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ADS-10 is the current Adelaide affiliate of Network 10. it began broadcasting on 24 October 1959 as ADS-7. For most of its first 30 years, the station was affiliated with the Seven Network. In 1987, the station was sold to Network Ten. This lead to a frequency swap between ADS and SAS, the latter replacing ADS as the city's Seven affiliate.


1st ID (1981)

Visuals: The camera pans towards a rainbow arching above a body of water, eventually moving inside the rainbow. The reesulting vortex effect transitions to a short of the Adelaide skyline. The second half of the animation from the then-current Sydney ident then plays superimposed over the image.

Technique: Early computer effects.

Audio: A triumphant theme, lyrics: "Look at us fly, open your eyes, open wide and sing, Channel Seven all the best!"

2nd ID (1984)

Visuals: There is a series of shots of places around Adelaide and people doing various things around the city, plus one shot of a Channel 7 OB vehicle driving in the city. The ident ends with the rainbow ring drawing itself in against a back background as the white "7" flies into place.

Technique: Live-action.

Audio: an uplifting tune called "Adelaide is 7"

Availability: See the previous ident

3rd ID (1986)



ID (1991-1994)

Visuals: On a sunset backdrop, three discs fly over an ocean before crossing the Adelaide skyline. They disappear into the background briefly before flying back across the foreground and finally reappearing in the centre of the frame. At this point, the discs flash and the letters t, e and n appear in each disc. The discs then converge to form the new logo which features the ford ten in the eurostile font, contained within a blue circle with a silver edge.

Technique: CGI once again.

Audio: A triumphant fanfare based on the song from the then new Network Ten "That's Entertainment!" promo.

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