Amaco Productions

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Logo (2002-2009)

Visuals: Over a slowly moving grey background (which is reminiscent of several sticks bundled together or a closeup of a tree) with a crimson lens flare at the top left corner slowly wiping across the top, there are three light purple rings, turning into a turquoise color while spinning around, with blue particles forming into the stacked text "Amaco Productions", which all spin around before they all stop. The rings then form a stylized planet-like design and the whole logo grows its white glow.

Trivia: The animation shown in the logo comes from a Ulead Cool 3D template named "rings".

Technique: CGI animation made with Ulead Cool 3D.

Audio: Some whooshes at the start, then a screeching sound effect with an orchestral hit and synth note after the logo forms. Starting with When God Say Yes, the audio appears to be heavily compressed and bass-boosted, making it very loud. The opening theme plays over it in some instances, like in the American Dollar duology.

Availability: First seen in Old School. Also seen in When God Say Yes, Deadly Wish and its sequel, Deadly Wish 2 along with the rest of the Old School trilogy and American Dollar duology.

Legacy: This logo is often considered to be one of the loudest logos ever along with the infamous poor-quality upload of 3-G Home Video.

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