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Nerd Corps Entertainment was a Canadian computer animation studio based in Vancouver founded by former Mainframe Entertainment (now Mainframe Studios) producers Asaph Fipke and Chuck Johnson in 2002. On December 24, 2014, Nerd Corps was acquired by DHX Media (now "WildBrain"). In 2016, the former Nerd Corps Entertainment team was relocated to a new facility in Vancouver. The new building also houses the former Studio B Productions, a 2D animation studio which DHX Media acquired in 2007.

Logo (October 23, 2004-October 25, 2016)

Visuals: On a black background, a gold star appears with "NERD" and then "CORPS" appearing below both in olive green with "ENTERTAINMENT" underneath in white. An N in the same color as the latter word flies over to the left of the screen where it lands on the "E" before jumping over to the "N" and then doing the same thing again when it settles onto the middle of the star causing it to shine briefly.


  • On League of Super Evil and Slugterra, the logo starts off with being formed. The star appears from the top, "NERD" appears from the left, "CORPS" appears from the right, and "ENTERTAINMENT" appears from the bottom.
  • On Monster High, the star has a white border, "ENTERTAINMENT" appearing in the same color as "NERD" and "CORPS", the N depicted in a different font, but changes to it's regular one when it lands on the star, and blue circles briefly appear instead of the star shining as soon as the N stops onto the middle.
  • Starting in 2009, the animation has been remade. "NERD" and "CORPS" become less bold, while the shining is much brighter.
  • There is a still version.

Technique: A combination of computer animation and CGI effects.


  • A 5-note xylophone jingle accompanied with drums and a kazoo as well as a popping sound whenever the N lands on a letter, which is actually part of a piece of production music featured on some shows like Arthur. This was only used on Dragon Booster though.
  • Subsequent shows have the ending theme played over it instead, or left silent.

Availability: Seen on shows from the company, such as Dragon Booster, Storm Hawks, League of Super Evil, Rated A for Awesome, Slugterra and its accompanying films, the 2013 reboot of Max Steel, Monster High, Kate & Mim-Mim, season 1 episodes of Blaze and the Monster Machines and Endangered Species.

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