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VIVA Video Inc. is the home video division of VIVA Entertainment. During its tenure, it was the largest home video distributor in the Philippines carrying titles not only by VIVA Films but by other local film companies at the time such as APT Entertainment, OctoArts Films, FPJ Productions and Studio5/Unitel Pictures.

VIVA Video also acts as the Philippine distributor of titles produced, made or released by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, MGM Home Entertainment, Regal Home Entertainment, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Big Idea Entertainment (makers of VeggieTales DVDs in the Philippines), Cookie Jar Entertainment (in partnership with DIC Entertainment until 2008), Nine Network (makers of Hi-5 DVDs in the Philippines), Summit Entertainment, Lionsgate Home Entertainment, Sesame Workshop (makers of Sesame Street), HiT Entertainment, and MGA Entertainment.

1st Logo (1985-1993)


  • Logo 1: There is a black background; then an image wipes in, which contains a white background with a blue VIVA logo, followed by "VIDEO" in a 70's-esque font (same as Family Home Entertainment's). Below it is "PRESENTS". After a few seconds, it wipes out.
  • Logo 2: Same as before, but instead of the wiping, two pieces of the image appear and fly into the screen, forming it. It then plays in reverse rather than just wiping out.

Variant: A still version exists.

Technique: Choppy and unimpressive animation.

Audio: None.

Availability: Can be seen on early home video prints of VIVA movies, including a VHS/VCD of Sala Sa Init, Sala Sa Lamig.

2nd Logo (1991-2000)

Visuals: Same as the 1991 VIVA Films logo, but different. The background is a dark marble wall, the bexel of the "V" doesn't look wide and it spins and zooms instead of being formed and rotating away. Instead of the letter breaking, the "V" spins again to reveal the "IV" and the "A" comes out of it, which places to its normal position. The now-finished logo shrinks and places itself, and a light pans on the logo. Also, instead of the lines coming out and "FILMS" appearing, those lines just fade in with the text "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" in a boxy font sandwiched between them.

Technique: Basically a different version of the VIVA Films logo.

Audio: A calm horn fanfare (the theme from American Ninja).


  • Appears on 1990's home video releases by VIVA.
  • This logo also appears on Hong Kong releases made by Media Asia Group (such as Police Story, Project A and Game of Death) and on English-language films distributed by VIVA Entertainment.
  • This logo doesn't appear on Disney VHS tapes right after the warning scroll.

3rd Logo (1995-1999)

Visuals: On a dark blue cloudy background, there is an object made out of what seems to be glass. It then pans to face the camera, revealing to be the first logo, with the VIVA logo now in orange. Two comets fly above the text, and "PRESENTS" appears below, ala the first Regency logo.

Variant: A Feature Presentation bumper exists.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A heroic synth fanfare.

Audio Variant: For the Feature Presentation bumper, a synth fanfare with a announcer saying "And now, our feature presentation".

Availability: Can be found on VHS tapes like Run Barbi Run and Alyas Boy Tigas: Probinsyanong Wais.

4th Logo (1999-2007)

Visuals: There is a blue sky. Then the "V" from the VIVA logo, in a grainy gold color, appears by a flash. It zooms out to the right, moves to the left with its shadow, forming a thick blue line. A rainbow laser appears and writes "VIVA VIDEO" onto the line. Then "A VIVA ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY" appears by a dust effect at the bottom of the blue line. The "V" flashes.

Technique: CGI. Looks clean for a late 90's logo from the Philippines.

Audio: A majestic fanfare, with zapping sounds and laser SFX.


  • Seen on VCDs, VHS tapes and some DVDs made by VIVA and some international movies manufactured by VIVA Entertainment.
  • Like the 2nd logo, this does not appear on Disney/Buena Vista titles released by the company (although Disney's former subsidiary, Miramax has this logo appear before the Miramax logo).
  • Some titles from 20th Century Fox or MGM may or may not have this logo.
  • Most Regal Home Video/Entertainment releases don't have that logo, they bear the 2003 print logo on covers for all DVD and VCD releases.

Note: Despite after the company wide logo change in April 2003, this logo continued on all VHS releases until 2003 and all VCD and DVD releases until 2007.

5th Logo (2007-2008)

Visuals: Same as VIVA Films' 2003 logo.

Technique: Same as VIVA Films' 2003 logo.

Audio: Same as VIVA Films' 2003 logo.

Availability: This was used for an interim period, this can be seen in some releases throughout that.

6th Logo (2008-2014)

Visuals: There is the VIVA logo split into two and zooming in the screen on a red light background, which turns to white when it becomes fully complete.

Technique: CGI as before.

Audio: Various whooshes as the VIVA logo is being formed, and a cymbal once the VIVA Video logo is completed.


  • Appears on DVDs and VCDs like Relax Ka Lang Sagot Kita, The Simpsons Movie and on some foreign movies produced/released by Lionsgate Films and Media Asia Group manufactured by VIVA Entertainment.
  • Like the 4th logo, this also does not appear on Disney/Buena Vista titles released by the company.
  • Titles from 20th Century Fox may or may not have this logo.

Note: After the company changes its logo on July 14, 2010, the logo continued on all DVD and VCD releases from 2010 to 2014, despite the new logo appearing only on covers for all releases.

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