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Paris Filmes (formerly known as Grupo Paris Filmes and Paris Video Filmes) is a film/video distributor in Brazil which distributes movies on film, DVD and Blu-ray. Founded in 1960 by the Romanian immigrant Sandi Adamiu, the company began distributing the films of the French studio Pathé, in Brazil. In the 1980s, Paris Video Filmes acquired América Vídeo, specializing in action films, distributing major hits on VHS.

Paris Video Filmes

1st Logo (late 1980s-1990?)

Visuals: On a black background, a cutout of the Arc de Triomphe (tr. Arch of Triumph in French) is seen, with the "PARIS VIDEO FILMES" text below it.

Technique: A still graphic.

Audio: None.

Availability: Seen on some early tapes released by the company such as The Transformers: The Movie, The Name of the Rose, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Over the Top, and Masters of the Universe (1987), among others.

2nd Logo (1990?-1995)

Visuals: On a black background, nine golden stripes are seen on a 3D perspective. The stripes join together, forming a circle, from where a golden version of the Arch of Triumph surges from the middle. Stars show up from above the arch, and a comet-like figure passes behind the logo. After the comet passes, the main element zooms out, and the 3D version of the arch is replaced by the cutout from the previous logo, surrounded by a rectangle with the colors of France's flag on it, and the "PARIS VIDEO FILMES" text written below the arch with a serif font. Behind the rectangle, stays a marble-textured background.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A deep synth note, which is substituted by a loud electric guitar (with drums slightly heard).

Availability: Seen on tapes released by the company such as Vincent & Theo and Boxing Helena.

Grupo Paris Filmes

Logo (1995-2005?)

Visuals: On a black background, all elements of the logo are separated and moving on diferent positions. Elements are: a red oval sphere, and the texts, written in the Futura font; "GRUPO" (in blue), "PARIS" (in white, and in a different font weight), "FILMES" (in purple), and the texts "CINEMA · TV · VÍDEO" written all in white. After they move for a few frames, a flash comes up from the middle-left of the screen, revealing a 2D frontal version of the Arch of Triumph. The texts position themselves on the right position, making space for the arch, that moves on top of the logo.

Variant: A later variant exists where the "· DVD" text is added to the last line, implying the company's beginning distribution of movies in DVDs. The animation is slighly different from the 1990s version.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: A crescendo composed of hi-hats and strings, interrupted by the flash, which then reveals a happy synth line.

Audio Variants:

  • Sometimes, an announcer is heard on some tapes.
  • The DVD version has a snippet of the Network Music piece "Courage" by L Grouppe.

Availability: Seen on tapes released by the company such as Leaving Las Vegas, Kazaam, Love Stinks, Memento, and the first three Sailor Moon movies. This also appeared on tape collection 'Videoteca Caras'. The "DVD" version was used on various DVDs authored by CareWare Multimídia in the early 2000s. Paris' other DVDs continued using the original variant.

Paris Filmes

1st Logo (2005-2010)

Visuals: In a highway-like setting, cars are seen moving forward on different speeds. Then, the camera moved up, revealing more of the sky and the moon (you can actually see the Southern Crux constellation if one looks closely). The camera moves back down to reveal various yellow block objects forming the Arch of Triumph. After the 'building' is finished, the camera pans back in a motion blur, revealing the "PARIS FILMES" text coming from the bottom of the screen. Below it is the text "45 Anos de Sucessos" ("45 Years of Successes"). The sky background slowly fades out, giving space for a navy blue one.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Cars honking which then fades out to a tribal-like beat, ending in a low keyboard sound.

Availability: Mostly found on their home video releases from 2005 to the late 2000s, but it was also seen on their theatrical releases from that same time. Releases featuring this logo include TMNT (2007), Roadside Romeo, early LazyTown DVDs, and Space Chimps, among others. For some reason, the logo never removed the 45 Anos text, even after 2005.

2nd Logo (2010-2013)

Visuals: On a sky background, a yellow bird followed by equally yellow streaks flies around the screen. The bird moves onto the front of the screen, revealing the Arch of Triumph, although in a metallic silver. The bird rotates around the arch, making it golden. The bird disappears, giving space for the "PARIS FILMES" text that shows up from the right side of the screen, letter by letter. After it's finished, the sky background fades to black.

Variant: There is a prototype version of the logo which seems to be a pre-vis/unfinished version, where the golden bird is now a macaw-like pattern of colors, the trail is colored, the Arch of Triumph is colored blue/silver with the "PARIS FILMES" text in white, and the overall logo is lower-budget.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A bombastic fanfare, done at Jingle Bell Produtores Associados.

Availability: Can be seen on some films, as well as DVD and Blu-ray releases from the time such as The Hunger Games, Shame and The Impossible.

3rd Logo (2013-2023)

The 2017 custom variants by Stratostorm can be seen on the following links:

Visuals: On a space background, there is a close up of a side of the realistic Earth. It spins rapidly and then there is the sun in its border. The views zooms in more to see a city with lights, and then the Roman Coliseum (Rome, Italy), on a night background with some clouds surrounding it. Once the camera passes its left-side seats, the screen then cuts to some more clouds, and there is the Brooklyn Bridge (New York City), very modeled and with no cars passing through it, on a still nightly background. The logo zooms out to the lower side of the construction, which features many triangles, squares, and more. Then, with yet some more clouds surrounding it, there is the Cristo Redentor (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), on a sunny, thunderstorm-like background. The camera then zooms up and rotates to it's back. Once the screen zooms out, there is a coliseum entrance (Arc de Triomphe, Paris), with three lines superseding it's form. Over it, the text "PARIS FILMES" appears over the bottom of the coliseum entrance, with about seconds of the same cloudy background. The background fades to black, and the logo then fades out.


  • A short version exists where the logo is cut to where the Arc de Triomphe is revealed, mainly seen on trailers and a few movies until 2021.
  • An enhanced version is used on Paris' films. This time, everything takes place in daytime, and the colors of the Colosseum, Brooklyn Bridge and the Christ the Redeemer statue are in a brighter shade of white, and Arc de Triomphe has a more silver tint. The "PARIS FILMES" text at the end of the logo now has a glow effect behind it.
  • Throughout 2017, Paris Filmes collaborated with the Brazilian graphics and animation studio Stratostorm (Most recently, as of 2022, known for their short film Umbrella), to create a few variants for some of their movies which were being released around that time. The variants always begin with the short version of the logo, but always end up in a custom way:
    • Happy Family (unused): As the logo is about to stop zooming out, various bats fly close to the camera from right to left, turning the clouds into ones similar to some of the other variants, albeit purple with a light green starfield. The Arc and text turn into a much less rough rocky texture than the one in the Amityville: The Awakening variant (Spoiler alert!) and they let out electricity.
    • Jigsaw: The sky and clouds turn dark in a lightning strike, with the Arc & text turning into a metallic light blue material with various halves which all come closer to the screen.
    • My Little Pony: The Movie: A pink wave passes by the screen turning the Arc & text into a glittery pink material and adding a rainbow-like sky.
    • Wonder: A cartoony rocket passes by the screen in a similar manner to the My Little Pony: The Movie variant, leaving a trail of stars that turn the Arc & text white and the background into a starfield similar to Auggie's bedroom walls in the movie (plus Saturn in the right corner). This variant could also be spotted in the film's Brazilian theatrical release.
    • Amityville: The Awakening (unused): The Arc and text start to turn into a rocky dark red texture. As what appears to be either bats or flies appear throughout the whole logo, the sky background turns into the same background as the Jigsaw variant, albeit in dark red as the UFAs (Unidentified Flying Animals, hehe) disappear and the whole logo turns rocky.
    • Early Man: The background fades into a landscape filled with volcanoes and a dark orange sky (plus, the clouds turn into rocks which have the exact same shapes), followed right afterwards by the gold texture of the logo disintegrating and leaving a rocky texture, still in the same color (although a bit lighter).

Technique: CGI by Ingenuity Studios. The 2017 custom variants were done at Stratostorm.

Audio: A triumphant fanfare composed by Armandinho Ferrante, along with whooshes and undeniable effects when the camera pans.

Availability: As of 2021, it is used in tandem with the next logo on films that Paris distrbutes, while the next logo is used on trailers. The custom variants can be seen on the trailers for and Brazilian theatrical prints of Jigsaw, My Little Pony: The Movie, Wonder and Early Man, while the Happy Family and Amityville: The Awakening variants went unused on the films and their trailers themselves, but can be seen on Stratostorm's Vimeo page alongside all the other variants except for the Early Man variant.

4th Logo (2021-2023)

Visuals: Just a still and small-scaled version of the previous logo on a black background.

Technique: A still, digital graphic.

Audio: None.

Availability: Used in tandem with the previous logo on trailers.

5th Logo (September 7, 2023-)

Visuals: In Paris, France, at night, there is a yellow light spreading on the road, which follows to the Arch of Triumph and fills it with golden color. Once the entrance zooms in, it gets to the Roman Coliseum in Rome, Italy, followed by the Brooklyn Bridge (as well as the New York skyline) in New York City, and finally, the Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, filling in with golden color before the sun shines. The camera gets to outer space with the Earth and the horizon of the sun, where the coliseum entrance and the company name rise themselves until the background turns black.

Technique: CGI by Stratostorm.

Audio: A re-orchestrated version of the 3rd logo's theme, along with whoosh sounds.

Availability: First seen at the company's website, and later seen on the Brazilian Portuguese-dubbed version of some films like My Fairy Troublemaker, Sound of Freedom, and The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes.

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