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Hello there, I'm your fairly active AVID user, TVB.

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"They're having a BABY." -NTV1 from the Discord Server

A bit of Info on me

I started my account for this wiki on February 13, 2022 & ever since then, I have been active daily & doing a bunch of edits (including filling in descriptions for empty pages). On October 14th, 2023, I re-registered my account for this type of wiki to return from my long hiatus. That should explain enough about my time here.

  • I'm mainly focused on the odd, the old, and the obscure kind.
  • I'm likely more active on discord than this wiki, and therefore, you can maybe easily find me there.
  • I got TVB from...
  • I was active on the old wiki, the most notable time period would be Spring of 2022.
  • I'm a video editor that uses CapCut, Alight Motion, and Motion Ninja.
  • Currently, I don't have much of a goal, as my goals in this wiki are completed.
  • Currently expanding my sandbox filled with descriptions for logos w/out a page. Link seen below.


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Scary Logos Wiki (I dont know why I have this account) -$19FortniteCardGaming

Pages I've Created

These are the Pages I have created in chronological order, as well as pages I've filled in the description for.


The company has at least one logo that's a favorite in my book.
I found at least one of the company's logos or logo variations before anyone else.
I find one or more of the company's logos to be interesting.
Basically the green legend + the red legend terms combined
Basically the red legend + blue legend terms combined

Main Pages

First logo image Company name Company Type Nation
Nastoyashcheye Strashnoye Televidyniye Television identification Russia
Cafre Goldwyn Mayer Film Puerto Rico
Runoelma Films Film Finland
Storm Motion Pictures Film India
Nora Filmverleih Film West Germany
Ammal Pictures Film Pakistan
Ashoo Pictures Film
Steel Monkeys Gayming United Kingdom
Kinemacolor Film Technology United States
Shock DVD Entertainment Home Entertainment
RKO Pictures Española Film/Home Entertainment Spain
Tobis Portuguesa Film Portugal
Danger After Dark Film United States
Nacional Cinematografica Film Mexico
Nickelodeon UK Television identification United Kingdom
Super Pictures Film Pakistan
Video 2000 (Israel) Home Entertainment Israel
Filmdallas Pictures Film United States
Exclusive Pictures Film
Atom Films Film
Urban Films Film Philippines
KSHB-TV Television Identification United States
WKAQ-TV Television Identification Puerto Rico
ICAIC Film Cuba
Qanorooq News Intro Greenland
Vijaya International Film India
JBL Film Bangladesh
Champa Meas Production Films Film Cambodia
Investigation Discovery Television Identification United States
Snapnek Productions Film
Sri Viji Movies Film India
Paramount Newsreels Film United States
Unearthed Films Film
Fox Sweden Television Identification Sweden
Nathaniel Bandy Online (YouTube) United States
Bala G. Films Film Nepal
Universo Television Identification United States
Belarusian Television Television Identification Soviet Union (1922-1991, Belarus)
Pergőképforgalmi KFT Film Hungary
Sagar Films International Film India
WBIR-TV (formerly WTVK) Television Identification United States
Internacional Filmes Ltd. Film Portugal
CinemaSins Online (YouTube) United States
John Herzfeld Productions Television
Alpha France Adult Entertainment France
Equity Pictures, Inc. Film United States
Vide'x Home Entertainment France
Werc Werk Works Film United States

First logo image Company name Company Type Nation
Cryptic Corporation Film United States
Fox Film Sté Ame Française Film France
WOUB-TV Television United States
Maan Productions Film Pakistan
EMC Film Corporation Film United States
Télé Zaïre Television Identification DR Congo
Gourmet Video Collection (Warning Screens) Warning Screen United States
Electronica Video Home Entertainment Russia
Hobart Bosworth Productions Company Film United States
Codemasters/Logo Variations Gayming (Logo Variations) United Kingdom
Hrvatska Kinoteka Film Yugoslavia
Thunderbird Films Film United States

First logo image Company name Company Type Nation
Pleasure Productions Film, Adult Entertainment United States
Smashing Apple Films Film Nepal
Film World Pvt. Ltd. Film
Deepak Rayamajhi Productions Film
Golden Egg Film Productions Film Myanmar
Kibria Films Film Bangladesh
Yiyou Film Company Film Hong Kong
BMP Films Film Nepal
Hong Tai Motion Picture Company Ltd. Film Hong Kong
Yeti Productions Film Nepal
Nahas Films Film Egypt
Sterling Productions Film Pakistan
Sunpicture Productions Film Cambodia
EM.CE.R. Films Film India
Chinni Cine Circuit Film
Roopkala Pictures Film
OK Films Film Myanmar
Zabu Aye Film Production Film
Roxy Film Company Film Hong Kong
Western Movise Film Bangladesh
Tasipa Video Home Entertainment India
Hollywood Motion Pictures Film
Arab Film Company Film Egypt
Sky Film Productions Film Myanmar
Ohms Film Company Film Malaysia
Film Eighties Film India
Danga Movies Film Nigeria
Moroğlu Film A.Ş. Film Turkey
National Visions (P.) Ltd. Film Nepal
Cosnoris International Limited Film Nigeria
Thair Films Productions Film Pakistan
Huzu Productions Film United States
Eveready Productions Film Pakistan
Crest Video Systems Film Leader United States
RT Productions Film India
Imran Films Film
Vishant International Film
Jagga Gujjar Productions Film Pakistan
Chhopon Rangsey Films Film Cambodia
Xinwen Lianbo News Intros China
UBT Productions Film Cambodia
Heruka Media Film Bhutan
ARP Popular Film Russia
A.R. Arts Film India

First logo image Company name Company Type Nation
United Artists Europa Film Italy
Saga Films Film Egypt
Nova Video S.A. Home Entertainment Spain
Ava Film Productions Pvt. Ltd. Film India
Eye Movies Pvyt. Ltd. Film Nepal
MN Creations Film India
Japos Film Film Indonesia
Parashani Chitralaya Film India
Metropol Filmverleih Gesellschaft Film East Germany
Hosna Film Brno Film Czechoslovakia
Neue Filmverleih Film West Germany
Adria Filmverleih Film West Germany
Herzog Filmverleih Film East Germany
Kinetoscope Productions Film India
Armak Films Film Afghanistan
Bromand Films Film
Kamadhenu Creations Film India
Bhavana Productions Film
Aruna Movies Film
All Rounder Films Film
Nepaa Movies P. Ltd. Film Nepal
Transcontinental Films Corporation Home Entertainment Spain
Om Productions Pvt. Ltd. Film Nepal
Idea Arte Visual Productora Film Bolivia
United Enterprise (H.K.) Corp. Film Hong Kong
Puspanjali Productions Film Nepal
Beijing Youth Audiovisual Publishing House Film China
KABB-TV Television Ident United States
Establecimientos Filmadores Argentinos Film Argentina
IP Video Home Entertainment Bulgaria

Misc. Pages

Pages I did not create but filled in the description for go here. They will not be counted for the NoOC.

First logo image Company name Company Type Nation Date
Paramount Comedy Television Identification International (No Main Country) Winter 2022
Fox En Español Film United States Spring 2022
Ohio University Television Television Identification United States Spring 2023
NTA 7 Ikeja Television Identification Nigeria Spring 2023
TVRI Jawa Timur Television Identification Indonesia Autumn 2023
Simony Productions Film India Winter 2024

Nation of Origin Count

Flag Nation Name Logo Count
USA 27
India 24
Nepal 14
Pakistan 8
Germany 5
Cambodia 4
Hong Kong 4
Myanmar 4
Russia 4
Spain 4
Bangladesh 3
Egypt 3
France 3
UK 3
Afghanistan 2
Chile 2
China 2
Indonesia 2
Nigeria 2
Philippines 2
Portugal 2
Puerto Rico 2
Argentina 1
Belarus 1
Bhutan 1
Bolivia 1
Bulgaria 1
Canada 1
Croatia 1
Czech 1
Cuba 1
Democratic Republic of the Congo 1
Finland 1
Greenland 1
Hungary 1
Israel 1
Italy 1
Malaysia 1
Mexico 1
Sweden 1
Turkey 1

Upcoming Pages

  • Austria Filmverleih
  • Louis Merchandise Ltd.
  • El Departamento Nacional de Cinematografía
  • Sree Rajeswari Creations
  • Jalal Films
  • Suidwes-Afrikaanse Uitsaaikorporasie/South West African Broadcasting Corporation
  • Mongolia Films
  • Khan Film Studio
  • ORTB (Radiodiffusion et Télévision du Bénin)
  • Moon Light Productions
  • Shilpa Movies International

More is coming soon...

Milestones and Achievements


First Registeredː February 13, 2022

50 Edits (Old account)ː March 5, 2022

100 Edits (Old)ː March 26, 2022

500 Edits (Old)ː April 24, 2022

1000 Edits (Old)ː June 6, 2022

First Image Featuredː June 18, 2022

1-year Anniversary: February 13, 2023

Re-Registered: October 14, 2023

100 Edits (New account): October 21, 2023

300 Edits (New, decided to record this one while I can): November 9, 2023

500 Edits (New): November 23, 2023

1000 Edits (New): December 29, 2023 (nice 😃)


In the AVID style

Made over 2,000 edits
Uploaded over 600 files
Have 7 featured images
Created over 100 pages

Featured Images

These are the featured Images in my book, which can be found on the Forum:Surprise Logo Discoveries. It also contains a backstory. This section is sorted by the time with the template.

1st Featured Imageː
Lux Film (USSR, October 1955)

Backstoryː On June 14, 2022, I was basically finding random logos to capture, since it has been 12 days since I posted something very rare. I searched up "Soviet Paramount Logo" at one point, and I got a video from Mr. Gann. I was shocked about this and the bonus features. I rushed to upload the capture, and put it in the Surprised Logo Discoveries Forum and the Paramount Pictures page, which then got removed since it turns out to not be Paramount Pictures, and is instead that of Lux Film. Shortly, it got featured.

Availabilityː It was seen on a Soviet print of Ulysses.

Editor's Noteː

  • Not my find. Due credit goes to Mr. Gann.
  • It was revealed ages ago that it isn't Paramount Pictures, and it's another company using the Paramount-styled mountain. Writing it to avoid confusion.

2nd Featured Imageː
RKO Radio Pictures (French Orange-Tinted Version, 1950)

Video unavailable...

Backstoryː On June 1, 2022, I was searching for random stuff like usual. At one point, I was searching for International RKO stuff because I'm a fan of doing that. I found this and noticed the orange tint, so I decided to upload that version because I thought "Why not?". Then I put it in said Forum with some Image from the category below. Then it got featured on June 17, 2022.

Availabilityː Seen on a french print of one of RKO's films.

Editor's Noteː Not my find. Due credit goes to LogicSmash.

3rd Featured Image:
Paramount Pictures (Textless, 1967)

Backstory {from what I can remember}: Just a fine day like usual, just looking for rarities on YouTube just like yesterday for the day of June the 20th. I have already found an Italian variation of Paramount Pictures and a spanish variation of the PolyGram Video thanks to Mr. Gann. While searching for more Paramount oddities on YouTube, I've stumbled upon a textless version of the sixth logo of said company. It's basically what the description indicates, a green paramountain without the text fading in and out. I captured the oddity and eventually uploaded the capture and posted it to the SLD forum, along with numerous others. The video ended up in a terminated session via the original uploader having his channel become a goner, making the capture much more rare in my opinion. However, a capture of the logo from October 27, 2021 already exists, so there's that. On January 10, 2023, a fellow moderator in the name of Tabit started a discussion about the logo variation for its media nomination. The discussion received positive feedback, and on February 1st of the same year, the discussion was closed and the image got featured.

Availability: The logo was seen in El Dorado.

Editor's Note: Not my find. Due credit goes to a now-terminated channel on YouTube, as well as LACC for the video.

4th Featured Image
Sony Pictures Entertainment (2009)

Backstory: Just another logo hunting day happened, where I was scanning through David's' finds. I spotted a Sony Pictures Entertainment logo, which was a big shocker to the community. I didn't think it was rare <probably> since I don't know much about rarities, but I captured it. I sent it to the forum, along with the textless Paramountain from earlier. On the 12th of January, 2023, the same day the following captures below have been posted afterwards, David posted this logo to the Featured Media Nominations, and the logo was overall successful. Therefore, the logo got featured. On March 8, 2023, the logo got its own description on the SPE page.

Availability: The logo was only shown in a film reel from 2009, located in Brazil.

Editor's Note: Not mine, due credit goes to David.

5th Featured Image
Arthur Rank Organisation (Soviet prints, 1958)

Backstory: During my insane adventures with me finding foreign versions of pre-existing logos from David, I caught a soviet print of the Rank Organisation logo, consisting of the casual logo playing, but the text is replaced with the following:

1958 г.

I captured it, and sent it to the forum with the 1969 Soviet Toei logo. David posted the oddity to the FMN on 1/12. Not very long afterwards, the image got featured.

Availability: The logo was seen in a Soviet print of The Square Peg.

Editor's Note:

  • Same as the 4th Featured Image
  • Interesting seeing a soviet print of the Rank Organisation logo instead of the first TCFFC logo.

6th and 7th Featured Images
Toei Company (Soviet prints, 1969/1977)

Backstory: One time, during late May of 2022 (can't recall the exact date), I was going through finds from David's Logo Archive. From that channel are a greek version of the fifth logo Walt Disney Home Video, multiple foreign versions of the first logo of Disney Interactive, a hebrew version of multiple companies, and much more. The same channel has a rarity not usually found by many people: a soviet version of the fourth logo of Toei Company that dates back to 1977. The changes here are that the entirety is tinted in a different color, and the toei on-print logo is replaced with bold white text containing the company name. I captured it, and on May 27th of 2022, I uploaded the capture and made a reply to the aforementioned forum containing the capture and much more. So that's the end for Soviet Toei for a while. Nearly two months have passed, and I came across another soviet print of the Toei logo. Much like the previous capture, the logo doesn't contain the on-print Toei logo. A few differences are noted however, including the year being actually funny, the main color scheme revolving around the color blue, and the font being different. Once again, I captured, uploaded, and posted the capture onto a reply, along with a soviet The Rank Organisation print (which got featured as well and I didn't even notice lmao) and another foreign paramountain. Just minutes after he posted the gongmans of communism, David posted the captures to the FMN, along with a couple others. Coincidentally, David posted a duplicate of the 1969 version, and before anyone noticed, the duplicate got featured on February the 1st, along with the rest of the captures. I personally think it's pretty funny being a coincidence.


  • The 1969 edition is found in a soviet print of The Flying Phantom Ship.
  • The 1977 edition is found in a soviet print of Nobody's Boy.

Editor's Note:

  • Same as the 4th Featured Image
  • These captures are downright goofy to me.

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