Chi Luen Film Company

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1st Logo (April 14, 1965-August 12, 1969)

Visuals: On a red-colored fastly-moving sunbeam background, there is a golden censer with a flame sending it's bursts over it. Below it are the Olympic Rings, none of them are colored (possibly colored as a statue, but there's no conclusive proof). Below it, there is a flat, plain and blue ribbon. The Chinese text on the top, on red with white shadows over it, which translates to "Chi Luen" along with the white text which displays "Film Company Limited", appears zooming in either the top of the screen on the ribbon. The logo stays still for the rest of the logo and then the screen fades to black.

Variant: On its first years of use, the logo was in black and white. The text just appears as well.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: An overall triumphant fanfare by trumpets, either full or abridged.

Availability: Seen on their films of the time. [Examples?]

  • The scope version was seen on The Daughter Who Steals.
  • The B&W variant is seen in films like They All Fall in Love, Girls Are Flowers, and The Sinner.

2nd Logo (September 17, 1968)

Visuals: There is the same censer, sunbeam background, Olympic rings, Cantonese text, and ribbon from before, but all set on a red circle. The background is exactly changing bright red-white colors from right to left. Over the circle is the Cantonese text which translates to the name of the company, along with the text "CHILUEN (left) SCOPE (right)", in light beige, and a grand-like CinemaScope-ish font which looks pretty odd.

Technique: Practical effects.

Audio: A sound of a gong. Other than that, it can be silent or the opening theme of the movie will play.

Availability: Only known to be be seen on The Daughter Who Steals.

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