Union Film Enterprises Ltd.

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1st logo (January 7, 1953-June 6, 1962)

Visuals: Over a dark sky backdrop, we see the text in Chinese with the two characters (which display "Union"), being bigger than the other 6 characters, standing behind a handful of 19 stars seen arching around the company name. A searchlight is turned on on the left side of the bottom of the screen. The other searchlight, which is on the right side then turns on too. They start moving up and down (a la 20th Century Fox) with the text revealing its shadows every time they move. The sequence then fades to black.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: A bombastic and at the same time soft fanfare which consists of only one note, which sounds more patriotic than average.

Availability: Primarily seen in TVB airings of B&W films; it was first seen in (Family) and last seen in 吸血婦 (Vampire Woman).

2nd Logo (January 7, 1954)

Visuals: There is the same text and 19 stars from before, albeit on a grey background. The texts, now in a rock-like texture, are displayed on top of a rectangular pedestal while (which display "Union") is displayed on top of a smaller pedestal, being placed higher than the other texts. The stars are now arching around the text, and appear to be shiny.

Technique: A filmed model.

Audio: A patriotic trumpet fanfare which repeats twice, accompanied by a drumroll, and a descending strum of a violin, followed by the same patriotic trumpet fanfare.

Availability: Only known to appear in a TVB airing of 父與子 (Father and Son).

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