Codemasters/Logo Variations

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These are the logo variations seen throughout the years by Codemasters, with more to be added overtime.

Clive Barker's Jericho (2007): The logo is carved on a wall and blood splatters on the "cm", making the edge entirely in blood.

Race Driver: GRID (2008): The logo zooms through a working engine of a Dodge Viper, with the logo taking the form of a bonnet scoop.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (2009): The logo zooms in through a battlefield, where the logo (with the "cm" in yellow) stands.

Dragonology (2009): The logo is golden, and the "cm" is placed inside an opened book.

F1 2009 (2009): The logo is still on a white background. This is the same with Insane 2.

Colin McRae: DiRT 2 (2009): The logo starts on a desert backdrop with plants in the background, when Ken Block's Subaru Impreza drives in from the back and performs a 360 degree donut spin. As the car drifts off to the front, it leaves behind a trail of dust, with the Codemasters logo in 3D forming in. When the logo is complete, the logo degrades to the game's logo.

Bodycount (2011): The logo is drawn from orange and teal lines. A light shines from behind.

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