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Sign-off IDs


In its history, Adult Swim had a plethora of IDs that would play when the block signs off at 6:00 AM (1:00 AM, 2:00 AM, 3:00 AM and 5:00 AM in its early years).

Exit (September 2, 2001-January 5, 2003)

Visuals: On a pool setting, two girls with black swimsuits leave a pool. The logo cut to an exit sign, before the logo cuts to the Adult Swim "black circle" logo (which consists of a black circle, the words "adult swim" in red, and a yellow penumbra) on a white background.

Technique: Live-action.

Audio: The sounds of water, and then a quiet beep sound.

Audio Trivia: The beep noise heard in the ID is also heard in the Atlanta ID.

Action (February 23, 2002-January 4, 2003)

Visuals: On a white background, the same logo from the last ID is shown, along with blue, teal and orange lights, which pops up mostly for a split second. These lights are cut off with the Adult Swim logo with varying sizes (shrunk, enlarged, off-centered, or removed).

Technique: A mix of limited animation and live-action.

Audio: A collection of sci-fi-esque beeps, with a robotic voice saying "Good night. Sweet dreams." in the end.

Availability: This ID was used on early airings of Adult Swim's now-defunct action block, Adult Swim Action (stylized as Adult Swim AcTN, or simply AcTN).

First Aid (January 12-May 21, 2003)

Visuals: On a black background with yellow filmstrip, Harvey Birdman performs mouth-to-mouth for Phil Ken Sebben, Meatwad on fire, Brak saves a choking victim, the doctors bandaging Andy French while he's sleeping on the couch, and a woman trying perform CPR inside Master Shake's straw. Afterwards, the Adult Swim "black circle" logo (which is slightly modified) appears as it has a film burn and the Cartoon Network logo (with the Adult Swim URL underneath it) at the end.

Technique: Simplistic animation with film effects.

Audio: A techno beat accompanied by various sound effects (including Meatwad's scream, provided by Dave Willis). Towards the end, an announcer says "Adult Swim!". The music was composed by Michael Kohler.

Adult Swim is Your Friend (May 2004-January 22, 2006, January 29, 2006-December 26, 2010)

Visuals: Dilapidated posters are shown, duplicated around the screen. The poster contains a gray background, Space Ghost (from Space Ghost Coast to Coast) doing an arm pose, white text that says "ADULT SWIM IS YOUR FRIEND", and a black circle with the Adult Swim logo.

Variant: In January 2006, the posters were changed to have a shade of blue, and was shortened from 15 seconds to 10 seconds.

Technique: A live-action photograph.

Audio: An excerpt of Devine Lite by Ralph Allwood.

The Dawn Is Your Enemy (March 29, 2005-January 31, 2010, September 6-8, 2021)

Visuals: The logo takes place against a light gray background, with a landscape and numerous white flowers in front of the landscape visible. A sun is seen rising behind the landscape which has a face, a pair of two worried human eyes can be seen on the top of the logo, and the white text "The Dawn Is Your Enemy" is seen at the middle of the logo. Everything in the ID is all colorless and done in a pencil sketch style.


  • This ID is often parodied by Adult Swim themselves, such as the ID being flipped (which is parodying a tweet asking Adult Swim to make the ID in widescreen, via @adultswim IDs), 'friendly', and also through unexpected appearances.
  • The original idea was supposed to be a punishment to kids when they decided to stay up late watching their block even though they are not allowed to by using the unusual image.

Variant: The ID briefly returned in 2021 (due to the celebration of Adult Swim's 20th anniversary) as a sign-off ID for 3 days, with it being cropped in widescreen and being a bit darker.

Technique: A still, digital graphic.

Audio: Some ambient sounds, and a faint sound that sounds like a long metal scrape or a power saw.

Audio Trivia: It was discovered in 2022 that the audio of this logo is actually from the song "Violence Is A Menace" by Bola Adekimi. The instrumental version of the full track can be found here, while a version with lyrics can be found here.

Availability: This has a chance of appearing during commercial breaks as a parody, like the ones seen in the trivia.

Legacy: This bumper has earned a reputation (as well as popularity) for its creepy atmosphere. So much so, the bump spawned an infamous creepypasta that involved a full version of the bump existing, with the audio slowly turning from the ambient sounds to screaming and people being murdered. At the end, the sun winked before the channel went off-air to remedy the problem. Consequently, this was apparently the reason the bump was retired. Of course, this is fake and no such version exists, nor was it the reason. Adult Swim simply started using new bumps (but they were similar in style to the ones they replaced) until another makeover happened in 2011.

Last Chance Saloon (July 2007-October 2008)

Visuals: Behind numerous trees, an abandoned building with text on it that says "LAST·CHANCE·SALOON", below a dirt-like ground. The AcTN logo can be seen, printed in cardboard, albeit being barely visible.

Trivia: The building in the ID is an actual building located in Modena, Utah.

Technique: A live-action photograph.

Audio: An excerpt of either Insomniac Olympics by Blockhead, or Easier by Grizzly Bear.

Adult Swim, Our Friend (March 11-June 2008)

Visuals: Below a mossy cement floor, a brown wall is shown. At the left is a white poster, which is all ripped up. On the right is the same poster from the Adult Swim is Your Friend ID, but partially torn-up, which makes "IS Y" invisible, making it say "ADULT SWIM OUR FRIEND".

Technique: A live-action photograph.

Audio: An excerpt of Passion by Nightmare on Wax.

America (July 29-August 31, 2014)

Visuals: Numerous shots of different places from the United States of America appear in the following order: a grassy plain, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Washington Monument, a stampede of horses, four jet planes flying, Mount Rushmore, an eagle flying, the Brooklyn Bridge, a pirate ship sailing with the Statue of Liberty in view, and the Star-Spangled Banner. In the end, the white words "Thank you for watching [adult swim]" fade in.

Technique: Live-action.

Audio: A dreamy rendition of the USA national anthem (which is Star-Spangled by Fatima Al Qadiri). In the end, an announcer says "This concludes our broadcast day. Thanks for watching Adult Swim."

Availability: This was the most short-lived sign-off ID in the block's history, lasting for only about 2 months.

Atlanta (September 1, 2014-May 11, 2019)

Visuals: Many time-lapse shots of 1065 Williams Street NW in Atlanta, Georgia (which is where the Williams Street office is located in) are seen, showing the following: An overhead view of the office above a road, a close-up of an Adult Swim flag next to the Star-Spangled-Banner, a view of the flags from the roof, a statue of an owl, another view of the flags, another view of the owl statue, a view of what seems to be a balcony from the office (the owl statue can be seen here) as it turns to night time, a view of the front of the office, a close-up of a screen with the shortened Adult Swim logo (the Turner logo can be seen above the screen) and a close-up of the owl. The ID simply ends with the Adult Swim logo on a black background.

Technique: Live-action.

Audio: Same as the last ID, but with additional sound effects in the end; the hoot of an owl, and the same beep from the Exit ID. Later in March 2019, the national anthem is replaced by Cuts by Darkstar, and no beep is heard.

Legacy: This ID is a favorite of many due to its music, which was used in the previous ID but is more famous here. It is also quite nostalgic among those who watched Adult Swim at the time.

8-Bit America (May 11-July 25, 2019, August 2-December 31, 2019)

Visuals: The logo cuts to a series of several American landmarks with pixel illustrations of AS characters either as them or near them (such as Eric Andre as the Abraham Lincoln statue when he "glitches" into Kraft Punk and Hannibal Buress, Harvey Birdman as the Statue of Liberty, etc.) In the final scene, the White House (with the "AS" initials on top of it) from the outside can be seen, with a circling red, white and blue sunset-like background, with stars shooting from the bottom of the stripes. The titular characters of Rick and Morty are seen behind the building, with Morty Smith to the left and Rick Sanchez to the right. Morty is seen with his arms folded with a smug expression on his face, staring to the left of the camera, while Rick is seen looking directly in the camera waving to the screen.

Variant: There is an alternate version where Rick and Morty are giving their middle fingers, which was shortly used in two months. Also, Rick has a wide, diabolical grin and Morty's mouth is opened.

Technique: Digital 2D animation by Paul Robertson.

Audio: An 8-bit version of the USA national anthem.

Morph (January 1-July 3, 2020, April 1, 2022)

Visuals: The logo starts with multiple gemstone-like pieces rapidly flying in to transform into various, corrupted pictures of various Adult Swim characters on varying backgrounds. These characters would appear rather quickly as they would stutter and morph into the next character within several frames. After some characters as well as the near end of the ID, the screen rapidly transforms or glitches before transforming into the next character. A longer sequence of this happens near the end of the ident before a purple light bursts into the screen, showing Adult Swim's initials in magenta with the form of a human heart.


  • Characters featured in the bump include (in order from appearance):
    • Tim Heidecker (Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!)
    • Eric Wareheim (Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!)
    • Eric Andre (The Eric Andre Show)
    • Hannibal Buress (The Eric Andre Show)
    • Derrick Beckles (Hot Package)
    • Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty)
    • Morty Smith (Rick and Morty)
    • TOM 6 (the 2012 Toonami revival block)
    • Space Ghost (Space Ghost Coast to Coast)
    • Moltar (Space Ghost Coast to Coast)
    • Brak (Space Ghost Coast to Coast)
    • The title character of Mr. Pickles
    • Master Shake (Aqua Teen Hunger Force)
    • Frylock (Aqua Teen Hunger Force)
    • Meatwad (Aqua Teen Hunger Force)
    • Carl Brutananadilewski (Aqua Teen Hunger Force)
    • Dr. Weird (Aqua Teen Hunger Force)
    • Early Cuyler (Squidbillies)
    • Rusty Cuyler (Squidbillies)
    • Lil Cuyler (Squidbillies)
    • Dan Halen (Squidbillies)
    • The Sheriff (Squidbillies)
    • Nathan Explosion (Metalocalypse)
    • Skwisgaar Skwigelf (Metalocalypse)
    • Pickles the Drummer (Metalocalypse)
    • William Murderface (Metalocalypse)
    • Toki Wartooth (Metalocalypse)
  • The human heart-styled Adult Swim logo is also seen on KOKOFREAKBEAN's "Goliath" and "Shaman Economics" IDs.


  • There is a version where the ID is zoomed in further than usual, only used for its first ten days.
  • There is an unused version where the parts of TOM 6 are replaced by the parts of Moltar and Lil.

Technique: A mix of CGI and cel animation by Off the Air animator KOKOFREAKBEAN.

Audio: A corrupted rendition (which sounds like a loud electric guitar throughout accompanied by screeching noises) of the USA national anthem in sync with the animation.

Audio Variant: On the April Fool's variant, the audio was replaced with Pibby (from the famous Come and Learn with Pibby proof-of-concept short; voiced by Nikki Castillo) singing a goodbye song accompanied with toy xylophone notes.

Availability: Was briefly brought back for April Fool's Day in 2022.

Legacy: These signoffs were unpopular with viewers due to their loud, in-your-face, and epileptic nature.

Dinner Party (July 4, 2020-October 30, 2022, November 5, 2022-)

Visuals: On a black background is Morty Smith (from Rick and Morty), who is laughing when he sees fireflies from his nose. As the camera moves out to him, various Adult Swim characters (such as the title character of Robot Chicken, Fang from Primal, Krystal from Squidbillies and Ace Ambling from Ballmastrz: 9009) are seen after a big dinner party. The scene eventually becomes a vortex to the middle of the screen where all the characters and objects are flying, then the bright green lines to form Adult Swim's initials and pops in, which is actually in sync with the last note of the national anthem.

Technique: A calm, psychedelic animation by Angela Stempel.

Audio: A slower, more laidback rendition of the USA national anthem.

Availability: From October 30-November 4, 2022, the signoff had been temporarily replaced with advertising for CNN This Morning (a replacement of New Day), which plays at the same time on all other Warner Bros. Discovery stations.

Legacy: Despite the deranged animation, this ID is considered strangely peaceful, and as a result is more popular than the previous signoff.

Station IDs

The Still Image (May 2004-Late 2010)

Visuals: There is a still image of a real-life photograph or drawing. Some of the IDs here contain the Adult Swim wordmark (or the Adult Swim coat of arms) plastered on an object. Various shows like Family Guy, The Boondocks, The Venture Bros., and Futurama had their own IDs. Said shows also had their own IDs for their marathons on the block.

Variants: The following are listed in the gallery's order:

  • Watch, Don't Run: There is a dark hallway. On the top is a green sign that says "FOR SAFETY'S SAKE, WATCH, DON'T RUN".
  • Owls Only: There is a road. There are symbols placed on the road, those being an arrow, an owl, and the word "ONLY".
  • Rusty Car: There is a rusty car (with the Adult Swim wordmark on the left side of it) in a road. It is barely visible to see it, but there is a tiny Ignignokt (from Aqua Teen Hunger Force) at the right of the car's window.
  • Baggage Room: Inside a building, there is a door with the words "BAGGAGE ROOM" on it, along with the Adult Swim coat of arms on the windows.
  • Park: There is a building from an angle, next to some trees and a road. Printed on the building is the Adult Swim coat of arms.
  • You Should Be Here: There is a building with the words "YOU SHOULD BE HERE". A symbol of a person on top of an escalator covers up a quarter of the screen.

Technique: Mostly a still, live-action photograph. Some IDs have film effects, or simple animation of the logo turning from black-and-white into color.

Audio: An excerpt of a song, mostly those from the Lo-Fi and Hip-Hop genre.

Availability: Unknown.

Legacy: These IDs are best known for their calm, catchy and memorable songs.

The Tokyo Brackets (July 3, 2004-June 9, 2007)

Visuals: There is the real-life photograph of a location from Tokyo, Japan. In these IDs, there is the Adult Swim brackets closed inside an object, and the location (stylized as "//[LOCATION]//") and timestamps of when the photograph was taken.

Variants: These are the idents ordered by location:

  • Fujiyama:
    • 6:02 AM: There is a view from a city, with Mt. Fuji in view. The brackets are closed inside the mountain.
  • Shinjuku-ku:
    • 5:40 AM: Just a bottle on a grey background. There are no brackets.
    • 7:16 AM: In a plain biome, there is many orange clouds. The brackets are closed inside a cloud.
    • 10:59 AM: On a metallic background, there is a sign with the symbol of a person walking in a road. Below it is an arrow pointing at 2 sides. The brackets are closed on an arrow that's on a crossing sign.
    • 11:11 AM: There is a large grey building. Below it is a bright lamppost. The brackets are closed inside the light of the lamppost.
    • 2:42 PM: Just the photo of what seems to be a mall or a train-station. There are no brackets.
    • 4:15 PM: On a green ground, there is a man with a tennis racket, who is about to hit a tennis ball. The brackets are closed inside the tennis ball.
  • Minato-ku:
    • 12:27 AM: There is a view of the Tokyo Tower in night. The brackets are barely visible, and are closed inside the Tokyo Tower.
  • Chiyoda-ku:
    • 10:44 AM: There is an officer inside what seems to be a toll booth. The brackets are closed inside the officer's head.
    • 1:18 PM: There is the emblem of a sun in-between other emblems. The brackets are closed inside the sun emblem.
    • 5:44 PM: The inside of what seem to be a train-station, with a person in-view. There are no brackets.
  • Asakusa:
    • 1:17 PM: There is orange reflections in glass. On a window is a person with a white shirt and a black vest. The brackets are closed inside the person.
    • 2:55 PM: There is a lamp beside the outsides of a city. To the left of the lamp is a poster with Japanese lettering. The brackets are closed inside the last letter on the poster.
    • 6:20 PM: There is a place with multiple stores. The brackets are closed inside a lamp seen on the top right.
  • Ginza:
    • 5:51 AM: Just the blurry photo of a city. A grey line can be seen, with a small light inside it. The brackets are closed inside the light on the line.
    • 7:51 AM: There is a photo of a man with a white suit. The photo contains an orange-like 'light' in the left, almost looking like fire. The brackets are closed inside a man's head.

Technique: A live-action photograph.

Audio: An excerpt of a song. Just like the AcTN IDs (see above), each variant uses a different song:

  • Fujiyama 6:02 AM: Dead Right by Psyche Origami
  • Shinjuku-Ku 5:40 AM: Rugged Tranquility by Yesterday's New Quintet
  • Shinjuku-Ku 10:59 AM: Afghanistan Dan's Skating Stand by Five Deez
  • Shinjuku-Ku 11:11 AM: Say Intro by Five Deez
  • Shinjuku-Ku 2:42 PM: Daylight by Yesterday's New Quintet
  • Shinjuku-Ku 4:15 PM: No Negotiation by Psyche Origami
  • Shinjuku-Ku 7:16 PM: Sun Goddess by Yesterday's New Quintet
  • Minato-Ku 12:27 AM: Eye Detector by Psyche Origami
  • Chiyoda-Ku 10:44 AM: Keep Swingin by Psyche Origami
  • Chiyoda-Ku 1:18 PM: Paladium by Yesterday's New Quintet
  • Chiyoda-Ku 5:44 PM: Dead Right by Psyche Origami
  • Asakusa 1:17 PM: Little Girl (Dakota's Song) by Yesterday's New Quintet
  • Asakusa 2:55 PM: Keeper of My Soul by Yesterday's New Quintet
  • Asakusa 6:20 PM: Say Intro by Five Deez

Simplistic Action (January 2005-March 2008)

Visuals: All of the IDs here contain an action and Japanese theme to them. See variants for the list of IDs. There were 2 sets of these bumps.


  • It Is Time For More: Unknown
  • FMA Balloon Scroll: Screen starts off with a close up of balloons, then pans to the right side of the screen showing more balloons. The screen then zooms out and pans down a scroll showing a picture of the Elric Brothers from the show. A panel then shows some Japanese text scrolling in from the right of the screen diagonally, Another panel displays a War Tank scrolling in from the left over a black and orange background that appears to be some kind of land. The panel under that shows red Japanese text (translating to "Adult Swim is Your Friend") then the panel below has "Fullmetal Alchemist" displaying in orange. The last panel shows a Horse-like creature with a Lightning Bolt for a Tail over an alternating black and red background that spins. The scroll is followed by red Japanese text (Translating to "Adult Swim"). There is a 10 second variant of the bump that removes the close up shots of the balloons. That variant later got another slight change that adds some 2nd gen VHS effects to it.
  • ACTN Owl: On a dark white background, we first see small red Japanese text. We then scroll down to see many tan lines. Whilst scrolling, there is 2 duplicates of the Japanese words "大人の楽しみ" ("Adult Fun") inside 2 tan lines. On top of all of this are red geometric lines in the shape of an owl's face. We stop scrolling down to see 3 tan circles, with the AcTN logo sliding up on the circle in the middle.
  • Inuyasha Dog Barking: On a bluish grey background, the words "INU" and "YASHA" slide in from both sides. Then, the environment lights up, which turns "INU" grey and "YASHA" white. Then, a dog in a wagon comes in on the floor and barks.
  • Fun4Adults: On a black background, a red face slides from below. Simultaneously, the same Japanese text from the Owl ID, "大人の楽しみ", slides from top. Then, the words "FUN4ADULTS" and "冬ブヨがうじゃうじゃ周りに いるよ!" (Roughly "Winter fireflies are around!") slides from the left. The face then nods repeatedly.
  • Clouds over Williams Street: On a light green background, there is a black bar facing sideways. Then, a light red building slides from above, which a striking resemblance to the building that the Williams Street (or Ghost Planet Industries) logo uses. Then, the Japanese text "見逃すな!アダルト スイム" ("Don't miss it! Adult Swim") respectively slide to each other on the black bar. White clouds then slide up behind the building.
  • Dog Hit By Arrow: On a light blue background with flowers on all corners of the screen, there is the silhouette of a wolf's head. A black arrow then flies from the right, slowly moving to the head. When it reaches the head, black blood drops appear, and then red kanji text appears below the head. The logo then disappears and cuts to the Adult Swim logo in Japanese.
  • Trigun Pink Western Guy: On a violet background with a plain violet ground, a white circle with 'eyes' and a large pink sunburst slides up. Then, 4 spinning pink pinwheels slide up from the ground. Then, a child in a pink cowboy costume holding a gun slides in from the right. Simultaneously, a black figure slides above the ground behind the spinning sunburst. The words "t r i g u n" slides from above in the ground, in pink.
  • Spider Dropping with Guy's Head: Unknown
  • Atom Bomb & Horse: On a dark blue background with multiple thin lines around the screen, there is a yellow letter "A" with cloud-like lines all over the letter. Then, a trapezoidal black-and-white picture of people looking at a mushroom cloud slides up inside the A. Simultaneously, a yellow square slides up to the bottom-right of the screen (next to the A). Then, a white picture of a Pegasus slides up behind the yellow square, with a registration trademark symbol (®) on it's horn. Then, a letter "S" slides up inside the yellow A, forming the letters "AS", the abbreviation for Adult Swim. Inside the yellow square, black Japanese text slides in from the right. Simultaneously, 4 small 'clouds' slide in from the right, one-by-one. In the last of the line of clouds is a picture of a bear-like face with a colorless rainbow on it's head and a single arm (this is one of the many symbols for AcTN, with it being frequently used on the block. This particular symbol is nicknamed "One Handed Guy".).
  • We'd Like To See You Try: On a rusty yellow background, there is red text on the right that says "WE'D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY". On the left is a man, holding a rectangular object in front of his eyes. On top of the text is a sledgehammer. The sledgehammer then hits the man, and a burst that says "OK!" appears.
  • ACTN Green One Handed Guy: On a sea green background, there is rings of light green squares rotating around the screen. The squares are spiraling around the One Handed Guy symbol, with the word "A C T N" below the symbol. The symbol and text rotates as well.
  • Bull Film Reel: On a black background, a dark yellow card slides from above, with a frame-like border around it. The card displays what seems to be a minotaur with wings, holding a sword. Next to the minotaur's legs are 2 unicorns, holding axes. Another card slides in from above, containing the words "大人の楽しみ" ("Adult Fun"). The last slide is a banner on top of a cloud. Below the cloud is the Adult Swim logo in Japanese. Above the banner is more Japanese text.
  • Come Along Friend: On a rusty tan background, there is Japanese text. Below the text is the words "presents". The words "COME ALONG FRIEND" is seen below the presents text, with 2 unicorn-like bears holding axes on both sides of the text. Below the text is a mistletoe. We scroll down to see a screen with a frame, which contains an orange sky and a tan ground. Then, the One Handed Guy symbol is seen flying in the sky, which makes a grey rainbow. We then stop scrolling to see a bull with wings, 2 axes crossed together, and the text "見逃すな!" ("Don't Miss It!") below.
  • Blue Film Reel: On a black background, a light blue card slides from above, similar to the Bull Film ID. There are 3 cards, all in sky-blue. The first card contains a 'dead' face. The second card contains the text "大人の楽しみ" ("Adult Fun"). The final slide contains a turquoise circle with hands crossed, containing 2 axes, and the Adult Swim logo in Japanese (This is another symbol for AcTN, being nicknamed as "Arms with Tear").
  • Don't Even Try To Read This: On a white-grey gradient background with a red triangle in the center, there is 2 lines, one in light blue and one in black, sliding down from above and below, to stack on top of each other. The Japanese words "アドルトスイムはあなたの味方です" ("Adult Swim is your friend") slide inside the light blue line, while the words "don't even try to read this" in grey slides inside the black line. Simultaneously, 2 One Handed Guy symbols slide from the left and right of the screen, and the head of a gerenuk (a type of antelope) is seen on the red triangle. Then, the words "見逃すな!" ("Don't Miss It!") slides in from above.
  • Bear with Chainsaw Film: Unknown
  • Bear with Hockey Mask: On a sea green background with a green 'triangle', a hockey mask slides up behind a green rectangle. Then, a minotaur wearing a suit slides from the right of the 'triangle'. Suddenly, the hockey mask jumps up, revealing that it's a bear wearing a hockey mask. A scope (those seen in sniper rifles) aims at the bear. Japanese text slides above. To the left of the wordmark is the face of a bull with wings, with Japanese text below it.
  • Cowboy Bebop Sherriff Star: Unknown
  • Clown & Griffin Oil Well (Crane Head): Unknown
  • ACTN Orange Fun Start Soon Now (25c): The first element shown is an orange version of the Arms with Tear symbol slide up. Then, a white box containing hard-to-describe features slides in from the right. Then, a 'dead' face slides up inside an orange line. Then, the camera pans down to reveal the giant letters "NOW" in a grey shadow. Japanese text is seen below the NOW text. The screen then pans down to see the back of a man on an orange background. A speech bubble appears, containing the One Handed Guy symbol and Japanese text below the symbol. The camera pans down to make way for a robotic-like arm to rotate behind the man. The arm then shoots tracked lines against a person with the head of a wolf, wearing army-like clothing. The person's head gets it's eyes plastered by black X's. A bubble reading "25𝇍" appears below the person. The camera then pans down to the AcTN wordmark. To the left is the same minotaur symbol from the Bear With Hockey Mask ID. Above the wordmark is the Adult Swim logo in Japanese.
  • Super Milk Chan:
    • OK!: On a blue striped background, we scroll down to see a frame with rainbow coloring inside it. Inside the frame, Milk's head slowly slides up. We then scroll down to see a white "M" sliding inside a white line. The "M" rotates, and stops at a slanted position when a black burst with the words "OK!" on it appears. While we scroll down again, black paint drops slide down, the Adult Swim logo in Japanese slides from the bottom-left, and Hanage slowly walks on the background. Then, we stop scrolling to see the words "SUPER MILK CHAN™" in black and a white cloud below it.
    • You Dumb**s!: Unknown
    • 25c: Unknown
  • Bear in the Forest ACTN: Unknown

Technique: Simplistic animation. For the Bull Film Reel, Blue Film Reel and Bear with Chainsaw Film IDs, it's coupled with film effects.

Audio: An excerpt of a song. Each variant uses a different song:

  • Fun4Adults: Knick Knack by Sylvette Baeckler
  • Dog Hit By Arrow: Closure by Minamina Goodsong
  • We'd Like To See You Try: Sure by Benoit Raymond
  • Inuyasha Dog Barking: Squeezing by Quirin Amper Jr. and Fred Strittmatter (acompanied with a dog barking)
  • Bull Film Reel: Rusty Razor by Minamina Goodsong (Mislabeled as First Movement by the same artist on both YouTube and iTunes)
  • Blue Film Reel: We Are by Minamina Goodsong
  • Clouds over Williams Street: Either Overland Post by Peter Ratzenbeck, or Conducted Rhythms by Madlib
  • ACTN Owl and Come Along Friend: At Last by Psyche Origami
  • Atom Bomb & Horse: Kansas Intermede by Ploquin and Soullier
  • ACTN Green One Handed Guy: Little Bossa by Moogul
  • Trigun Western Pink Guy: Awakening Lands by Chris Winland
  • ACTN Orange Fun Start Soon Now (25c): B.E.A.T. by Five Deez
  • FMA Balloon Scroll: Either Lil' Black Boy by Dudley Perkins, or Collie & Beer by Madlib
  • Don't Even Try To Read This: Congo Rhyme by Chris Winland
  • Bear with Hockey Mask: Groovy Cocktail by Chris Winland
  • It Is Time For More: Acid Test by Benoit Raymond
  • Clown & Griffin Oil Well (Crane Head): Either Good Luck by Christopher Gruber, or Break by Oh No
  • Cowboy Bebop Sherriff Star: Take Another by Oh No
  • Super Milk Chan:
    • OK!: Buttersauce by Minamina Goodsong
    • You Dumb**s!: Lord of the Rings by Minamina Goodsong
    • 25c: Long Long Time by Collective Efforts
  • Bear in the Forest ACTN: Afghanistan Dad's Breaking Stand by Five Deez
  • Bear with Chainsaw Film: Movin Foward by Collective Efforts
  • Spider Dropping with Guy's Head: Either Lazy Afternoon by John Walter McEuen, or Kiana by Wildchild

Availability: The first set was introduced in January-February 2005 and all stopped airing in May 2005 unless stated otherwise. The next set of ACTN bumps were introduced in May 2005 and were phased out gradually from mid 2007 until March 2008 when the weeknight anime block went defunct. In January 2009, Three ACTN bumps from the 2nd set were aired again after the Gametap and promos were dropped as Adult Swim just went back to the bumps that those promos replaced back in Spring 2007. These last three aired until January 2010 when a new bump rebrand came.

Clown Kids: Buffet Girl (December 27, 2010-unknown retirement year)

Visuals: There is a girl in clown makeup, stealing a stack of cheese. Then, a woman shouts "THIEF!" at the girl. To the right is a poorly made CGI version of Frylock from Aqua Teen Hunger Force (strangely, he didn't have his eyebrows, a scar in his eye, and a beard), which flies around the screen. Then, the screen cuts to the girl, who makes a surprised expression. The screen cuts to the woman shouting "THIEF!" again, along with the CGI Frylock flying around. The screen cuts once again back to the girl, before we cut into the Adult Swim logo on a black background.

Technique: It is basically a clip from the 1976 self-mage film If Mirrors Could Speak. Live-action and CGI.

Audio: An ominous chime, accompanied with the word "THIEF!" being shouted 3 times.

Asian Robots: Crawling (December 29, 2010-January 2011)

Visuals: There is a man in a suit (who is actually a robot) crawling on the ground. Then, when a person walks by the camera, the Adult Swim logo wipes in.

Trivia: The crawling businessman in the ID is actually a work of performance art by Momoyo Torimitsu. The footage of the robot in the ID was filmed at the streets of Sydney, Australia.

Technique: Live-action.

Audio: A jazz piece, coupled with the ambience from the footage.

Asian Robots: Face (December 30, 2010-January 2011)

Visuals: There is a yellow robot face making 3 expressions: suprised, anger and fear. The camera then zooms in on the face. The letters "as" then gets carved on the video.

Trivia: The robot in the ID is actually a humanoid robot head named "Kansei" which means "sensibility" in Japanese. The robot was built in Japan at the Meiji University programmed to respond with various facial expression depending on the word typed in on its software. Here is a mini-documentary about it.

Technique: Live-action.

Audio: A sample of the Broadcast song "Tears in the Typing Pool" accompanied by motor sounds.

Asian Robots: Girl (December 30, 2010-January 2011)

Visuals: On a convention setting, there is an Asian robot girl as a display with its eyes closed. A few seconds later, the screen cuts to a close-up of the girl looking towards the left and then turns her head towards the screen, speaking "Ungabunga!", before powering off. The white text "[as]" appears after.

Trivia: The robot shown in this ID is Repilee R-1, a robot child developed at Osaka University based on a five-year old girl. She was exhibited at the Robot Festival in AMLUX 2007 to show off her 50 sensors and many motors.

Technique: Live-action footage, which was basically sampled from a demonstration video of the robot.

Audio: A sample of "Ungabunga" by Muff/Rezz.

Animals: Cat on Slide (January 2011)

Visuals: There is a calico cat wearing what appears to be a little white tank top shirt while being green screened onto footage of a first-person view of a person going down a large pink slide surrounded by other colorful slides in a carnival while the cat moves vertically up and down making it like its going down the slide. Before sliding down to bottom, the "as" logo pops up with the background being all black and the text showing the ID.

Technique: Pretty much done by software green screened onto footage of a first-person view of a person going down the slide.

Audio: The background noises of screaming children along with music from the band "Broadcast" titled The Black Cat. A sports bell can also be heard when the [as] logo pops out at the end.

Animals: Stocks Cat (January 2011, March 31, 2013)

Visuals: Unknown

Variant: In 2013, it was used as an April Fool's ID with the [adult swim] logo replaced with [meow meow].

Technique: Stock animation for the arrow and cut-out animation for everything else.

Audio: Unknown

Availability: It was used back then around January 2011. The ID did made a comeback in 2013 as an April Fool's ID.

Cow on Hay Bales (2011)

Visuals: During daytime, a grassy area is seen. There is an odd arrangement of hay bales, as well as a single hay bale separated from the arrangement. A cow appears from under the hay bales and tries to get up on top of them. The cow then trips and falls on the hay bales, which turns out to be the Penrose stairs made of hay bales. Due to the never ending design of the Penrose stairs, the cow keeps on falling down them.

Technique: Animation by Cyriak Harris in his typical surrealist Photoshop style.

Audio: Sounds of the environment, sound effects relating to the action, music (which is The Woodworm by 9 Lazy 9).

Space Chickens (2011-2021?)

Visuals: In space, a large egg with visible mechanical insides and a cup-like part underneath is seen, with an identical, but smaller ship on top of it. The ship also has the [AS] logo and the US flag on it. A chicken holding a US flag and wearing an egg as a helmet comes out of the smaller ship and lands on the larger egg ship, placing the flag. Another, smaller ship lands on the small ship, and the chicken that comes out does the same thing. More ships and chickens appear.

Technique: Same as the last ID.

Audio: A sci-fi droning sound throughout, with sound effects of the action and chicken sounds.

Tiger Invasion (2011)

Visuals: A city is seen, during daytime. A huge, UFO-like creature with the texture of tiger skin and with eyes on the lower half. There are ears on both the top and bottom. The camera zooms out to show another one, with a mouth open. On the left side, there is an alien with at least 5 spider-like fuzzy legs and a main body resembling a tiger's face, except that the mouth the mains open and more faces are underneath each other. More of these creatures are seen coming out of the UFO's mouth and jumping onto the ground, which isn't visible.

Technique: Same as before.

Audio: Music, some growling, groaning.

Elephant Spiral (2011)

Visuals: On an orange background (somewhat reminiscent of the Lightning Video logo), a long creature resembling a line of elephants, but with more elephants instead of faces, is seen walking on another similar creature, while another walks on top. The logo zooms out and it's revealed that the creature is a spiral.

Technique: Same as before.

Audio: Fainting balloon inflation ambience, alongside with repeated elephant trumpets.

Watching is Better than Living (May 20, 2012-May 2014)

Visuals: There are 2 IDs:

  • On a royal blue background, between 2 red 'checkerboard' rectangles, there is a wireframed owl, similar to the owl statue seen in the Atlanta ID, sitting on a wireframed rock. There is off-centered text below saying "WATCHING IS BETTER THAN LIVING". The logo's colors constantly invert to the beat of the song.
  • There is a bunch of black-and-white geometric shapes around the screen. On the middle is the same owl, but with black-and-white stripes. The same text is seen below.

Technique: Computer animation. For the second ID, a live-action photograph.

Audio: An excerpt of the following songs:

  • 1st ID: Heat Wave 2 by Flying Lotus.
  • 2nd ID: Inchworm by Battles.

Availability: Was used as a sign-on ID.

In Your Face Holiday Magic (December 2013)

Visuals: On a black background, there is Santa standing at the right, looking at an orange Christmas tree with the top of the tree ignited with a flame. After approximately 3 seconds, a axe comes down and chops Santa, as the Adult Swim logo appears in the top-right corner.

Technique: Live-action.

Audio: A Christmas tune, with a female voice-over saying "Welcome to another night of in-your-face holiday magic." The music then comes to a sudden end after the speech has been finished.

Availability: Was only used in December 2013.

Monster (2014-201?)

Visuals: In a beach, a monster suddenly appears. The screen pans through the monster destroying the top of a building and eating the top of it. The screen pans to the monster holding cars, and then we pan to the monster slipping and tripping on cars, thus destroying the building and forming the Adult Swim logo.

Technique: Animation from Cyriak Harris in his typical surrealist Photoshop style.

Audio: The sounds of the monster, the buildings, and the skating, followed by a thud sound when the monster breaks the skyscraper.

Horse and Carrot (2014-201?)

Visuals: In a grass setting, there is a carrot crawling. The screen then zooms out to reveal a horse, whose body stretches like a worm whenever he walks. He then sees the carrot, and its pupils grow wide and the horse tries to eat the carrot. The horse then tangles his head trying to eat the carrot, and the Adult Swim logo can be briefly seen.

Technique: Same as before.

Audio: The sounds of the carrot, a stretching sound, the neighs of the horse, and when the horse tries to eat the carrot, something that sounds like "NAM NAM NAM!".

Astronaut (2014)

Visuals: In space, there is an astronaut hammering a washing machine with the Adult Swim logo on it. The hammer then hits the astronaut and he falls into the earth and lands on a whale. The astronaut is then sent flying back up into space and the washing machine shoots a laser at the moon, halving it and revealing a freaky spider-like cat along with some small ones as well. The cat then shoots green lasers.

Technique: Same as before.

Audio: The sounds of the hammer, a punch sound, a falling sound (which is reversed when the astronaut is sent back into space), and 2 laser sounds. When the cat shoots the lasers, the same roar from the "Monster" ID.

Toilet Cow (2014)

Visuals: In a small room, there is a toilet. Out of nowhere, a spider-like cow with udders covering each leg climbs out the toilet, and spits out toilet lids with the very last one having the top part of a toilet lid. The top part of the last lid then opens up to reveal a white blob with cow spots. Then, udders form and create another toilet while the setting fades to a cloudy background. A cow with firework spark-like eyes then comesout of the toilet while its ears appear. The cow then moos at the viewer and all of a sudden, the Adult Swim logo appears.

Technique: Same as before.

Audio: First, a toilet being tapped sound, then a suspenseful theme, with more tapping sounds when the cow spits out the toilet lids. A slime-like sound can be heard when the blob appears, then a stomach like sound when the udders appear on the blob. The suspenseful music builds up too when the second toilet is created, and the firework spark-like eyed cow's moo. After, the music comes to an abrupt ending.

Bear How It's Made (2015)

Visuals: There is a blue teddy bear sitting on a shelf with some other toys as it zooms in on it. The scene then cuts to a first person view of a man shooting a blue bear, with blood coming from it when it's shot. It then cuts to the teddy bear's face, which cuts to other scenes (a knife cutting through the dead bear, a man stuffing red cotton inside the bear, which is now stitched, the same man sewing the bear, and a man ripping the fur off from a body-less bear head, which reveals its skull). It then cuts back to the teddy bear, as "[as]" in white pops in.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: Unknown

Long Pork (2015-)

Visuals: There is a pig with a human face and blond hair reminiscent of Donald Trump's in a dirty room, with an axe, a butchers knife, a katana, a bonesaw and other weapons. The man-pig pees, and the logo cuts to black were we see a man chop this man-pig up. The screen cuts back to the man-pig as he falls apart into pieces. The screen then cuts to a black background with the Adult Swim logo in pink.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: A constant dramatic sting that gets louder and louder, the breathing of the man-pig, and the sound of a blade slicing through the air, along with a quiet splattering noise when the pig falls apart.

Availability: Currently used as a bumper.

Nitty Gritty (2015-)

Visuals: There is an elderly woman in a rocking chair knitting. The camera cuts to a side view, and to her sewing needles, which are knitting material with red fluid dripping off of it. The camera then cuts to the floor where we see the remains of the elder's legs, then the camera zooms out where we see the skeletons and corpses of several other animals. Finally, it cuts to a blood red screen with the Adult Swim logo in green.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Old timely music which slowly turns into a dramatic sting before cutting off when the words come onscreen.

Availability: Currently used as a bumper.

Akira (2015)

Visuals: In a street, there is a blue-skinned man. He takes out his phone, appearing to take a picture. Realizing it doesn't work, he tries to fix it. Out of nowhere, the setting turns dark, and his body begins to swell (like in the original Akira). The screen the cuts to a close-up of his face, screaming in fear. Finally, it cuts to a dark blue background with the Adult Swim logo in red.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Unknown

Availability: Unknown [Examples?]

Clown (2016?-2019?)

Visuals: In what appears to be a hospital, there is a clown floating up to three guards wearing blue shirts and caps with the [as] logo on the backsides. The clown laughs evilly, which causes the guards to explode one-by-one, with confetti being all that is left. The clown floats away and the Adult Swim logo appears in black.

Technique: 2D animation by Titmouse.

Audio: Horror-style music accompanied by the clown laughing evilly and then two toots of a bike horn.

Availability: Was mainly seen during commercial breaks on Toonami.

Fight Room (2015)

Visuals: The text [adult swim] is shown in white over a scene of two contestants preparing to fight each other in what looks like a cage with lights shining into it. The one on the left is wearing a blue helmet and shorts, while the one on the right is wearing red; both are shirtless. The [adult swim] text pans downwards as the words "FIGHT ROOM sponsored by" appear above it. When this text disappears, a yellow chainsaw comes onscreen, accompanied by the words "CHAINSAW MATCH special" in red lettering. The chainsaw spins in the center of the scene before morphing into two chainsaws, one of which goes to each contestant. The camera zooms in on Blue as he looks down at his chainsaw before suddenly glancing up. The screen cuts to the Red running towards Blue, who blocks his attack. The camera cuts between the two contestants with their blades locked and sparks flying, until the Blue suddenly thrusts upwards, causing Red's chainsaw to go flying in the air. Both contestants give a shocked look, and the chainsaw comes falling down, lodging in Red's head. Blood pours down his face, and his body is ultimately flayed open as Blue looks on in horror with gore splattering onto him. As the Blue stares down at Red's body, dollar bills come raining down, and the text "BLUE WIN$! sponsored by [adult swim]" appears onscreen.

Technique: Clay animation by Lee Hardcastle.

Audio: A male announcer saying "Adult Swim proudly sponsors Fight Room! Chainsaw Match Special!" as a trip gong goes off, followed by the sounds of chainsaws, the contestants gasping and groaning, and splattering noises when the red contestant is killed. The trip gong goes off again, and the announcer says "Blue wins! Sponsored by Adult Swim," as cheering and victorious music plays.

Mountain (December 2015)

Visuals: Unknown

Technique: Animation from Cyriak Harris in his typical surrealist Photoshop style.

Audio: Unknown

Flower (December 2015)

Visuals: Unknown

Technique: Same as "Mountain".

Audio: Unknown

Clarke (January 2016)

Visuals: In a mountain landscape, there is a creature that resembles a bird-dinosaur. The creature hears a noise. The screen zooms out to reveal a pink giant. The creature runs into the pink giant, and the pink giant follows him. The giant crushes the bird-dinosaur and picks it up. The screen zooms into the pink giant. Realizing he killed the bird, the giant screeches at its eyes roll back into its head. We zoom into its mouth to reveal the Adult Swim logo in pink.

Technique: Very bizarre cut-out/Photoshop animation.

Audio: Unknown

Thanksgiving (November 2016)

Visuals: The same pink giant from "Clarke" is staring at the viewer in a house. We then suddenly zoom on the giant while we see a creature with the same skin and face as the "turkey" from "Clarke" breaking into the house. The giant then screeches. During all of this, the "[as]" logo is seen in the top-right corner.

Technique: Same as "Clarke".

Audio: A weird theme with the sounds of the giant and house breaking.

Availability: It was seen on their Vine page, but is unknown if it ever aired on TV.

We Know You're Home (July 10 2016-)

Visuals: On a black background is 3 buttons in the middle of the screen from left to right. The left button being green and has a white phone icon on the left side of the button and next to it on right side of it the white text "ANSWER" is seen. The middle button also being green but is more longer then the ones between it, and has a rectangular outline on the left of the button resembling a window while the right side of it having the text "ANSWER WITH VIDEO" appears. Then the right button being red and the left side of the button having the same icon as the green one on the left side of the screen while also having the white text on right side of the button "DECLINE" on it. The white text below the buttons "PICK UP" appear for a second and then at the same time at the same position the white text "We Know You're Home" appears until it cuts out to the [adult swim] logo.

Technique: Simple animation.

Audio: The Skype ringtone.

Availability: Still in use.

Gym Bunny (2017)

Visuals: Unknown

Technique: Stop motion animation using stuffed animals.

Audio: Unknown

Availability: Unknown [Examples?]

Gym Horse (2018?-)

Visuals: There is a horse and its foal in the gym, with the foal weightlifting and the horse on the treadmill. The camera cuts to a boombox near it, then the horse increases the speed of the treadmill, causing it to fall over and crush its tail, spewing out guts that read [AS].

Technique: Same as "Gym Bunny".

Audio: Some 80s-sounding casual music, then splattering effects.

Availability: Unknown [Examples?]

Gary Takes The Elevator (2018-)

Visuals: There is a red demon with blond hair, a yellow polo shirt and khakis (Gary) from behind. He is on a ledge in a hellish atmosphere, and is in front of an elevator. He presses the elevator's button before turning to face the camera as he waits, scratching his leg. The elevator opens to reveal a gray monster with tentacles and one glowing red eye as Gary jumps back against the wall in horror. The monster unfurls its tongue and devours Gary as the doors close again, this time with the words "Adult Swim" written on them in black.

Technique: Clay animation by Lee Hardcastle.

Audio: The sound of the button being pressed and Gary humming, followed by a dinging noise, roaring and screaming.

Availability: It is shown with airings of Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell.

Gary Gets A Virus (2018-)

Visuals: There is a close-up of a messy computer desk. On it is a file reading "From Claude", which is then picked up by Gary from the last ID. The logo zooms out to see more of the hellish atmosphere as Gary takes a look at the file and a floppy disc falls out. Gary picks up the disc and inserts it into the computer. The monitor begins flashing black, red and white, with a skull shape appearing on the screen before a black slimy creature emerges and devours Gary, forming the words "Adult Swim" on the wall with its tentacles.

Technique: Same as "Gary Takes The Elevator".

Audio: Computer noises after the disc is inserted, followed by roars and shouting.

Availability: See above.

Claude Follows Directions (2018-)

Visuals: There is a red devil with glasses, a yellow polo shirt and khakis (Claude) holding a clipboard, along with a brunette woman with a purple shirt. Both are standing on a ledge. To Claude's right is a lever, and to the woman's right is a contraption with several sharp implements. Claude looks at his clipboard and pushes a lever, causing the contraption to be activated. The woman is startled, and the camera zooms in on her as she trembles in fear. It then pans over to the contraption, before panning back to the woman and Claude, who pushes her to the right. It ultimately pans down as the woman is presumably killed by the contraption, her blood splattering on the floor and forming the words "ADULT SWIM".

Technique: Same as the last two.

Audio: Claude murmuring to himself ("Let's see here, hmm... Like that... There, and push... And we're done!"), the contraption buzzing and whirring, the woman gasping and screaming, and a splattering noise when she is killed.

Availability: See the last two.

Public Domain Bitch (January 7, 2024)

Visuals: On a dimly lit gray with film scratches over it is Mickey Mouse in his Steamboat Willie appearance next to the stacked white text "PUBLIC DOMAIN BITCH.". In addition to grasping the "D" in "DOMAIN", Mickey is kissing and humping the block of text in only two frames. This animation loops for the entirety of the ident before cutting to the Adult Swim logo.

Trivia: The ident is a jab at Steamboat Willie entering the public domain in the United States in 2024.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: An electronic hip-hop soundtrack.