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Radio Televisión Popular (abbreviated to RTP) is a Bolivian TV network that began broadcast on May 10, 1985. It was launched by Carlos Palenque and the Bolivian National Broadcasting System. In 1995, the channel was purchased by ATB and La Razón.

1st Ident (1993-1998)

Note: The ID can be seen here.

Visuals: On a background of a sunrise, there is a rainbow-like band of colors yellow, green and blue stretch accross the horizon. Then it fades to footage of a hand turning a knob. It then goes to a panorama of the city of La Paz in the early morning with another band, this time being red, yellow and purple, and its animation is reversed. This then goes to more footage of somebody turning a knob, before it transitions into short clips of the shows that RTP aired at the time. After that, it goes to people dancing and inanimate objects moving. At the end, it shows six people dancing on a sunrise, and then the RTP text showing and rotating to the front, with the seven rainbow stripes moving into place; this forms the then-current RTP logo.

Technique: Basic computer animation and CGI, alongside mostly live-action clips.

Audio: A calm and light piano synthesizer piece that with a rise, turns into a fast paced one with the addition of more elements in the background. Then, it turns into a traditional folk (Huayno?) piece with drums.

2nd Ident (March 8, 1997)

Visuals: The 1984 logo, without Bolivia behind, is a statue inside a museum with blue-gray carpeting. There are cracked stone pillars in the background alongside two paintings.

Technique: None. [possible misuse]

Audio: Adolfo Paco weeping in Spanish, "We are talking from the system's Liberal Coordinated Pact. Please inform them publicly, about two hours ago, he ceased to exist; Compadre Carlos Palenque, victim of a fatal cardiac arrest. We are all very hurt... We are devastated... Those last few days, Compadre died... Very bad news... This has ruined his health. And today, he left a legacy of compadres. Carlos Palenque has died. Pleases, I want to see him, no matter how much we've been united. We are going to inform you where his remains will be located. Just wanted to say this information: Compadre, thank you so much".

Availability: Only shown on the day of Carlos Palenque's death.

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