destroy the bumper once and for all. Also, the TV in them is no longer in my room. However, in my dreams, "cameos" appear. One of the more recent ones features a clip on thing with the "AND NOW, OUR FEATURE PRESENTATION" music played. It gave me chills due to everything above.

I think the auto-rewinding of the VCR in my room contributed to the nightmares, as it was near midnight when they occurred.

Chiagozie Elobuike's Logo Nightmares

I am still scared of the Horror Factory Entertainment logo. I don't wanna look at that person's faceless face because if I do, I will get shivers and I also might almost get a heart attack if he jumpscares me.


DEFINITELY the Klasky Csupo SSF and nothing else. UPDATE: I got over it.

Young Serval's Scariest Logos

Now, I'm not "scared" of any logos today. And by "scared," I mean "holy shiz! That's horrifying! I'm gonna have nightmares AND cry in my sleep tonight!" But, the "scariest" logos I see give me this uneasy feeling... I don't know how to describe it! It's sort of like the uncanny valley, but only small. So.... Uh... Let's start, I guess!

  • Warner Bros. Distrubution: So, my dad was the kind of dad that loved sitcoms like Seinfeld. However, he now watches "classic" anime like One Piece, so there's barely any chance that I'll see this logo on TV again. But when I was little, maybe 5-8 years old, I had so many nightmares about this specific logo. I'm pretty sure that it was because of the dramatic fanfare instantly blaring, because it had no "startup" sound, unlike the actual Warner Bros. logo from the time. Every night from that time I was watching it, I had some nightmares about the "shield" zooming in on me and for some reason eating me.
  • MGM: Now, when I saw my parents watching some movie with the MGM logo, the only MGM logo I ever saw was the Tom & Jerry variant where Tom replaces the lion. But unlike other kids, who were scared of the lion, I was horrified of the mask UNDER the lion! I HATED that the mask had a heart-shaped mouth and hallowed-out eyes! I just- I just didn't get why the mask had to be under the lion.
  • TriStar Pictures: Ok, so younger me loved unicorns and pegasi, like basically any 6-year-old girl. But... I was scared of the front-facing Pegasus! Somehow, it seemed really scary to little me!
  • Nelvana Enterprises: I really loved Max & Ruby as a kid. Like, REALLY. I basically watched it every day. But whenever the credits appeared, I hid behind the couch! Why, well, it's because I was super scared of the Nelvana logo! I don't even KNOW why!

Eliternal's Scariest Logos

  • Viacom (1971-2006) "V of Doom" - The filmed variant only; it got me running from my lives. 😰
  • Oz Film Company - The face, she's staring into my soul. Thanks a lot, Vivian Reed.
  • Intrepid Pictures (2006-2012) - This is the scariest logo that I've ever seen. The sound, the red sky, the creepiness, it gave me huge nightmares with it. I wish that this logo needs to be forgotten before 2006.


Before I go on further, please assume any logo with the suffixes "Of Doom" or "From Hell" in their nickname doesn't scare me and never did.

  • Ear Booker Productions - "Haha, nice photosensitive epilepsy you've got there! It'd be terrible if this logo I made were to trigger it and make you have a seizure!"
  • Valve Corporation (Open Your Eyes/Mind) - not really scary, more just kinda unnerving.
  • This will be updated in the future.

Serval_The_Sugoi's Scary Logos List

Ok, I know what you're thinking. And it's what you thought. But all of those previous entries were about logos that scared the younger version of me. Despite the fact that I'm older and not as scared of logos as I was when I was like eight or something. Nowadays, logos still scare me, but not in the traditional way. The logos just give me this... Unnerving feeling. I'll tell you more about it later.

  • RTP - Oh. My. God. This is actually depressing. Just imagine you were watching some TV during 1997 and all of the sudden, there's a crying announcer mourning someone's death. Everything about this freaks me out. The purely still frame of the logo, the weeping announcer, the ambient background noise. The contrast between the happy-looking logo and the announcer really makes this logo horrifying in a way. I couldn't even finish watching it.
  • Radio-Québec - There's just something really off with this logo. I know that's also one of my favorites, but I also hate it at the same time. Both the visuals and the music are just sad to look at and hear. The synth tune, yes the entirety of it, just makes me feel sad. It gives off this sad, yet nostalgic, vibe going on the computer late at night during the winter when you were young.
  • Eyes 'n Ears Productions - Oh... God... This has got to be one of the worst logos I have ever seen. Whether it's that... Thing... Or the saturated color scheme really just creeps me out. I ended up watching the "Mr. Fish" video the logo was in, and... God, that video simultaneously makes me feel sick and makes me damn close to vomiting.
  • 1st Call Video Rights Ltd. - Now normally, I have an unrealistically soft spot for logos that have "cheap" visuals and audio, but this is ridiculous. It makes me feel sad for some reason. Maybe it's 'cause it reminds me of my childhood. I don't know. But the shrill audio and the in-your-face visuals just don't do it for me.

Because I am 25 (26 on October 21st of this year), I no longer find logos "scary" but rather "unnerving" or "uncanny." Personally, my definition of scary is "something that can actually physically harm you" and logos can't do that. Still, for historical purposes, here's ones that currently unsettle myself.

>TAT Communications Company (1978-82): Yes I know the logo is forever lost, but from what we do have of it is enough to warrant it's spot on my list. It's just the sudden transition from the end credits to the logo itself. You go from the upbeat and vibrant closing of whatever show is concluding to that dark environment with loud jaded synth music blasting in your face. Just enough to make you feel uneasy.

>The Lyons Group (1988-92): This is the opposite of what TAT is. Instead of the loud synth and retro-futuristic logo design, you get this upbeat and dangerously happy logo. Nothing wrong with it, but it's so happy and upbeat that it feels like something is going to jump out at you (think the zombie jumpscare with the driving car for further context.)

>Hanna Barbera Presents (1979-90): It comes out of nowhere, blasts noise at you and disappears as soon as it appeared. Nothing less, nothing more.

>Klasky-Csupo (1991-98): It jarringly cuts in at the end of the credits and shoves a bunch of different actions and motions in your face. Then it just comes to a standstill and leaves you wondering what in the world just happened.

>IVE (1986-88): The extremely cheap animation along with the constant synth-whirring is not my cup of tea.

>Southern Star Entertainment (1994-2005): Dark environment + dark mooded synth theme= uncanny.

>MTM Enterprises (Vampire) (1979): There's just something... off... about seeing the MTM text without the cat. Not to mention the dark environment, blood red color and overly-somber closing theme and you have yourself feeling unsecure about your surroundings.

>Warner Brothers Television (1994-2003): That fanfare has forever been off-putting. I can't explain why, but ever since I saw it for the first time back in the 2000's at the end of Full House, I have been freaked out by it.

>Warner Alliance Home Video: For a religious division of Warner Brothers, this one is quite gothic compared to what you are supposed to see.

>Televentures (1987-88): The logo jumps out at you all of the sudden with that uncanny sci-fi sound and just stares at you afterwards as the noise echoes out.

>PITS Films (1979-82): When I think of Good Times, I want to think about "dyno-mite!" Not loud jumbled synths while cheap stars slingshot towards my face. Kind of glad this one has been wiped from existence.

>Speedy Video (1996-2002): I have always been freaked out by early/cheap computer graphics. This is just another example. The person has no facial features or anything else and runs way way WAY too slow for my liking. When the figure runs, it looks like it's either going to tip over and shatter or it's limbs are going to fall off. The environment with there being nothing but green skies and gold nugget? grounds makes it feel like a post-apocalyptic world where the nukes have gone off and everything has been flattened. The logo also has way too many glitches and animation errors and the low quality choir at the end just sends shivers up my spine.

>Filmways Television (1977-80): The logo jumps out of nowhere and blasts synth bells at you at a uncomfortably loud volume. Then it just cuts out like nothing happened. Egads!

>WGBH 2 (2001-13): It slams you in the face as soon as it starts with that yellow flash. Then the light tubes keep coming at you like wasps when you disturb their nest. Then the logo powers up and blasts noise at you. Not only that, but the final piece of the music seems to sound more shrill than normal; almost like how audio you hear in real life reappears in your nightmares in a more distorted manner. The end part with the "2" is more calm, but even then it gives off this uncanny feeling like something's going to jump out at you at any moment.

>Snee-Oosh (2000-08): This one has a similar feel to it that the TAT logo did. You went from the bright colorful world of Hey Arnold! To an extremely dark mooded and unsettling world where you have this hostile looking totem pole stare at you with barely any light in the background. At the same time, there is this barbershop quartet that screams at you the company's name. Then you have that damned flute stinger at the end as the Nickelodeon logo flies all around the place like it wants to break out of your television set and attack you. One of the few logos that still gives myself the heebie-jeebies to this day.

>Golden Book Video (1984-91) (Closing): This is NOT how you end a videotape meant for LITTLE CHILDREN. While the opening version is fun and cheerful, this one is the POLAR OPPOSITE. You start out going through space while this ominous humming plays in the background. It's the same type of environment as the Lyons group where it feels like something is going to jump out at you. Guess what? It does. This comet comes out of nowhere, kind of stares at you for a few moments, then BAM! It rams into your screen and flashes gold colors at you. When it fades out, you have the Golden Book Video logo. Instead of it looking welcoming and happy, it gives off downright sinister vibes as the synth hums become even more hostile. Not only that, but the planets and moons are long gone. Then the logo just teleports out of view and your stuck with this empty space background that gives off the feeling of being stuck in the middle of nowhere.

>Pony Canyon (1986-99): Remember what I said about crappy CGI giving off unsettling vibes? Take Speedy Video and flip it upside down while combining it with Klasky-Csupo's first two logos. I'm going to walk you through this logo and why it is the ONE logo that still scares myself to this very day unlike anything else. It starts out with this eyeball that jumps out at you and stares at you menacingly. It just stares and looks like it's going to attack you when.... it does just that! It rams into your screen! We then transition to this ominous environment with floating shapes and flashing colors where this detached face laughs at you with what I can only describe as alien noises. Then suddenly.... BAM! Now it's upset at you and makes weird Elephant like noises while staring at you with what appears to be "I'm going to harm you" vibes. Thankfully it slides offscreen and the scene is replaced by a cute looking creature and a very pleasant color changing background, but this is only the intermission.

When I was a little kid, giant eyes were some of my biggest fears. They are on full display here. Another creature jumps in out of nowhere and stares at you as it's eyes widen and dilate. It lets out another alien-like noise as yet ANOTHER creature quickly passes by which is also equipped with giant eyes if you look closely. The screen transitions to yet another creature with humongous eyes that sort of stares at you and sort of doesn't at the same time before a faceless object jumps out at you. Then another object appears and begins picking at it with the pointy-end of it's body. As this happens, a serial-killer like mask swipes across the screen briefly staring at you. Just when you think it can't get any worse, the objects expand and ANOTHER object jarringly blasts into view with giant eyes that stares at you. Then out of nowhere, it starts flinging itself around as it's eyes DILATE and the other objects suddenly grow giant eyes. The object then rams into your screen like the eye at the start. Think it's over? Oh no it ain't!

ALL of those accursed characters fly back from you from the vanishing point including that damned angry face which is still screaming at you. Thankfully they're only on the screen for about half a second when they are replaced by the final product. This SHOULD be the end of it... right? WRONG! They slap one last creature on the screen which bounces on the text from left to right while staring at you with giant eyeballs. Then..... it just fades out..... like nothing happened.

That's all I can really say here. It comes out of nowhere, blasts horrifying looking characters in your face and then just fades out innocently. That's the only conclusion I can give to this one.


  • Endemol (2009-present): The guitar riff. That's just getting me on top of something.
  • Activision (2001-present): The sudden zoom-in.
  • A.K.A. Cartoon (1999-2008, Ed, Edd & Eddy's Boo-Haw-Haw variant): Like someone else in this page, This one got blood.
  • Every logo (including Nickelodeon Productions), but the text being backwards: This one is scary because of the black and red colors. This is not recommended to watch at night.


  • Contender Home Entertainment (2005-2009): This scared me when I was young because I had a Peppa Pig DVD, and this logo appeared right at the end, and I felt a bit unsettled with the sudden appearance, and the red colour. Nowadays, though, I like it.


I'm not really afraid of any logos anymore, but here are some logos that used to scare me as a kid.

Here's something weird. Y'know that "V of Doom"? Back when me and my sis were younger (like 8), we thought it was cute.

Varianter's Scary Logos and Nightmares

Linked means no longer scared of it anymore. No link means still scared of it.

  • Virgin Interactive (1995): The eye used to scare me. Plus the music.
  • Stretch Films: When I first saw this, I thought the laugh is so scary. I realized it isn't.
  • Starbreeze Studios: I thought the doctor is gonna kill the baby. Also, the fanfare and the virus shot.
  • Oz Film Company: I thought the girl is going to scare me.
  • Adult Swim (Asian Robots: Face) ident: The "Kansei" robot used to scare me. Shame I didn't know this was all from a documentary about the robot.
  • Digital Cinema Media (Suspense variant): The music scares me. The visuals? No. Considering this is all stock footage, as seen here, I am not scared of the visuals. Why a High to Nightmare scare factor on the Scary Logos Wiki? I guess it's a low to medium. UPDATE: I got over it. It sounded so pop-looking.
  • Just for Laughs: The way Victor yells for his mom, not to mention that the stage is empty, scared me.
  • Delirium Films: I hate the way the sun eats the clouds.

Now on the logo nightmares. I dreamt that there was a new Universal Pictures variant and watched it: The 1997 logo is used, but an evil laugh is heard (which could possibly be the 2023 film Renfield). I screamed and cried and ran away when I watched it. Thankfully, this did not appear in the movie.

VanMoonpieJohn's Scary Logos that scared me!

  • Brookline Productions:That boy Holding the Bat (who holds up) Scares ME!!!
  • Villard Film:The Elephant with human Face also the 7-note choir Scared me!!!
  • Swerdlow/Goldberg Style:Two football players screaming in the grass background scared me (Do Not Make this WIKI!)
  • Helltrap Nightmare:Sarah Sherman created the drawing come to life but, The Monster is scary.
  • Random Acts Productions:Acrobats, People wave at the Airplane Flying, Gravestone Death, The Girl with red Lights, and The train station (Not The Metro) Always scares me.
  • Nosebleed Productions: The man fighting the other one and the Shaking scared me.
  • Spooky Magic Productions: The Howling on the variant Scared me.
  • Toots Productions (2nd Logo) :The snowglobe appears nowhere,The dark background, and the synthesized tune Might scare some viewers.
  • Ninnyhammer Panopoly Productions :Split Screen airings of Saturday Night Special next to the logo I see the 1st boy playing the drums.
  • Lil' Whoop Productions :When i was younger, The Baby Goldberg with bigger eye scares me.
  • Wounded Poodle (1st Logo) :The puck hits the Poodle showing her lost teeth Scare me when i was younger.
  • Man Sewing Dinosaur :The hand sewing dinosaur's head and it blinks scare me That i was younger that is next to Groundswell Productions logo
  • Quench and Dooley & Company Productions (Talk About It)

(Quench) Two Romantic people moving it might scare me when it Leads to the ProdCo Original Logo (Make This Wiki). (Dooley & Company Productions) Two Sisters eyes moving looking scare me do death.

  • It can be seen on Roomates (2009) and Huge (2010) on ABC Family.

Logos that scared AUnnamedDragon (and some that still do...and some that never did)

Note that logos that still scare me are bolded and have no link to their company's article. If a company name is italicized with no link, it means it had a logo that used to scare me. A regular link means the company had a "scary" logo that never scared me. (P.S. The so-called "S From Hell" and "V of Doom" never scared me.)

  • The so-called "SSF": I don't need to specify the company in question; I think you'll know who used this logo. Honestly, that face was the reason (I'm still scared of this logo, too).
  • Ear Booker Productions: This logo never scared me, but listen: While I know this is Weird Al's company, giving an epileptic child a seizure while they're watching E/I programming on CBS? In 1997?! That's something he would never do. And it doesn't help that the audio was a track designed to scare those unfortunate enough to fail to turn off the CD after 10 minutes.
  • The 5th Stretch Films logo: You make an intentionally scary show and slap a scary logo at the end. I was scared for a year or so by this, I think. Nowadays, I just find it creepy.
  • Warner Alliance Home Video: This logo (which I haven't seen for myself yet) is definitely "moving closer to" something, but I doubt it's "the middle of the frame." It feels rather gothic, and this was on VHS tapes aimed at Christian people. Not remotely appropriate for a religious division of Warner Bros.
  • The 2nd Golden Book Video logo: This is decidedly not how you end a VHS tape made for kids. The 1st logo is fun and cheerful, but this one... is the polar opposite. The opening moments make you feel like something is about to jump at you...and it does! Then, when the comet rams into your screen, the planets and moons disappear. And when the logo teleports away... it's basically giving you a "You're on your own, pal" feel. It's fortunate that this was not used on many American VHS tapes.
  • The 2nd Lynch/Frost Productions and 1st Asymmetrical Productions logos: These both came from the mind of a man who makes uncanny productions. Speaking of which...
  • The 2nd Renaissance Pictures logo: Sam Raimi went for an very ominous logo, huh?
  • The 2nd A.K.A. Cartoon logo (the Boo-Haw-Haw version): This variant of the logo would have been pretty much like any other variant if they didn't put literal blood in it.
  • Team Happy Rainbow Panda Bears... or should I say Team Happily Torturing and Murdering Pandas: The decision to make a logo that is essentially supporting the fatal and brutal torturing of pandas (based off of what the logo suggests) and name the resulting company "Team Happy Rainbow Panda Bears" was a miscalculation.
  • Bryanston Pictures: This kicking off the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre film is one thing, but the fact that the company had shady business deals and was funded by actual crime? That's even more terrifying.

Logos that scared Thehowl

I had high anxiety back then, which means many logos scared me back in the day, such as:

  • For years, I avoided seeing the 1st Wildbrain Entertainment logo as if it were the plague, because that purple head was the most horrifying thing I have seen for the longest time. It took me around 8 years to conquer my fear of this logo. I’m dead serious.
  • The first Just for Laughs logo (and JFL in general) I feared for a long time. Seeing Victor wail for his mommy and that the show was over was really distressing for me considering how goofy and gaudy he usually was in the show’s opening and other JFL media. I got over my fear of Victor in 2018 but it wasn’t until 2021 (the same year I got over my fear of the above-mentioned Wildbrain logo) I got over my fear of the “Mommy it’s over” logo.
  • The “Kangaroo and Joey” variant of the 2nd Nick Jr. Productions logo. Good god, was I scared of that one. I saw this logo on YouTube when I was like four, and I thought the shapes of the kangaroos were terrifying to me, so much so that I started having nightmares about not only the kangaroos logo, but also other Nick Jr. logos such as the frogs. I don’t even remember when I got over my fear of that Nick Jr. logo.
  • The 1st LeapFrog Enterprises logo, thanks to the animated frog soullessly staring at me throughout the entire logo as it jumps into the LeapFrog logo.
  • Not exactly a logo, but I dreaded hearing the Windows XP shutdown sound when I was little. I remember always having to turn off the speakers before shutting the computer down just so I never ran the risk of hearing the sound.
  • The 3rd Ragdoll Productions logo messed with me for quite a while, because it was the only doll that was featured in a Ragdoll logo I found creepy, with its big smile and “I’m gonna kill you” expression.
  • I remember being scared of the Looney Tunes Show closing variant of the 17th Warner Bros. Animation logo due to the unexpected appearance of Porky and his “Th-Th-Th-That’s all, folks”, which I thought was just gibberish when I was little. I remember having a few nightmares of it as well.
  • The closing variant of the first Paws, Inc. logo scared me because I wasn’t expecting Garfield and Odie to pull off those funny faces and make weird noises.
  • This logo does not have a wiki page, but it’s the Wicked Studios logo that appeared before starting a game called “Keepsake”. The moving silhouette of the devil creeped the absolute hell out of me at a young age.
  • The Snee-Oosh logo, which I also saw on YouTube at a young age. I wasn’t scared of the bird as much as I was of the haunting chanting of the company’s name, as well as the flute/gong number.
  • The 1st Aardman Animations logo, which I saw on a DVD of the Wallace and Gromit short “A Close Shave”. I found the music to be creepy, but I was more scared of the creepy clay face. It scared me to the point where I never watched A Close Shave for a while, as well as “A Matter Of Loaf and Death”, which I didn’t watch thinking that the same logo would appear before it started.
  • Four Nickelodeon IDs, which were “Floating Kids” (those clay kids were beyond disturbing-looking to me), “Sleeping Boy” (which was just plain unsettling), “Cactus” (I have no freaking idea why, but it did), and “Grilled Cheese” (I love grilled cheese, and I never wanted to see it go to waste).
  • Cheri Sundae Productions, thanks to that disturbing-looking monster. It seriously looks like a rejected Secret Mountain Fort Awesome character, and no one wants to see that.
  • The second Jester Interactive logo… do I even need to explain?
  • The third Klasky Csupo logo… again, do I need to explain why it scared me?
  • The third Anchor Bay Entertainment (1995-2006) logo, thanks to the boat moving toward me.
  • The High Impact Games logo, mainly because of the loud noises. I remember having to mute the audio before playing the Phineas and Ferb movie game for the Wii because of it.
  • The Universal Animation Studios, thanks to the animation of the logo squeezing, the Universal logo theme abruptly stopping, and the logo appearing differently when it stops spinning.
  • The Get a Load of Milk logo seen at the end of many late-2000s Canadian milk commercials. It scared me because of the cow’s loud noise, the ripples on the background when the logo closes, and the cowbell sound that plays after it does so.

Logos that scare Ruby0215

Shera Films (2016) - The fanfare is so loud that it made my ears hurt!!!! (I am Autistic BTW so that dosen't help either)


VID: One time, as a child, i turned the TV and that freaky Guo Xiang mask popped out and freaked me out. I've been afraid of that logo ever since.


TBS Animation: I distinctly remember seeing it on YouTube when i was a kid around 2012/13; The sax's high note when the Kanji-guy (idk what to call it)'s body is being rung freaked me out back then and it still kinda unnerves me to this day. Mateshwari Films: WHAT THE HELL IS THAT. Screamtime Films: an UNGODLY LOUD scream? a skeleton drenched in blood? a cheap-looking font? this logo checks all the boxes! Starbreeze Studios: The concept of this logo just freaks me out.. a doctor performing blood tests on a random baby, and then seeing a freaky starburst-blob-virus-thing moving around? Urgh... doesn't help that i'm afraid of getting my blood tested myself...

IStillDontKnowBanijayGroup's Scary Logos

  • Pony Canyon: The eye just jumped me out
  • MTV Vietnam Halloween ID: It gave me nightmares because of the jumpscares


VID: This gave me literal nightmares as an eight year old lol.

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