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Hi howdy, I'm HibiscusCrown20! I'm an autistic American wiki editor who has logos as one of her interests. I'm particularly interested in logos from foreign countries like Argentina and logos that seem to use audio or visuals from other sources without permission from the copyright holders.

Logos, openings and other audiovisual identities I personally like

  • Alan Landsburg Productions (1971 - 1975) - It's definitely a simple logo, but what makes me like this logo is the smooth animation of the letters and the admittedly catchy synth jingle. Those two elements definitely make this logo stand out to me!
  • Carolco Pictures (January 15, 1988-August 26, 1994, 2015-2016) - TBA.
  • Destination Films - TBA.
  • DMS Video - Oof, the animation on this logo has not aged well in the slightest, I know. However, in spite of its cheesiness and datedness, this logo is admittedly a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine because the graphics and animation lowkey remind me of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System's Super FX chip.
  • Films Incorporated (1968 - 1989) - TBA.
  • Imagine Entertainment (June 28, 1996-September 8, 2020) - It's a simplistic concept for a logo, but its simplicity, coupled with the beautiful theme by the late, great James Horner, make this one an easy winner for me. The June 2020 update to this logo is also really good, though I prefer this logo for the timing of the drop falling and overall feeling a bit more "real" (if that's an accurate word).
  • Nexus Q I've actually never heard of this device until very recently, but the logo it had is mighty beautiful, especially with the music and the rainbow petals. It manages to instill a sense of serenity and wonder in me, and I'm admittedly kind of a nut for the genre of music used in this logo, too. 😅 It's a shame the Nexus Q got cancelled, but at least it got continued in a way with Chromecast.
  • Paramount Home Video (October 1980-January 1981) - TBA.
  • Pony Canyon (1989 - 1996) - This logo is an absolute trip and could cause eyestrain or seizures in sensitive individuals, but this logo is one of those things that are just so insane that it's good. There's so much random and utterly nonsensical stuff going on throughout the entire thing that I can't help but love it, and the outdated CG animation definitely helps.
  • Pyramid Films / Pyramid Media (Early 1980s - present) - This logo may look like it came from the mid/late 90's and has really nice animation, but this was reportedly made in the late 70's or early 80's! It's absolutely crazy how advanced the animation for this logo, which was done by Information International, Inc., was for its time, and even today it still looks pretty good! I also really like the music used for it!
  • Regal Cinemas (1993-June_2000,_March_2001-2005) - Rollercoasters? Hell yeah. Movie theaters? Hell yeah. Movie theater rollercoaster? Oh hell yeah, baby! This opening was amazing for its time and, while obviously dated animation-wise nowadays, still kind of holds up for me today! The CGI used in this is a big soft spot of mine (though I admittedly might be a bit biased since I'm a nut for vintage CG lol), it's thrilling and makes very creative use of its concept, and the music for it makes it all the better and adds to the sense of thrill. The first remake of this logo is just about as good, and I also like the second remake as well, though I prefer the first two over the latter since, while it is still very creative and the animation is beautiful, I feel the product placement in that one is a bit too in-your-face for my liking compared to the others (I get the theaters need to make money but I think it could be toned down just a bit) and it doesn't feel as thrilling or is as memorable to me. Still pretty good I'd say, though.
  • Satellaview - While more of a startup or title screen than a logo, it still manages to be a great startup for a just-as-great peripheral. The sprite animation is quite impressive, especially with the cityscape inside the BS-X logo scrolling and cycling through the times of the day, and the music is also very calm and nostalgic.
  • Tohokushinsha Home Video - TBA.
  • TVN TheatreVision - This logo is one of those things that I cannot skip whenever I see it, I love it that much! The history of this specific logo is a big draw for me. It was originally created for World Access Television by Homer & Associates, but WAT would close before the logo was complete. However, it seems as though this logo was salvaged and repurposed for TVN's channels, which I think was a great decision with how great this logo is! The concept of the logo is brilliant, the CGI looks great for its time, and the music proves memorable with how it transitions to a grand fanfare! Easily one of my top 5 logos of all time!
  • The UNC Center for Public Television / UNC-TV (1979 - 1983) - TBA.
  • Warner Home Video (December 20, 1996-February 12, 2019) - Ahhhh, the fond memories of seeing this logo on the Tom and Jerry DVDs I religiously watched as a kid. The animation on this logo is pretty nice, and I especially love the light piano piece that plays in this logo because of how peaceful and dreamy it is.
  • World Sports Enterprises (1994-December 1st, 2000) - While I'm not too much into NASCAR (more of an Formula 1 person when it comes to racing), I still find this logo to be a really cool one. Even if the animation is of typical quality for its time, I find the beginning with the arrows appearing and them zooming off while leaving the trails behind to be really cool, something even more enhanced by the music in the logo and the sound of racecar zooming as they zoom off, which I think perfectly fits the kind of broadcasts they made!

Logos, openings and other audiovisual identities I personally dislike

  • Anchor Bay Entertainment (2016 - 2017), and all Starz/Encore logos (post-2016) - Talk about the definition of lazy and low-effort. All they show is the logo flashing into existence above a glow on the floor and on a black background, and this exact format is used across several different logos. These logos look like a slightly-more polished version of something that you could make in iMovie. The final Anchor Bay Entertainment logo especially doesn't sit well with me, as it is such a massive downgrade from the logos used from 1998 to 2006 and 2003 to 2008, the latter of which I remember fondly from the Thomas & Friends DVDs from my childhood. Sucks quite a bit that the company went out on a whimper in the logo department.
  • Carmike Cinemas (May 2012-2017) - Saw the Cinemark version of this logo, but since this is the original logo it stemmed from, might as well list it here. Unpopular opinion, but I've always found this logo to be an absolute snore-fest to sit through whenever I watched movies at my now-defunct local theater (RIP). I can basically summarize my feelings on this one as "Ooooooooooh, popcorn popping and soda and ice filling the screen, how compelling." Not much else to say other than it's just boring and unremarkable to me.
  • Class Video - Slow, choppy animation, very poor audio quality and an overly long runtime of approximately a minute make for a classless logo that also happens to be quite a snoozefest, too.
  • Cyclo Video (second logo, 1983) - The first half of the logo with the fan forming isn’t terrible, but the animation of the second half is very choppy and laggy-feeling, with the fan colors awkwardly disappearing entirely and sometimes even leaving behind remnants, which I feel ruined what would have been an alright low-budget logo.
  • Enterprise Producciones S.A. - "Blatant content theft" is what perfectly describes this logo. As has been pointed out by others many, many, many times, it blatantly steals the audio and visuals of Prism Entertainment's first logo and, in the case of the audio, also poorly and obviously loops it past a certain point. Even the minuscule amount of actually original content in this logo looks poor with the slowly-appearing lines and choppy animation of "ENTERPRISE" sliding in.
  • HC2 Holdings/DTV America Station IDs - Okay, I get that these IDs are for low-power stations that certainly don't have a sizable budget, but couldn't the people who designed these IDs have at least put a bit more effort into them than just adding a PowerPoint transition over a bland graphic with the callsign and other station info and calling it a day? These IDs look and feel very lazy, to say the least.
  • Melisa Video - The design of the logo itself actually looks really cool, but, in motion, it falls flat. It goes on for over 30 seconds, and much of the runtime is just random effects being applied to the logo. How exciting. It reminds me of those crappy “logo effects” videos that litter logo YouTube or, as SENF and No. pointed out, a poorly-made YouTube Poop.
  • Mr. Video (1982? - 1985) - While the music itself is actually pretty good and a bit catchy, I’m afraid I can’t say the same for the visual portion. All it really consists of is the “Mr Video PRESENTS” text rapidly flashing in and out of existence in front of a purple-pink glow, and this goes on for forty seconds straight.
  • Photo Video (1988?) - Why the hell is there random footage of fireworks? Why the hell are there sequences with random patterns being formed? What the hell is with the eye-straining trailing? Why the hell does it go on for nearly two minutes? This is my pick for my least favorite logo of all time for those reasons.
  • Speedy Video (1996 - 2009?) - The ground and sky put together look absolutely disgusting. The sky is some repugnant shade of dark green while the ground is brown with a texture that looks like it came from a Nintendo 64 game, and even that's pushing it because even Nintendo 64 games like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time still have better-looking ground textures in comparison! The animation of the metal man running is also laughably bad, and the music is very cheesy. It's pretty crazy that this particular logo was used for as long as it was.
  • Summit Entertainment (April 19, 2018-February 8, 2019) - Another Lionsgate-owned company that had a massive downgrade in the logo department. It's just the text "SUMMIT ENTERTAINMENT" floating in the sky that turns around and becomes the byline "A LIONSGATE COMPANY", which lasts longer than the actual logo, for some reason. I'd say it's a bit better than the psot-2018 Anchor Bay Entertainment and Starz/Encore logos, but it's still a bad logo.
  • WFAA - The animation in this logo is... okay (nothing bad but also nothing terribly interesting either), but the music used is high-pitched enough that it's piercing and almost painful to listen to, something that's especially not helped by how it gets higher throughout the logo until it ends on an especially piercing note. Press F to pay respects to the headphone users who had the misfortune of listening to this logo's music.

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