De Laurentiis Ricordi Video

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This was a joint venture between Dino De Laurentiis and Italian video company Gruppo Ricordi Video.

Logo (1984?-1989)

Visuals: On a black and grey gradient background, a red line is drawn in with a shadow and two thick white lines also with shadows fly in form the near center of the screen, going diagonally and flying over the red line. The bars curve over the line and bend outwards and inwards forming a "DR" shape at the bottom of the screen (actually part of the Ricordi Video logo). "Video", "RICORDI", and "DE LAURENTIIS" fly in from the top of the screen and settle, with the last line of words crashing through the lines and pieces fly towards the screen.

Technique: CGI for the ribbons, 2D computer animation for the rest.

Audio: A brief harp soprano, followed by a synth whoosh and a bombastic synth fanfare with a long last note, a quiet crash and synth drums.

Availability: Seen on Italian copies of DDL movies.

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