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Mattel Creations was formed by Mattel in 2016 to bring all five of their content creation units (Mattel Playground Productions (now Mattel Films), Mattel Studios, HIT Entertainment, Mattel Entertainment, and the American Girl creative team in Middleton, Wisconsin) together. In 2019, the division was reorganized as Mattel Television.

This company has a controversial reputation for its business practices, particularly in its handling of the Thomas & Friends franchise and other franchises.

Logo (January 17, 2017-)

Visuals: On a red background, the shape of the Mattel logo (a spiky circle) is cut out of it. Then, the background falls down as if it were a piece of paper, revealing a gray wall background, and "MATTEL" is carved into the circle in its corporate font. The circle, which was at an angle before, moves to the center of the screen, and the red pieces in the company name fall down (turning the company name white) and morph into the red text "TELEVISION".


  • Before the Mattel Television rebrand, the text forms "CREATIONS" instead. The logo is also brighter.
  • Different parts of the logo are often sped-up on TV shows.
  • A warp-speed variant exists.
  • A cropped 4:3 variant also exists.
  • A short version exists on the 2022 Monster High movie and its follow-up Monster High 2, which starts with the circle centering itself.
  • On Fireman Sam, the logo slows down for a while after the letters get cut off.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Cutting, pencil scribbling and paper folding sounds, then a drone after the Mattel logo centers itself.

Audio Variant: In some cases, the logo is silent or uses the show's ending theme.


  • This logo can be found on HIT Entertainment movies as well as the Barbie movies beginning with Video Game Hero (the live-action movie was made by Mattel Films and therefore uses that division's logo).
  • The short version can be found on post-2017 episodes of Thomas & Friends and its reboot Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go, Fireman Sam beginning with season 11, the third and final series of 2015's Bob the Builder, Polly Pocket, Masters of the Universe: Revelation, the 2021 reboot of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Minecraft Mini-Series, Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures, Barbie: It Takes Two, Deepa & Anoop, 2022's Monster High and Hot Wheels: Let's Race.
  • It does not appear on She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, due to it being mainly produced by DreamWorks Animation Television, and Pingu in the City for unknown reasons.
  • For a short time, the long version is seen on UK HIT Entertainment DVD releases in place of the HIT logo beginning with the Thomas & Friends release "Extraordinary Engines" until the Thomas & Friends release of "A Colourful World".
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