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Sony released their follow-up console, the PlayStation 2, on March 4, 2000, in Japan, followed by North America on October 26 and Europe on November 24. It was discontinued in Japan on December 28, 2012, and everywhere else on January 4, 2013.

Logo (March 4, 2000-November 8, 2013)

Visuals: On a black background, some 3D squares appear with cubes and sparks floating around. The words "Sony Computer Entertainment" fade in for a few seconds before they fade out as the squares rotate. Then, it zooms in to the squares until it fades to black. Then, the words "PlayStation 2", in the same font as "PlayStation" in its own logo, appear via a blue dust gathering effect.

Trivia: The "PlayStation 2" logo that can be seen after the console's startup is actually stored on the game's disc itself, in which it's encrypted in the first 16 sectors of the disc. The key to decrypt the logo is stored in the watermark data of the game disc, in which it's also encrypted by using the product code of the disc (which is spread across different sectors of the disc). If the logo, the decryption key, and the product code are all absent on the disc, then the disc will not boot and it will throw a Red Screen of Death.[1]


  • When the PS2 has a hard drive with the Japan-only PlayStation Broadband Navigator, the logo simply fades in and out.
  • A recreation of the second part of the PS2 startup sequence can be found on the PS2 theme for PS4 by Truant Pixel. In that version, the text "Legacy" is used.

Technique: CGI running in real-time.

Audio: A somewhat loud keynote, composed by Takafumi Fujisawa, along with some whooshing sounds. Then, a whoosh sound occurs when it zooms in. Then, a short synth humming sound. On the PSBBN variant, none.

Audio Trivia: The short synth humming sound had a Hollywood appearance in the 2006 Universal film The Break-Up. It was also found at the end of North American commericals, as well as an outro in the PlayStation 20th Anniversary SHAREfactory theme.


  • Seen after the second SCE logo when you turn on a PS2 with a PS2 disc inside. Also seen after the fourth and fifth SCE logo when a PS2 disc is inside a backwards compatible PS3.
  • It can also be seen when running a PS2 Classics game on later PlayStation consoles.
  • It can also be seen on any of the available PS2 games on the Classics Catalog from the Premium (or Deluxe) tier of the newly relaunched PlayStation Plus.
  • The PSBBN variant is only available in Japan without using a hacked copy.

Legacy: This is another favorite of many gamers who grew up playing PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games of the era.

PlayStation 2


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